Tales of Black Rock House - The Hallway

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When you visit a location, a lot of people don't pay attention to the Hallway area as to some it is just a way of getting from one room to another.  If you do happen to visit Black Rock House, I would tell you to take special notice of the Hallway, because you might be missing out!

When people explore or even investigate Black Rock House, they often go straight to areas such as the Dining Room or the Death Room. They don't pay much attention to the Hallway area as to a lot of people it is just a way of getting from one room to another. If you do happen to visit Black Rock House, I would tell you to take special notice of the Hallway, because you might be missing out!

When you first enter the house, you are met with the Hallway. It is not as grand as other locations with big staircases, but it has it's own charm. It is decorated with wallpaper that would have been common during the era and a large Grandfather clock (that does not work sadly). People have had a few different experiences in this hallway. Usually when we are in either the drawing room or the dining room, you hear footsteps walking up and down the hallway when there is no one there. Some have even seen shadows. Given that this house was used as a boarding house for a number of years, there would have been many people walking up and down the hallway at all times of the day. Perhaps these footsteps are some form of residual energy or a glimpse into the past. I recently had my own experience standing in the hallway only a couple of weeks ago. We had just finished an investigation and people were in the dining room packing up. I was standing in the Hallway with my head poked in the door of the dining room. I heard someone call out 'Hello' as if they were walking down the Hallway towards me. I felt like someone was close by, you know that feeling when you just know someone is standing next you to? I thought perhaps someone had randomly walked into the house. I went out to the Hallway and no one was there. I went outside and all around the house to see if anyone was nearby and I couldn't figure it out. I heard it clearly but no one else did.

On other occasions, people have told me they have seen figures in the hallway or felt some sort of energy. They have been hit by what they describe as Cold Spots and feel as if there is swirling energy around them. We have also had quite a bit of REM pod activity out in the Hallway - usually when we are in another room. One of the things about Black Rock House is it sometimes feels like you are on a goose chase and being led from one room to another. Either we are being drawn out to the hallway or perhaps away from what we are doing. That is the part I can't quite work out.

The second Hallway leads us to the Children's Bedrooms and the Death Rooms. People have often told me they see what they believe are shadow figures darting between rooms. We have on many occasions tried different things with this section of the house and haven't had much happen at all. I suspect a lot of the things people have experienced in these hallways are probably more to do with either the house itself or the rooms leading to the hallway.

This is an area where there is a lot of light due to a large window at the end. You have to be mindful of cars driving past with headlights and outside street lights casting shadows. This could also account for some of the shadow sightings but it is not something I am quite ready to completely dismiss as I too have seen things. What is probably the most amusing is that right outside this window is a bus stop. If nothing is happening, you can certainly have a lot of fun scaring people at the bus stop if they were to turn around and see someone standing in the window!

I have almost completed this series but it is far from over. There will always be tales to tell but the best way is for you to go and experience it for yourself. Black Rock House is one of those little gems you can't help but fall in love with. It is not a specific room or area, it is just something about the whole place that people love. I know I am in love with this house and it always calls me back! I will keep going back, as long as it wants me to!

Have you had any experiences in the Hallway?

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