The curious case of Kelly Cahill

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A case so famous, it was even referenced on the reboot of the X Files happened right at my doorstep here in the Dandenongs of Melbourne Victoria. What is the case of Kelly Cahill?

We get the usual run of the mill sightings here in Melbourne when it comes to UFOs, however the World Wide News making kind of stories isn't all that common here. I have written before about the Westall 1966 sighting and the strange disappearance of Fredrick Valentich, but there is another tale which became so famous, it was even mentioned during a recent episode of the X Files and of course then dubbed as 'The Oz Files' by media outlets. One of those cases that UFOlogists around the world are quite familiar with as it is considered to be one of the most intriguing cases of alien abduction. What happened to Kelly Cahill that fateful night in 1993.

August 8th 1993

During the early hours of the morning on the 8th of August 1993, Kelly and her husband were driving home from their friend's house at Eummemering Creek in Belgrave - a suburb at the foothills of the Dandenongs here in Victoria, when she saw what looked like a spaceship with with a ring of orange headlights hovering over the road in front of her. As they got closer, they were blinded by a bright white light. Kelly said she then awoke in her car feeling oddly quite relaxed. When the couple reached their house (after driving home in silence feeling a bit weird), they realised they had lost an hour in time (something said to be common with UFO abductions).

What I saw to me was definitely a UFO, there was no doubt about it whatsoever,"

Kelly Cahill - Interview with Today Tonight

Source: The Oz Files

Some reports indicate that she soon noticed she had a triangle mark on her navel and began menstruating, and was admitted to hospital twice for a womb infection in the days and weeks following the incident. A few weeks later, she began to recall even more information about the night of her own will and not through hypnosis which is a common tool used to get testimonies from alien abductees.

She remembered when she approached the light that she got out of the car, and noticed that there were 2 other cars close by also witnessing the lights.

There was orange lights and this blue stuff underneath," she said in one interview. "It was like science fiction coming to life.

Kelly Cahill - Interview with Today Tonight

She then recalled seeing tall skinny black figures who had large bulging red eyes suddenly appear at the front of the UFO and began to approach them. She thought she was going to die.

I felt this blow to my stomach and went flying in the air and I heard my husband say let go of me and this male voice that said, 'I mean you no harm',

Kelly Cahill - Interview with Today Tonight

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Initially she herself thought she was mentally ill and took it upon herself to have a brain scan. Kelly also contacted different Universities and Aviation Authorities to see if she could get any answers. They gave her two contact numbers of organizations that investigate UFO Phenomena. The case was eventually investigated by Victorian based Phenomena Research Australia.

Why is their so much intrigue to this case?

A lot of people wrote Ms Cahill off and said that she had been drinking that night and it was nothing more than a story. In fact that isn't even her real name. It is a pseudonym she created because she knew that the world thought she was crazy.

I know I look ridiculous I'm not an unintelligent woman, I know that my story sounds ridiculous, but that's what happened. And there there is physical evidence out there, there were marks out on the field, there were marks on our body, something went on.

The two other cars she mentioned in her testimony, were tracked down by investigators and served as witnesses to this incident who themselves claim they were abducted as well. Their accounts mimic Cahill's as well as the loss in time, the strange marks on their bodies and the descriptions of the 'alien' figure. Investigators who returned to the scene with the above witnesses also report magnetic anomalies in samples of the soil taken from the scene as well as damage to the area and unusual soil chemical compounds found in the samples. It is worth noting however that two of the female witnesses whose stories matched Kelly's recalled their information through hypnosis. They also recall being taken aboard a ship.

Kelly released a book called 'Encounter' and did various interviews with media.

Kelly eventually removed herself from the spotlight due to ridicule and the public eye and is said by contacts to of moved overseas to start a new life with less attention.

Did you know about this case? What do you think?

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  • david pages 5 years ago

    we love these aliens and still talk to them today 31 years later, they have told me they are from the bootes galaxy

  • david pages 5 years ago

    what do i think? I have been involved with these alien beings since 1988 and the case i have with them is still going strong.......even the supernatural spirits are involved with this case