Tales of Black Rock House - The Drawing Room

6th July 2017. Reading Time: 4 minutes Tales of Black Rock House, General. 1444 page views. 0 comments.

In this instalment, we venture into the drawing room. This room has the only original piece of furniture belonging to Black Rock House. What happens when people sit in the chair?

When we first investigated Black Rock House at the beginning of 2016, the drawing room was under renovation. They recently had stripped back the wallpaper to replace it. They found underneath layers of paint and other pieces of wallpaper the original wallpaper. They paid a very large amount of money to have this wallpaper reproduced so that it would be a true reflection of what it was like back in the day. This is one of the things that I love about Black Rock House. There is thought behind every single restoration made to the house, to keep it true to it being a mid 1800’s homestead. One of the most fascinating restorations at Black Rock House is in the drawing room. It is the only piece of original furniture from the house. It is a single chair. Of course, it has been restored, but the wood frame itself, is original. We know that materials can absorb energy. Did this chair absorb the energy of Charles Ebden himself? This we do not know, but what we do know is that this chair was donated by the Ebden family themselves. On our very first investigation, it was Glenn standing in the drawing room who turned around and came face to face with what he said was a man standing right in his face. It was enough to startle him. At the time, he knew nothing of the history and nothing of Charles Ebden. Later he saw a picture on the wall and said ‘This is the man I saw who is this?’. It was Charles.

What I can tell you is some of the experiences people have had sitting in this chair. People have reported being touched, cold spots, feeling like they should not be sitting in the chair and one girl even felt like she was being choked. We always like to ask people to sit in the chair. Some people are too scared whilst others jump at the chance. It used to be the only thing we would have to investigate in the drawing room. That is until one day, someone else made themselves known to us.

Quite often after a public investigation, if it is active we will go back into the house to investigate further. On this particular night, we kept getting messages of 'This is my house'. We felt there was some sort of connection to the drawing room. A new painting had just been hung in the drawing room. We immediately made the connection. All we needed to do was to somehow validate our thoughts. It didn’t take long for that to happen. We quite often set up a REM Pod underneath the painting. REM Pods rarely go off on their own. Unless you are standing next to one with your mobile phone on, it only goes off if something breaks the field around the antenna. That is why we take notice when a REM pod goes off. More often than not, when we set up the REM Pod underneath the painting and start talking about her, the REM Pod starts going off. We have tried to get information on the painting which was purchased at an auction. We cannot take the painting off the wall, as it is must be done so by a trained tradesmen with a certification to hang paintings in heritage listed buildings. We hoped we would be able to get some information on the back of the painting such as a year or her name. Since we cannot get this information, some people have told us they felt that her name was Gabrielle and that is what she seems to answer to. She still often insists it is her house. While we do not believe she has any connection to Black Rock House itself, she does to the painting.

Activity in the room is hit and miss which is like anything in the paranormal. We often try to do what we can to stir things up. Another thing we like to do is to try and use the ‘Singapore theory’ to see if we can get things to happen. This is the theory where it is thought by recreating an environment the spirits can resonate with, it could stir up activity. A common thing investigators do is play music. There is a beautiful piano in the room over 100 years old. They recently had it re tuned. We have tried on many occasions to play a tune to see if anyone wanted to come in and sit down and listen to the music. While nothing has really happened when we did this, hearing the sounds of the piano fill the halls of Black Rock House is an amazing experience. It takes you back to a simpler time.

We are also amazed how many times someone new makes themselves known to us. It took 12 months for Gabrielle to come and say hi. Who will be next? Perhaps it is Larry. This is a name we have been receiving frequently in the drawing room through different pieces of equipment. We do not know who he is and what his story is. What I can tell you, is that I am focusing on finding that out and when I do, you will be the first to know!

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