Why does the time always seem to be 11:11?

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You glance down at your watch, and there it is. The same time it always seems to be. For some people it is 11:11. For other people it is another time. What is the meaning behind this phenomena? Is it synchronicity or is it just a case of co-incidence?

The phenomena of people reporting always seeing the same time is reported all over the world. While in some cases it is 12:12 or 3:33 etc, the most commonly reported time is 11:11. There are a lot of different beliefs behind this phenomena so lets look at a few of them.


This concept was first brought to the limelight by an analytical psychologist by the name of Carl Jung. The concept was first coined in the 1920s, but it wasn't until the 1950's that he produced a paper "Synchronizität als ein Prinzip akausaler Zusammenhänge" (Synchronicity – An Acausal Connecting Principle) explaining this revelation. The concept is fairly simple and is best described in his own words.

Synchronicity: A meaningful coincidence of two or more events where something other than the probability of chance is involved.

Also described as a 'meaningful co incidence', Jung was a big believer in the paranormal. He felt that if there were two randomly connected events that had no casual relationship but this connection held some sort of significant meaning, he felt something else was at work and called this 'synchronicity'. It can be as simple as whenever you look at your watch in the morning you see the time 11:11. It could be sitting at a restaurant and hearing a conversation that gives you the answer to the inner question that has been on your mind. Most commonly people report thinking of a song in your head and then hearing it on the radio. Maybe you were just thinking of someone you haven't spoken to in some time and you run into them at the shops or they randomly call you on the phone. 'What are the odds?' you say? If you were to actually calculate the odds of these kind of events happening, you would think they would only occur once maybe twice in a lifetime. They happen quite a lot more than that. More than what odds could define. This is why it is thought to be a message from the universe that you are on the right path or open to spiritual guidance. I can't tell you what the message or significance is, as it is personalized to you.

Now it is important to remember that it is only synchronicity if you randomly look at your watch and always notice this time. Sitting with your phone at 11:10 to take a screenshot of it reaching 11:11 doesn't count.

11:11 the Angel number

Some believe that seeing 11:11 is a message from the angels (if you believe in them) or a message from spirit. It is in connection to the concept of ascension and 'spiritual awakening'. It is I am told their way of signaling to you that you are ready for spiritual growth. Other people believe it is a sign that you are ready for some sort of spirtual awakening.

Twin Flames

Some people believe that 11:11 is in relation to the 'Twin Flame' theory. A twin flame is not a soul mate. It is thought to be someone that is a mirror to yourself that you are destined to be connected with in some way. A twin flame relationship is usually quite heated and you will have on and off again periods because it is a mirror of yourself. So if you are stubborn, they will be too! In numerology, the number 11 is related to patience, sensitivity, intuition, spirituality, honesty and compassion. It is said that people that who are drawn to the number 11 operate on a higher frequency and are likely to be drawn to someone on the same level. If you start seeing the number 11:11, it is supposedly a message from the universe to start listening to your heart and to look at the synchronicities around you which will lead you to this person or give you guidance in terms of your relationship with this person.

Social Media

It has also become a popular trend on platforms such as FB, Instagram and Snap chat to take a screenshot of the time and send it to your friends or post in your story. They say you are supposed to make a wish or it is a sign that you are supposed to tell someone close to you that you love them. Quite a lot of people on social media use it to as a way to try and get their 'crush' to notice them.

Co incidence

Of course could it all just be a case of right place at the right time? If you fixate on a particular number, then logically you will notice it. An example of is this is that my husband many years ago when we were young people dating, was a drummer in an alternative rock band. In hindsight I can tell you that dating a drummer is a horrible idea because you end up having to help lug the drumkit in and out of venues. Dating a singer seems like a much easier option. Anyway his band was called 12:27. The name of this band was coined by some really bad 80's movies where a bunch of geeks all lost their virginity at a party at you guessed it 12:27am. The number 12:27 suddenly became significant and to this day every time he or I see the number 12:27 we contact each other. Is this the universe at work or is it just that we notice this time because it is significant to us. I am sure I have seen the time 11:11 many times, but it has never made me think twice. After writing this article, I am pretty sure that I will notice it more now. As humans we know that our brain looks for these kind of connections to make them significant or meaningful to us. It is ultimately how we interpret them which forms our beliefs.

I think I have covered a pretty broad view of the different beliefs surrounding 11:11, but believe it or not, there are a lot more out there. These are the most popular theories. It is something that is personal to each individual and what you believe. I do like to believe that we are destined for certain things and to meet certain people and that synchronicity does exist. I feel at times I am given signs that we are on the right path, but I also can't deny the importance of a co incidence when it comes to things like seeing a number. But that is just me. You will often hear me say though 'The world works in mysterious ways'. I believe I have people watching out for me. Do they deliver these messages through 11:11? The jury is still out as for me I have never really noticed this number. I feel if they are around or have a message for me, they will deliver it in a way that is significant to me. What do you think? Do you think the number 11:11 is significant?

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  • Sal 6 years ago

    I certainly don’t believe in coincidences. Everything that happens in our existence is supposed to happen for a reason. My synchronicity is number 22. I see it everywhere and I know it’s a message from the universe confirming I’m on the right path. I always see it when I need some sort of confirmation or encouragement. When I stop seeing it, things just seem to go wrong and I don’t feel like my usual self. As soon as I notice things improving in my life, the 22’s start popping up again. Sarah, you wrote this post on July 22! Thanks for confirming my belief in this amazing concept and form of spiritual communication. Sal

    • Lilly Jones 6 years ago

      Sal, That is interesting. I see 11.11 a lot also 12.12. i see these numbers almost daily

    • Living life In full spectrum 6 years ago

      Oh wow how is that for synchronicity!! Lol