Activity occurs any time of day (even when the sun is out!)

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While as investigators we investigate at night for a variety of reasons, phenomena is reported to occur at all times of day. If you are investigating the paranormal, there is also no rule you have to turn the lights off.

One general trend we paranormal investigators tend to do is conduct our paranormal investigations at night. From the availability of the property, avoiding the general public, having day jobs and the fact that it is just spookier to investigate at night there are many reasons why we do it. It doesn't however mean that you cannot investigate during the day, which is something I actually encourage. The fact of the matter is that you can investigate at any time of day because supposed activity can occur at any time of day. If spirits exist as a form of residual energy or even intelligent energy as a living soul who has passed, they probably won't wait for the sun to go down and sit by looking at their invisible watches saying 'Sorry Walter it's still another few minutes until the witching hour'. How many people report a visitation or sighting of a family member during the day? For some reason, I hear through paranormal circles for example that the most active time of night is 3 am. It is called the 'witching hour or dead time'. In my personal experience, during an all-night lockdown, after about 1 am nothing has happened (and I have done my fair share) so for me personally this theory doesn't ring true. I also have to ask - is this 3 am daylight savings time? What happens when the time goes forward or back an hour? Do the spirits adjust their watches? While I am clearly being sarcastic, I am guessing you are probably getting my point. The actual time doesn't make a difference. What is time anyway? That is something I will cover in another post.

A lot of witness accounts have happened during the day

Let's look at it from another perspective. When you interview people about their ghostly tales, people that are visiting or work at historical locations, sometimes claim to have seen a full-bodied apparition. In the interviews I have conducted at properties, this is the number 1 experience-reported - full-bodied apparitions dressed in period clothing. Usually, it is during the day because that is when the place is open and when they are working there. Remember a lot of historical locations are completely closed at night, so it would make sense that reported activity in these locations occur during the day. After speaking with several volunteers at National Trust properties here in Victoria, there have been numerous sightings and things happening during the day that the volunteers have witnessed and experienced. They have seen the full-bodied apparitions, doors opening and even heard a groan. One of the famous stories the volunteers at Black Rock House will tell is you that of a council worker who was sitting at a table in the dining room filling out some paperwork. He looked up to see a female standing there dressed in period clothing who then vanished. Startled he practically ran out of the building. Guess what? It was smack bang in the middle of the day.

I myself have had experiences during the day. Over a year ago we had a film crew out at Black Rock House who were looking to film a pilot documentary. I was showing the host around and explaining all of the areas where we have had activity. I walked into Annie's room. This is what people to consider to be one of the most active rooms in terms of activity at Black Rock House and sometimes I am physically affected by this room. Whether it is something natural effecting me or something else I am unsure, but on this particular day some strange things happened. I walked into the room and felt very ill. I felt anxious and tingly which is usually my body's response to being around some sort of energy. I became very cloudy and confused. I was trying to talk and I couldn't. I had 5 people looking at me thinking 'what the hell is this chick's problem'. I had to leave the room. I went straight to Glenn and I said you need to go into Annie's room now something is up so he grabbed his arsenal of equipment and went in there. Everything was going absolute crazy. There were 'sensitive' people and mediums there on the day who were also claiming there was a lot of things going on at that time. Again this was probably 1pm in the afternoon.

Why do we have to keep the lights turned on at night?

I can go through so many more different experiences I have had during the day. There is no reason why you cannot investigate during the day. The same can be said for investigating with the lights on. Why do the lights have to be turned off? They don't! Sure during a public investigation it makes things a bit spookier but you can still get activity with the lights on. Investigating is investigating. In fact by turning the lights on, you are taking away the element of fear and perhaps you might even have a more rational based investigation as you are not fuelled with fear by sitting in a pitch black room. It means your mind can't play as many tricks on you. When you are in a dark area, your brain tries to adjust. You can mistake a shadow as a shadow person or you can interpret a change in lighting or shading as something else. By turning the lights on, you are removing these possibilities. Having a light on should not affect any paranormal phenomena - if it is going to occur, it will happen with the lights on and off.

Sometimes the only way to investigate some properties is during the day

A lot of properties will not let investigators in to do investigations. A day time investigation may be the only way you can experience a place. If you go at opening or right before closing, you won't have a lot of the general public to worry about. Find yourself a quiet spot and try a 5 minute EVP session. Learn some of the history and just walk around and see what you feel. Sure it may not be a proper controlled investigation but it is better than nothing and again it may be the only way you can experience this property. There are some elements that you cannot control but as long as you keep this in mind and are aware of what can contaminate your investigation, there is no reason why you cannot do it. Just don't be that person that walks in with cases of equipment it is not the time or place for that. Take a little backpack wtith your essentials. It is all you need. Just remember, that you are not really going to be able to properly collect data in a short span of time, again it is just to experience the property itself. You can talk to the guides and ask them questions. They usually have an experience or two they can share with you and then you can go and investigate the claim. Maybe you can help debunk the experience?

So next time you have the opportunity to do a day time investigation, don't turn your nose up on it, embrace it. Be aware of your surroundings and if you are good investigator, you will take all of the interfering factors into account. It can be just as enjoyable. If you are doing one at night, don't be afraid to turn the lights on.

So I want to hear from you! What has been your daytime paranormal experiences? Tell me in the comments below!

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