Using metaphysical tools during a paranormal investigation

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While people will typically take things like K2 meters or spirit boxes on a paranormal investigation, others like to use metaphysical tools. Lets look at the different tools you could use, why they could be used and some ideas on how they could be used.

While people will typically take things like K2 meters or spirit boxes on a paranormal investigation, others like to use metaphysical tools.  Let's look at the different tools you could use, why they could be used and some ideas on how they could be used.  You don't necessarily have to be a spirtiual person in order to use a metaphysical tool.  What I like about this practice is that there is a reason for doing things and even to someone who is quite skeptical like myself, I can see the benefit to some of these.  The way I see it, it is worth a try.  Why not try something different to what you normally do?  So here are some ideas you can take with you to a paranormal investigation

Singing bowls

Nikola Tesla is famous for saying:

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration

Singing bowls are traditionally known as Tibetan singing bowls.  They were said to be used by Buddist monks for meditation and healing.  People often use singing bowls for meditation and it can help reduce stress.  Banging the mallet on the outside of the bowl creates a loud bell-like sound.  After creating this sound, press the mallet firming while making a circular motion around the outside of the bowl.  This creates a humming or ringing like sound that can get louder the faster they make the circling motions.  It is something that you need to practise as often it can be difficult to get the ringing noise.  I know it is something I am really good at doing at home, but when I am in front of a group of people, the pressure is too much and I can't seem to do it.  Luckily there is usually someone there that can do it.

Image Source Kimberley Coole / Getty Images

So why would you want to make this kind of noise during an investigation?  Many people believe that spirits and vibrations are connected.  We use things like infrasound or different sound experiments to try and get a spirit to respond.  What I personally like about using this kind of tool, in theory, is that when we look at the entire Universe, every single thing is vibrating at a certain frequency.  There is always debate about what exactly a spirit is.  While a lot of people believe that it is the soul or energy of someone who has passed away, what if there is something else out there we are communicating with but cannot see?  What if like Nikola Tesla said the secrets lie with vibration?  This act of creating vibration and a specific noise could in theory resonate with something on the same vibration.  I know from personal experience that when using this method at the beginning of a session, we have gotten what seem to be results.  On other occasions, we have gotten nothing.  While we won't know if we would have received the same results with or without the bowl is one of those things but it is certainly worth trying.  

If I were to take it a step further, people use singing bowls to meditate.  Some people believe that in a meditative state, they are able to make contact with something.  If a person were to use a bowl during an investigation, could this help to 'open a person up' so to speak?  Again it is something worth trying.

Crystal Pendulums

This is one of the simplest forms of divination. A pendulum is generally a weighted object which is symmetrical (most often it is a crystal) and is hung from a chain or a cord. Sometimes people use a favourite trinket or a key, a metal ball or a bead, as long as it is not something that is magnetic as this would interfere with your results. The aim of the pendulum is to use it as a simple tool for the user to tune in to their intuitive powers. It is believed by many that we all have these powers, it is just a matter of unlocking them and fine-tuning them. The pendulum itself acts as a receiver and transmitter of information and moves in different ways in response to the questions that you ask.

A person holds the pendulum with a steady hand and asks for a sign of yes. They wait to see a response. Which could be the pendulum swirling in a circle or perhaps rocking in a certain direction back and forward. The person then asks for a sign of no. Once the signs have been established, the user asks yes/no questions. Other people like to use a special board under the crystal which has yes or no and other words or letters on it and people use it in a similar way as they would use an ouija board by looking at where the pendulum is swinging to on the board. Regardless of the method used, a lot of people perceive the answers to be coming from spirit.

Photo by Sarah LLIFS

While a lot of people perceive the answers to be from the spirit world or a person’s intuition at work, others believe it is a simple reflex of the body. Referred to as the ideomotor effect, it is a psychological phenomenon where a person is subconsciously making movements. They are not purposely moving the pendulum, but thinking about a certain question for example can trigger a reflex response and their brain makes the body unknowingly move the pendulum, they are just not aware they are doing it. A lot of people also believe that this is what makes a planchette on an Ouija board move.

If you are going to try crystal divination, it is important to familiarise yourself with crystals. Each crystal has a different purpose/meaning. While you make want to pick a specific crystal, others believe a crystal picks you and when you see the crystal that is meant for you, then you will know.  Rose is for love, obsidian is for protection and grounding for example. Perhaps see what crystal you feel drawn to as what works well for one person may not for another. If you are unsure, start with a clear quartz crystal as it is thought to be an ‘all rounder’. It is important if you are using a crystal to cleanse it of any energy it may be holding. This can be done by smudging it with white sage, sitting it on a windowsill in direct sunlight for a day or even better, sitting it out under a full moon. You then need to charge it with your own energy by holding it for a few minutes. Some people like to call upon spirit guides to help or protect them or some like to say a prayer or some kind of affirmation. Again you don’t have to it is a personal thing and you might just want to hold it for a while, that is fine too. Make sure you don’t allow anyone else to touch your crystal. You want it to be exclusive with your energy. It is always good to keep it in a velvet or silk pouch when not being used. When doing a session, you need an open and clear mind and be free of doubts. Some people believe if you have troubles on your mind or you are angry, emotional or even not feeling well that it won’t work. If you have a negative attitude toward it, it is said it won’t effectively work.

If like me you are a bit skeptical of this technique, I like to hang a pendulum from a metal rod and take away the human element.  Some people tell me it needs a human for it to work, I however don't trust the human element so if a pendulum were to start spinning or moving without anyone touching it (or any vibrations in the floor or table that would make it move) I would certainly be more convinced (but this is just me).  Do what works for you!

Tarot Cards

This may seem like a bit of a weird thing to use on a paranormal investigation, but I am going to come at it from a non-paranormal angle so to speak, but first, we will look at the ways people use them.  Tarot Cards are again a form of divination that people use to get some insight into a situation or guidance for the future.  Some people actually do use them for spirit communication.  They believe that the symbols and messages in the cards will give you an indication of the life of a spirit.  This of course is based on the assumption that a spirit is the soul or energy of a person who has lived.  Some people use this to help them put together the pieces of the spirit they may be communicating with.  In order to do this, you do also need to do a bit of research about a location for example.  The problem here of course is that if you already know the information, you may automatically make assumptions about what you think the cards are telling you to match the information you already know.  Some people however use them in ways to determine for example a year a person died.  They look at the roman numerals on the bottom of a card to identify the year the died or even the age of a person.  A certain card could indicate their occupation.  When using this method, people will often use a piece of equipment or a candle so that they can validate the information.  They may say something like 'is xxxx the year you were born' and look for a response.  The cards are used as a way to guide the person towards information.

Photo by Sarah LLIFS

I feel personally and this is just my take on things, that tarot cards force a person to look at a situation and perhaps think about things in a different way.  I don't necessarily think a card is telling me the future but more so it is making me look at a situation in more detail which I otherwise would not have done.  Remember divination is intended to be a tool of self-reflection.  If you apply this way of thinking to a paranormal investigation, maybe you have been investigating a particular location to get to the bottom of a story but you have met some roadblocks.  Why not break out the tarot cards?  It could force you to think about things differently and spark a new idea.  I don't think it is necessarily something paranormal, but it makes you think!  It could give you an idea you wouldn't have thought about.  Sometimes we need a bit of a nudge to get a thought process happening.  Whether or not you believe a particular card is a sign from the universe or a spirit doesn't matter in this case because either way, it is making you think about things and inspiring a thought process.  Also if you are like me, I have so many decks of beautiful tarot cards, they are always nice to use!

These are just a few small ideas that you can try during a paranormal investigation.  While some of it may seem silly to some, we have to remember that nothing about the paranormal is proven.  We don't know if something works or doesn't work without at least just even giving it a try.  I mean we use a broken radio to talk to spirits so I don't see this as being any different!

Maybe at least just having this discussion is making you think about ways you can apply this to an investigation and even put your own spin or twist on it!  I am not reinventing the wheel here and I know this is nothing new.  A lot of people already do all of this on their investigations, but it will be new territory for a lot of people.  It is not the typical techniques you see on reality TV shows for example.

I would love to hear your thoughts.  Do you use any of these methods?  What works for you?  Do you have any other ideas?  Tell me in the comments below!

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  • Nicole Jones 5 years ago

    Hello, I just read your information and found it very nice and entertaining. I had a thought whilst reading....What about the ring test people use to predict the gender of an unborn child? I have experimented with this over the years and I find it always swings in the same pattern for that individual and swing in different patterns for other individuals. Any thoughts on this?

    • LLIFS 5 years ago

      Great idea Nicole! This is the same as the crystal pendulum however instead of using a crystal you would use a ring as it is the same process. You can also use weighted metal objects as a pendulum as well, not just a crystal!

  • Erin 5 years ago

    Brilliant article Sarah.
    I use singing bowls for all your above mentioned reasons.
    Investigation wise I find it absolutely raises the energy and makes way for an easier pathway of communication.
    I open every investigation with them! Love it in the dark!
    Never thought to take my tarot cards, but I do take playing cards to use as trigger items.
    I do bring my ouija board, and if I’m feeling inclined I will close an investigation with that or table tipping :)

    • LLIFS 5 years ago

      Thanks Erin! I have to say, at a recent investigation at Black Rock House, we did a night where no electronic equipment was used. One lady brought her signing bowl. We have used singing bowls in the past with no results but she started a seance with the singing bowl and I have to say what followed was amazing to everyone in the room and even for the rest of the night.

      • Erin 5 years ago

        Now that is cool! They are really quite a brilliant tool!