MORE Tarot Decks to get excited about in 2020

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Now that we are half way through 2020, what Tarot cards can we look forward to?

At the beginning of this year, I wrote an article about some of the Tarot decks I was excited to see coming out in 2020.  You can check out that article here:

This was a time when we were all blissfully unaware at what 2020 had in store for us.  So now from the safety of my socially distanced house, I give you some more recommendations of new decks which have been announced to come out in the second half of 2020 that I am excited to get!

The Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot Deck and Guidebook

Let the spooky citizens of Halloween Town guide your tarot practice with this sumptuously illustrated tarot deck inspired by Tim Burton’s classic animated film The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Disney’s iconic holiday film The Nightmare Before Christmas is now an enchanting tarot set, offering a frightful-but-friendly take on the traditional 78-card deck. This set features all your favorite characters from Jack Skellington to Mr. Oogie Boogie to Sandy Claws himself in gorgeous original illustrations based on classic tarot iconography. Featuring both major and minor arcana, the set also comes with a helpful guidebook explaining each card’s meaning, as well as simple spreads for easy readings. Packaged in a sturdy, decorative gift box, this hauntingly charming tarot deck is the perfect gift for the The Nightmare Before Christmas fan or tarot enthusiast in your life.


Put simply, you are either into this or you aren't!  This is more of a collectors item than anything else but it looks visually stunning and fans of the movie will love seeing their favourite characters depicted in the world of tarot to give them guidance.  This deck is available from the 15th of September.  

F R I E N D S Tarot

Printed on high-quality card material, and packaged in a handy un-bendable box, this tarot deck celebrates the legacy of Friends. More than 25 years after it first aired, the show retains a steadily-growing cult following and is the most popular binged show around the world..

Friends Tarot Cards are based on the structure of the classic Rider-Waite deck. The deck also comes with basic instructions on how to kickstart your career in tarot reading. And hey: if your future, as ordained by these cards, ain’t looking so bright – just turn on one of your favorite episodes of Friends to whittle away the time.


So no one told you life was gonna be this way?  Maybe all they needed was a tarot deck to lead the way?  From the same author who brought us the Golden Girls Tarot I mentioned in last list (and wrote a review on), I am really excited to see this deck.  Again this is for the fans.  The Golden Girls deck never came with a book relying on your knowledge of the characters and storylines to mesh with the traditional tarot card meanings.  If you know me I have been the biggest friends fan since it first debuted when I was about 16 or 17 years old.  I have the Friends LEGO, I have a few puzzles, friends monopoly, friends trivial pursuit, I mean I don't think you need to guess if I will be getting this deck or not!  This deck is available from the 7th of October.

Movie Tarot: A Hero's Journey in 78 Cards Cards

Are you ready for your close-up? Be guided by the stars in this unique new tarot deck inspired by iconic film characters.

Each character embodies the qualities of the archetype they represent. Begin with Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump as the Fool, Morgan Freeman in Shawshank Redemption for Temperance, and Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music for the Sun, and you'll find a perfectly suited character represents every card.

Movie Tarot contains 78 cards that work as a fully functional tarot deck, plus a booklet which explains the choice of movie stars and the deeper personality traits they embody, as well as information on how to interpret the cards and conduct your own readings.

Tarot cards have had a number of uses historically, including for card games, but today they are primarily used for seeking answers to questions, often as a quest for divine guidance or inspiration. Readers of all experience levels can experience the cards' answer being given in an uncanny way, revealing something hidden but recognisable in a situation or thought process. Therein lies the significance of the Major (22) and Minor (56) Arcana cards, unearthing "secrets" buried in the deeper realms of consciousness and experience.


I feel like someone out there is developing all these tarot cards just for me!  I mean just look at the characters on the box!  Lydia Deetz!  Daniel La Russo in his skeleton costume.  Reading above we learn that Forrest Gump begins the tarot journey in the pivotal role as the fool.  Anyone that loves tarot and a bit of pop culture will surely love this deck which is bound to be full with hidden Easter eggs for serious fans (I hope).  This deck will be available from 5th October.

Tarot of the Divine: A Deck and Guidebook Inspired by Deities, Folklore, and Fairy Tales from Around the World Cards

The path to enlightenment is unique for each of us, but many of the lessons we learn are shared stories passed among cultures and generations. With rich, vibrant art and a keen understanding of traditional tarot archetypes, illustrator Yoshi Yoshitani infuses Tarot of the Divine with worldly insight and an intriguing selection of fables and folktales from cultures across the globe.

The Major Arcana cards are brought to life with characters from beloved stories who embody the fool's journey, from the Danish fable of the naive Little Mermaid (a character who represents The Fool) to China's Beauty and the Beast (The Lovers) to the Maori legend of Hinemoa and Tutanekai (The World). The archetypes of the Minor Arcana--focused on suits of cups, coins, swords, and wands--are made richer with diverse cultural fables, ancient mythologies, and spiritual legends like the Crane Wife (Japan), Aladdin (Persia), Jack and the Beanstalk (England), Fenrir (Norway), Oedipus (Greece), the Pandavas (India), and dozens more.

As you acquaint yourself with your cards, a 44-page guidebook illuminates how these fables support traditional tarot imagery and themes. With fables from more than forty countries, this spiritual journey is a worldly experience like no other.


This could be a great stocking filler for Christmas coming out on the 1st of December.  If you are more spiritual or on your own journey, looking into folklore and stories around the world can be a great interconnecting experience.  If you are someone that just loves fairytales or folklore, this could possibly be for you too!  I don't really know what to expect here but I am always drawn to this deck every time I see it.  That is what tarot is about.  It is not about your finding the cards, it is about them finding you!

Tarot del Toro : A Tarot Deck and Guidebook Inspired by the World of Guillermo del Toro

Let the fantastic vision of Guillermo del Toro guide your tarot practice with this sumptuously illustrated deck inspired by the haunting world of the award-winning filmmaker. From the macabre world of Guillermo del Toro comes a deliciously twisted take on a traditional seventy-eight-card tarot deck. Designed and illustrated by Tomás Hijo, this deck features sumptuous original artwork inspired by the themes, imagery, and characters of some of del Toro's most popular films, including Pan's Labyrinth, Crimson Peak, and The Shape of Water. Featuring both major and minor arcana, the set also comes with a helpful guidebook explaining each card's meaning, as well as a simple introduction to creating and reading spreads. Packaged in a collectible gift box, this imaginative set is the perfect gift for del Toro collectors and tarot enthusiasts alike.


If you are a fan of del Toro movies, then this will be for you!  He creates these wonderfully eerie, complicated, disturbing yet beautiful Worlds so seeing this depicted in the form of tarot is quite intriguing.  This won't be for everyone, but if you like movies like Pan's Labyrinth and The Shape of Water (which are featured in the deck) then this is for you!  This is available on the 27th of October.

I didn't mean to have a bit of a movie and TV theme, it just happens that all of these amazing decks are coming out back to back!  It is also worth mentioning, I am not paid to endorse or advertise these decks, I will be buying them like everyone else.  I do a lot of searching to find the perfect decks for me and often people will ask me where to get them from, so this is me sharing those great finds with you!  Once I get a copy of the decks, I'll do my best to pop up a review!  Overall I can't wait for the Movies and Friends decks most of all!  What decks are you most excited for in the second half of 2020?

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