A little bit of everything?

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The paranormal is so much more than just 'is it a ghost?'.  Let's start exploring more ideas because we just don't know where they might lead us.  You may just find the paranormal really is a little bit of everything.

While you may not necessarily see me talking on other pages in regards to theories etc, it doesn't mean that I don't take notice of some of the things people are writing about.  More than ever, I am seeing so many different ideas being put out there which I love.  There are some typical responses that I do often see that I personally find a little disappointing so I thought let's talk about it.  

It's been done before ...

One of the things I have been pushing back against through the years (as have other researchers) is the comments like "This is nothing new" accusing someone of not offering something that person didn't already know or that someone else hasn't already spoken about.  They may even quote someone who they believe first spoke about the topic or is well known for their research in that area.  I suppose the part of this that bothers me is that no one owns paranormal discussions.  Why can't we talk about something?  Say I decide to write about a certain topic.  Sure I may not be offering anything new to some people, but to others it is the first time they are reading about it.  Maybe it inspires them to research it further.  Is this not the whole point?  How as a paranormal field can we move if we are still stuck with the same ideas from the past.  By discussing them we evolve them and ourselves.  There is no room when it comes to gatekeeping certain topics.  The whole point about paranormal research is to discuss it.  So beyond sharing our experiences, we should be able to share our thoughts on theories be they new or old.  While it may not be new to you, someone out there is still discovering it for the first time.

So you are saying ghosts don't exist?

First of all, for the one-millionth time, I am not a skeptic.  I very much believe in paranormal phenomena.  I just don't believe that it is paranormal all the time and that a lot of elements of it are 'normal'.  The phenomena is out there, but I can't say I know what causes it.  Is it a ghost, is it us, is it in our heads, is it aliens, is it us from the future what is it?  No one can ever tell you with certainty because the simple fact is that nothing is known for sure.  What people do know is based on their own experiences and beliefs.  We all have a certain amount of bias.  No matter who you are, you have it.  This bias leans heavily into how to perceive the world around us, including the paranormal.  So if I write an article for example about pareidolia, something most of you are familiar with (where we see faces in shapes that aren't really there), I am not saying that you didn't have a paranormal experience or that everything is caused by hallucinations.  I am simply saying this is a possibility.  What we need to do as a field is to expand our minds.  It is not just a black or white line of is it a ghost or not.  There is a whole grey area of other potential explanations.  Maybe they all fit in together.  It might be one, it might be another, it might a bit of this and a bit of that.  What if it is not just one thing, but a whole bunch of things tied together that cause us to experience paranormal phenomena in the first place?  This leads us back into talking about paranormal topics even those spoken about several times before.  Sometimes a new set of eyes or a new perspective can spark a whole new area of research.

It's personal

For each and every person out there, the paranormal is personal.  What I think or experience is unique in a certain way to me.  I can't tell you if what you experienced was paranormal because it is not my place to.  It means however that we also need to try not to get personally offended if someone says something that goes against what we believe or what we have experienced.  It is not a personal attack on you for someone to say "I think it caused by this ......".  We need to get past pettiness and be able to have thought-provoking and educated discussions or we are never going to get anywhere as a paranormal field.  There is SO much drama in the paranormal field and honestly, I am not here for any of it.  There is a reason I keep very much to myself.  It is not to be rude, it is because I am focused on my own research.  For me the research is personal and what I want to do.  I share a lot of it and there are things I have written or researched that are never going to see the public forum for a range of reasons.  The main reason is that it is my own personal pursuit.  The thing is at the end of the day we are all researching or investigating the paranormal for our own reasons.  They are all personal to each and every person.  Let's focus on that and not the drama, trust me you will be so much happier.

Remember the paranormal is so much more than just 'is it a ghost?'.  Let's start exploring more ideas because we just don't know where they might lead us.  You may just find the paranormal really is a little bit of everything.

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