We develop and evolve - it is all a part of our journey

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I am not the same person I was all those years ago when I started, but it is all an important part of the journey. You may think differently to the past and may even think 'What the hell was I thinking?' but we have all been there and it is all about growth that comes with experience.

Here I am a few years ago on what was my very first paranormal investigation. Look at me with my temperature gun, slightly terrified. I think it is safe to say that a lot has changed since that day. I look back and I am definately not the same person I was back then. Quite a lot has changed. For one I never thought on that day that I would be here blogging about the paranormal and out there investigating every weekend. I had very little knowledge of the paranormal and over the next year of investigating, I actually refused to call myself an investigator because I felt like I didn't deserve the title.

Something has stuck in my mind over the last few months that I wanted to share. When I migrated all of my older articles over to the new website earlier this year, I put a question out on my facebook page. Some of the articles were a couple of years old and were written by a much less experienced investigator and you can see that in my viewpoint. My blog was always about my journey so I would present things as I discovered them, researched or experienced them. If there was a topic at the time relevant to me, I would write my view on the topic. The thing is that over time as with what happens with all of us, my view changed. Suddenly I found myself looking over 2 year old articles that I had written, that I no longer agreed with. My question to everyone was, do I delete them? Do I rewrite them? If they don't reflect me anymore, should I leave them up? The overwhelming answer I got from people with a lot more knowledge and experience than I will probably ever have was that it was important I leave them there. It after all reflected what I believed at that time and showed how I had grown. I could always include an update at the bottom of the article if I felt the need to reflect and update where I sat on the issue now. You see what I learnt is that everyone at one point, was in a similar situation. While they may not have had a blog they were writing, they too felt very differently about certain aspects and changed over time.

We all started somewhere. We were all once that daggy person in a red scarf holding a temp gun not knowing what we were doing cautiously optimistic that we were going to find some sort of proof that we were not alone. We are not perfect. We have done or said things that were not right. We have probably upset or offended someone along the way. We have probably said something really stupid that made people think 'really?'. We have all talked into the Ovilus thinking it will talk back to us ...... just me then? This is all good! Don't shy away from it. Own it and embrace it. We are all on a journey and like every journey, we develop, we learn, we grow and we evolve. I bet if you ask every investigator out there, they will have a story of something silly they did or some stupid mistake they made. At one point we all probably thought we found an orb too! Although what I find really interesting about the orb thing which I really want to share is, I came across an old facebook memory the other day. I had just booked my ticket for my first paranormal investigation. I was so far from where I am in knowing all the things I have learnt (especially about orbs) yet here I was commenting on my own post as a non investigator and my exact words were: 'look out I will soon be posting pictures of dust and passing them off as orbs'. I guess I was always a bit of an investigator at heart!

I want to leave with you something I actually heard at a concert I recently attended. The performer said I do this for the love and not the likes. Sure we all love the facebook likes, but it isn't why we do it. We do it because we love doing it and I can't agree with this enough. If I am going to be completely honest and you know me I always am, sometimes I do think oh this post should have more likes it was a good topic or how can I build my page to get more likes. The thing is though and you know this about me, I will never write something just to get some likes up. I would not be able to live with myself if I said or did something that wasn't true to me. I write what I am feeling in the moment and I am willing to cop the criticism that comes with that. I can't put something on the public forum and not expect people to have an opinion as it comes with the territory. The page doesn't have a very big following because of that honesty, but the following it does have is of like minded people who have a passion for the paranormal and these are the people I want next to me. Like me they have been out there, made mistakes, educated themselves and gone on their own journey. We have all been there and made our mistakes but we move forward together as friends on this crazy journey. Thankyou for being by my side and I look forward to making so many more silly mistakes and having opinions that in a year I will look back and say: 'WTF was I thinking???'

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