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The LLIFS Resource Directory has been updated with new content! Here are some of the new additions

The LLIFS Resource Directory is a link tree designed to help you with your paranormal research.  Everyone always recommends great books that we should be reading, but in reality, some of the 'classics' are almost impossible to find or costs hundreds of dollars.  Luckily for us, there is another option.   A lot of historical works are available for free via public domain.  Websites such as Internet Archive and Project Gutenberg provide free access to many of these books.  There are also often options to download free PDFs files of these as well.  As they fall under public domain, it means this is a legal and free way to enjoy paranormal research.

I try to find resources that cover all different areas of paranormal research and link them to my resource directory.  In all honestly, it is a reference point I use for myself and my own research, but I am all about sharing the love so if someone else finds it useful then fantastic!  You can visit the resource directory here:


Some of the titles added this week include:

Reflections of mesmerism in literature

Controversial procedures in medicine are likely to be discussed in the community as everyone is interested in
their health. If the practice is subjective, that is, clear proof is not readily forthcoming, there are likely to be both strong supporters and opponents. In the 18th and 19th centuries, when the dissemination of news was slow, such controversies lasted many years and were likely to appear in novels, drama and poetry of the period. This article gives examples of animal magnetism, mesmerism and hypnosis in contemporary literature.

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Illustrations from a Victorian book on Magic (1897)

Selected images from a massive late 19th century tome entitled simply Magic, subtitled Stage Illusions and Scientific Diversions, including Trick Photography, compiled and edited by Albert A. Hopkins. The book takes a thorough tour through the popular magic tricks and illusions of the day, including along the way many delightfully surreal diagrams and illustrations, the top pick of which we've included here - often especially great when seen out of context. Towards the end are some particularly great "decapitation" trick photographs.

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Extrasensory Communication and Dreams

As far back as we have written records, there have been accounts of the unusual phenomena occurring in connection with dreams. The ancients typically believed that dreams were divinely inspired experiences providing counsel and instruc­tion for their waking lives. In the oldest dream book extant, the Egyptian papyrus of Deral-Madineh dating back to 2000 B.C., there arc examples of divine revelation. The Egyptians practiced dream incubation, i.e., sleeping in temples in a deliberate effort to induce divinely inspired dreams which would supply answers concerning the state of health and the future of the dreamer. Oracular dreams even affected affairs of state (Woods, 1947). So-called para­normal phenomena often seemed to have an affinity for dreams. Woods (1947) notes that the Egyptians tried to communicate with others through their dreams, believing that homeless spirits carried the message. This suggests that there was some familiarity with the idea of telepathic communication.

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The Will to Believe, and Other Essays in Popular Philosophy by William James

The will to believe -- Is life worth living? -- The sentiment of rationality -- Reflex action and theism -- The dilemma of determinism -- The moral philosopher and the moral life -- Great men and their environment -- The importance of individuals -- On some Hegelisms -- What psychical research has accomplished.

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Plus many more!

To access these and other works, head to the LLIFS Resource Directory

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