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For decades, there have been reports of UFO sightings and strange lights around the Sale RAAF base in Gippsland Victoria.

One of the things I love to do is to look through old newspaper articles to see if I can pick up on any strange and unusual stories.  In my research, I started to come across accounts of UFO sightings.  What was even more interesting was that they were all centered around the same place across several decades.  The Sale RAAF base in Gippsland Victoria.  The RAAF Base East Sale is a Royal Australian Air Force military air base and training school, located in Sale, Victoria, Australia.  It would be no surprise to see aircraft around this area, however, the reports all have something in common.  They are not normal-looking aircraft. 

Here are just 3 articles with reports

A SALE woman saw an unidentified flying object on Saturday night. Mrs Val Bland of Picton Crt, saw an illuminated object in the north-west sky at 7pm. She described the object as “a bunch of lights in a dome shape moving at a fast speed from west to east”.

Mrs Bland said the lights were vivid blue-green, a colour usually associated with an electrical flash. The UFO was visible for only a few seconds. Mrs Bland’s sighting follows others by Sale and Traralgon policemen and RAAF members in the Sale and Rosedale areas in the past fortnight.

Gippsland Times, October 2, 1972

MELBOURNE, Wednesday. — RAAF officials from the Sale air force base are investigating reports of an unidentified flying object in the Gippsland area, between 9pm and 11pm last night. The weather bureau said a battery-lit balloon to determine wind directions in the upper atmosphere had been released from East Sale at 9 o'clock.

BEGA, Wednesday. — A number of South Coast residents reported seeing an object in the southern sky at about 10pm yesterday. The Anglican rector of Cobargo, near Bega, the Reverend David Ballard, said he saw the object in company with Mr K.Honeybone at Bermagui. Similar sightings were also reported at Eden and Bemboka.

Canberra Times, June 29, 1967

Lights in the sky: UFOs over Australia PERTH: Perth is the latest destination for UFO's according to security guards who claim to have been followed by strange lights around the central business district overnight. National UFO Reporting and Sightings Hotline spokesman Ross Dowe said the sighting was the fourth since last weekend, with other UFO sightings in Victoria, South Australia and NSW. Mr Dowe said three security guards reported seeing a bright orange object, about the size of a semi-trailer, at 3am today, and that five people reported seeing a UFO flying over the Sale RAAF base, east of Melbourne, last Sunday. He said the reports stated the people had seen
a number of small lights three times within 10 minutes. At the third appearance the lights merged together and exploded above the RAAF
base, lighting up the sky, he said. In Orange, a farmer claimed to have seen an aqua blue object with a silver flame at about
9pm on Saturday night.

Mr Dowe said a woman who was driving on Tuesday night in Adelaide said she became engulfed in a "dense, dusty fog" and experienced
electrical problems with her vehicle. The woman reported being near the site of a research paddock which had its crop flattened in one corner into the shape of a circle

Canberra Times, Dec 16 1994

Digging deeper, it seems there are similar types of sightings at RAAF bases all over Australia.  At one time the RAAF would investigate strange sightings, however, since the 1990's the Department of Defence stopped investigating claims as most sightings were found to be related to aircraft, satellites, meteors, space debris, stars and planets and only 3% remained unexplained.

Perhaps with UFO's being so prevalent in main stream media again, this stance could once again change.  I would love to hear from you.  Have you seen any strange lights or UFOS around the Gippsland area?  Have you seen any UFOS in general?  Do you think the military is experimenting with new technology or are we just misinterpreting lights in the sky?  Maybe they are friends from another World?  What do you think?

I am putting together some articles detailing reader's UFO experiences for a new blog series called LLIFS UFO Encounters.  I am seeking your submissions telling your story.  It could be a sighting you had, a weird experience or even as far as an abduction encounter.  It can be as short or as long as you want it to be.  This is all completely anonymous, however, if you do want your name or paranormal group published at the bottom of your story, please include it at the end of your story.  

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