LLIFS - UFO Encounters Part 1

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In this new series, read the experiences of LLIFS readers about their UFO encounters. In this edition, we even have some pictures we would love your thoughts on which were kindly submitted.

In this new series, read the experiences of LLIFS readers about their UFO encounters.  In this edition, we even have some pictures which were kindly submitted.

Here are some randomly chosen submissions.  They have been entered exactly as posted by the writer.  If your experience was submitted and is not shown don't worry, there are plenty more to come and I also want to collect more!  So here are the first round of experiences by LLIFS readers and their UFO encounters!

I myself have not had a UFO experience, but my father apparently had one. My parents married in 1955. I was born two years later. But in the interval, my father went on a hunting trip to Iowa with one or more friends. When he returned, he told my mother that they had seen a cigar-shaped object. She said he was shaken by the experience and would not talk further about it. This story was relayed to me by my mother when I was a young adult. My parents divorced when I was seven, so I never had a chance to ask him about it.


About 15 years ago I was walking in my local supermarket car park, where I also work. It was a nice evening with blue sky and only a few small whispy clouds.
I randomly looked up at the sky and saw a silver coloured object very high up. It was a long oblong shape, but didn't look like a plane, as there were no wings. It was travelling quite fast towards a very small white cloud.  I was fascinated what it might be, so continued to watch it.  I was amazed that when the object went behind the cloud, it did not come out from the other side at all. It just completely disappeared and I kept watching, but the object did not appear again.
I cannot explain how this object could suddenly disappear when passing above such a very small cloud.
That incident has stayed in my memory ever since.


The following has been submitted by Shawn & Melissa Macdonald from Brantford Ontario Canada who have agreed to share their story as well as photos that belong to and are credited to them.  

"In the Fall/Winter 2020 I was walking by my security camera set up and saw a light formation in the sky above the houses across the street from me. My inital thought was that it was a drone and called my husband to come have a look. He went outside and looked from the deck and he couldn't see anything. I told him where to look and he said there was nothing. He came back in and saw it on the screen captured through the camera. I went out on the deck and looked and the lights could not be seen with the naked eye. I tried binoculars and still nothing. The lights were not moving but appeared to slightly pulse when viewed through the Tv screen displaying my security cameras. The lights stayed for almost 30 minutes then faded out before me on the screen. I have a photo taken from the security cam of the lights and one of the same sky the next day to show there are no objects that this could have been . The lights are in a triangle formation. I became curious and started searching online for similar experiences of others and found several people seeing these formations across the USA."

Further to the above, Melissa kindly sent some photos of the light formation with the following information: " I have one of the object and one of the same area taken from the same camera during the day that shows the skyline and that there is nothing there that would have caused that light formation. It was a reasonably clear night and at one point while we were looking at the formation and trying to see it through binoculars we could see a plane with flashing lights flying further out in the sky sort of behind the light formation but to the right. We found it odd that we could see the plane with the naked eye but not this triangle formation.

Light Formation at night

Same view by day for comparison

** I have blacked out sensitive information for privacy reasons

Have you seen light formations like this?  What could they be?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Melissa 3 years ago

    The power line theory may be plausible however it has never happened again in the year that has passed. It only remained this way for 30 minutes and then faded. What explanation for one time and then never again?

  • Michael Nickels-Wisdom 3 years ago

    It seems to me that the three lights on the nighttime video still are reflections of light on the utility lines visible in the daylight video still. If you compare the two, the locations of the lights exactly match the locations of the upper two utility lines.

    • LLIFS 3 years ago

      That seems like a great explanation thanks for taking the time to have a look at the photos!

    • Iain Southwell 3 years ago

      I agree with you Michael. I took both pictures and imaged one over the other and the lights line up exactly with the power lines. It is probably a reflection from the night vision camera light and that is why they couldn't see it when they went outside but only on the camera