Fun games to keep you busy!

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Here are some fun word search games, jeopardy and even some colouring sheets to keep you busy and give your paranormal fix!, Word Search, Jeopardy, Word Scramble & Colouring pages

We all have a bit of extra time on our hands with most of it spent in the confines of our home.  I want to help you give you a bit of a paranormal fix, so I have made some fun games!  You can print them off or even do them on your phone or tablet using markup or a drawing program!  Enjoy!

Word Search Games

Paranormal Jeopardy

Click this link to play the game:

Here are the instructions:


  • Click the link above - it will take you to the game
  • On the menu select one team (or more if you want to play with someone at home) and click start game
  • Click on the category and $ amount you wish to play
  • The question will be revealed. Write down your answer on a piece of paper
  • Press the space bar or click reveal and the answer is revealed at the bottom of the screen
  • If you got the question correct, add that dollar amount to your total
  • If you for the question wrong, deduct that dollar amount from your total
  • Once you have completed the whole board, add up your final $ figure

Post your dollar figure below in the comments and lets see who the winner is! (there is no prize this is just for fun!)

* Play fair & no cheating by using google! GOOD LUCK!

LLIFS Paranormal Scramble

Answers can be found at the bottom of the page

Paranormal Bingo (sort of)

This isn't really Bingo because that is too hard to play.  Think of it more like a 'Have you ever' type game.  Very simply, download the card below and mark of the things you have done!  You can use markup or a paint program on your phone!

Colouring Pages

I have turned some of my photos of historic locations into colouring pages.  You can print them out of use a painting program like markup on your phone or tablet

I hope you have enjoyed these little activity as I put a lot of effort into making them.  If you like them let me know and I will make more!  good luck!

Open 'Answers to Word Scramble' in a new window

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