Stuff Paranormal Investigators Need To Know Volume 2: My brain is the key that sets me free

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Stuff Paranormal Investigators Need To Know Volume 2: My brain is the key that sets me free is now available worldwide! Here is some more info about my latest book!

In 2015, I started my blog Living Life In Full Spectrum.  It started out as a chronicle of my paranormal adventures and all of the great places I got to visit and investigate.  As I learnt more and gained more experience in the field, I created a new blog series called Stuff Paranormal Investigators Need To Know.  It was inspired by a photography course I was taking at the time.  One of my first articles was about how cameras work and why orbs can appear in our photos.  I aimed to give technical explanations in easy to read and understand language.  I wanted to present all the information on a particular topic and let the reader make up their own mind if what they are experiencing is paranormal.  There is nothing worse than someone telling you how to think, so I wanted to give you the information so you could make up your own mind!  This series soon evolved and grew into looking at the different ways the human mind can deceive us.  From our perception through to certain medical conditions and cognitive bias, I put together Volume 1 of Stuff Paranormal Investigators Need To Know called: what the eyes see and the ears hear the mind believes in the form of a book.  It was based on a quote by Harry Houdini, a famous magician and paranormal debunker.  It was very well-received with people even using it for training or source material.  Soon, people were asking me when Volume 2 would be coming out.

It was never going to be just 1 book.  I had originally envisioned a trilogy.  Volume 2 was always going to expand on volume 1 and now that we had looked at different ways the brain can deceive us, it was time to look at its potential.  With a particular focus on parapsychology and 3 years of deep research and writing, Volume 2 is now available as a book.  

Stuff Paranormal Investigators Need To Know is back for Volume 2! In the first edition, we delved into the rational side of paranormal investigation looking at explanations for common paranormal phenomena. While a lot of things can be explained, we are still here looking for answers for the things not so easily explained. Now that we know how the human mind can trick us, we have to ask what is it really capable of when it comes to psychic phenomena? Volume 2 explores these possibilities. Is the human mind capable of telepathy? Is a near-death experience a peek into what is next? Can people really move items with their minds or predict the future? Where do psychic abilities come from and how are they tested? The paranormal field covers so much more than just communicating with what we believe are ghosts. This is not a how-to investigate guide, but it will challenge you to look at the paranormal from a different perspective by looking at psychical research and parapsychology and how they are relevant to modern-day paranormal investigating. It is time to open our minds to the many possibilities and ask the question, is it really us who are the ghosts?

My brain is the key that sets me free is another quote from Harry Houdini.  While he used it to explain that he used his brain to work out what was really going on, I used it to make a different connection.  What if our brain is the key that allows us to see the world as it truly is?  What if our brain is what causes some of the paranormal things we experience?  

You will notice this is written very differently from Volume 1 which also reflects my growth as a person, a researcher and a writer.  I have taken on the constructive feedback I received from Volume 1 with a big aim to improve grammar as well as more detailed referencing.  There are several pages of references and source material at the back of the book that will allow you to continue on and maybe find some more books and studies to dive into.  The finished product is something I am so very proud of.  I really hope you enjoy it and more than anything, I hope it makes you think.

Volume 2 is now available Worldwide via Amazon on paperback and kindle and will be up on Book Depository soon.  It is free if you are a kindle unlimited subscriber!  If you live in Australia, signed copies are available through me as well as discounted book bundles.  Unfortunately due to high shipping costs, I cannot ship overseas, however, you can still purchase the ebook from your local amazon.  Here are all the links:

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Stay Spooky my friends, I am just getting started 

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