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With the help of my Living Life in Full Spectrum followers, I have compiled a list of top tips for paranormal investigating! Thanks to all who contributed.

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Some of us have done very little in the field work. Some may not have attended an investigation at all but have a passion for the paranormal. Some like myself are out there every week. Others have been in the field for 30 plus years. No matter how much experience we have, we can always learn something from each other. So with that in mind, here are the top tips for paranormal investigating from myself and Living Life In Full Spectrums Followers

Always carry spare batteries

You will be amazed at the number of batteries a paranormal investigator goes through. It is usually a running joke within the community that we are armed to the eyeballs with batteries on an investigation but we can never seem to find any for the remote control at home. You can never have enough batteries. Even if all of your equipment has new batteries, strange things can happen on an investigation and more often than not you can find your equipment drained. Have them on hand and always make sure you change your batteries at the beginning of every investigation so you know that there are fresh batteries. Some equipment can start to malfunction too when a battery starts to go flat. The Ovilus and the Rem Pods are notorious for this.

Safety is key

Sometimes it is not the ghosts you need to worry about! Always have a first aid kit on hand and ideally, someone from the team should be trained in first aid. A lot of venues actually require you to have someone with first aid credentials pretty much to cover their tail. If someone becomes ill or hurt during an investigation, someone needs to know how to treat them. Never investigate alone and don’t wander off on your own. Make sure someone has eyes on you at all times and if you have to use walky talkies to be able to stay in contact. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing that are suited to the conditions. Stay hydrated and have snacks on hand. A paranormal experience may mimic a rise or drop in blood sugar.

Have an open mind but also be prepared to debunk

The movement lately is all about critical thinking and being rational – right up my ally. With this in mind and imperative to investigating, we also need to have an open mind. Often people tell us that if we are trying to interact with the spirit world we also have to be open to do so. Standing with our arms crossed and looking uninterested doesn’t really make anyone want to talk to you let alone in the spirit world. Find a balance.

Be respectful

We don’t know exactly what a ghost is but it is possible it was once a living person. You don’t want someone talking to you Nanna and yelling abuse at them. Always introduce yourself and be respectful. I am not against provoking and I do it when the situation calls for it but you pick your moments. Always say thankyou at the end of a session. Some people also like to acknowledge any heritage to the location or country such as paying respect to elders of past and present. It is also important to be respectful of your fellow investigators and the venue itself. Don’t damage anything deliberately, if you move something put it back.

Listen to your peers

None of us are experts and we all have different opinions and outlooks on things. We can learn a lot from each other. Take on board any information or advice someone is giving you. They are trying to help and educate you. If their opinion is different to yours they aren’t making a personal attack. If they are telling you the orb you caught on your camera is a dust particle they are not trying to make you look silly or making an attack on you. They are trying to help you. There is a reason why some of these people have been in the field for so many years. Surely you can learn a thing or too from them.

Remember there is not just one way to investigate

Find your own style. Just because I investigate a certain way doesn’t make it the right way. It is just how I like to do things. You evolve and grow and learn along the way and you will find after a few investigations, you are probably doing things completely differently to how you started. Pick up tips and technique from others, but find your own way. If you want to take a spiritual approach, then do it. If you want to take a more logical approach and look at collecting data by all means do it! Be true to yourself and the answers that you yourself are seeking.

Don’t fake evidence

In a world where we rely on social media and wanting people to hit that LIKE button, it can be easy to think, I just need that one video to go viral. Maybe you are having paying customers along and nothing is happening and you want to do something so they don’t walk away disappointed. No matter what the circumstance, DO NOT EVER fake evidence. If you do, you will be caught out and all respect lost. You are probably not going to become famous and if that is the only reason you are doing it, I would suggest another past time.

Some other quick tips

Switch mobile phones off or to aeroplane mode as they can interfere with your equipment

Say flash if you are using flash photography so you don’t accidently flash someone in the eyes

Always carry a torch or light source as most of the time we are fumbling around in the dark

Be aware of your surroundings – exit points, stairs

Do not trespass, always have permission from the owners

Have a plan before you go in especially if you have a limited amount of time

Carry sage, crystals, crosses etc if you believe in spiritual protection

Don’t run – it’s a safety hazard and you look like a scaredy cat!

Don’t consume alcohol or take drugs before or during an investigation

Make sure you follow the rules of the venue

Put some time in researching and educating yourself in the paranormal

The most important tip I can give you …… have fun! It doesn’t have to be all serious you are not in school. It is OK to have a laugh! In fact I always find when you are chatting and having a bit of fun things can start happening, almost as if they are trying to get your attention.

This is only scratching the surface so I want to hear what your top tips for investigating are!!

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  • Tom Miles 5 years ago

    Spare things I carry, just in case
    Black Tape (Repairing, securing, connecting, bandage material)
    Duct Tape (Repairing, securing, connecting)
    Zip Ties (A couple different lengths) (Repairing, securing, connecting)
    String or cord (Repairing, securing, connecting)
    Super Glue (Quick Repairs)
    Assortment of Batteries AAA, AA, 9v
    Battery Tester
    Spare Flash light or head lamp
    Chalk (for marking things)
    Several 1/4” nuts and washers (so you can attach things to tripods, like lights, voice recorders)
    Small pair of scissors (never know when you might need to cut something)
    Three Prong to Two Prong Adapter Plugs (Your in an old building, your electrical chords are three prong plugs and the building has two prong outlets)
    Screw driver with different tips (Repairs)
    Dust Masks (for extremely dirty areas of moldy areas)
    First Aid Kit (bandages, gauze and antibiotic cream)
    Tylenol (for those investigation when thing just don’t go as they should)
    Notebook and Pens
    Phone Numbers of local Law Enforcement

  • Starlena 5 years ago

    Would like this downloaded to my page...1st Capital GhostHunters & Paranormal Society