Are we the key to communication?

18th May 2020. Reading Time: 5 minutes General, Paranormal Theories. 1031 page views. 0 comments.

Psychic projection works on the concept that we can 'create a ghost' with our mind, while spirit communication works on the basis we are communicating with a person who was once living. What if one cannot work without the other?

I was recently typing away on a completely different subject when I had what you would call a bit of a light bulb moment and I had to come here and share my thoughts.  It is nothing groundbreaking and probably many of you may already believe or think this way, but it was a little bit of a revelation for me so I wanted to share.

If you read the blog often, you will know that I am quite a rational person with a touch a spirituality and an interest in parapsychology.  It is an interesting mix but one I enjoy because I go into things with a level head while being opened minded to the many possibilities.  I was reading through some of my older articles on psychic projection.  I love reading through my old thoughts because they are always evolving and changing.   I often use Black Rock House which is a location I run paranormal tours from, as an example to get my point across when it comes to psychic projection. We take our guests into a room and explain that this is Annie's room and that she was around 56 years old and passed away in her sleep. She was a servant and liked to cook bread etc. I have a room of people now focused on her story. We start asking questions like ‘Annie did you bake some bread today?’ Is the activity that follows happening because Annie is in the room trying to communicate with us, or is it because we are so focused on her story that we are unknowingly making it happen?  You have probably heard me say this hundreds of times and you know what?  It still really fascinates me.  I have seen some people do what seem to be amazing things when it comes to psychic projection that has made me believe that it is indeed possible.   I never really took my ideas with this any further and never questioned why .... I had always been more concerned with the how.  The how is what I often theorize is related to the pineal gland.  If you would like to read my thoughts, you can check out this article:

The thing is if the pineal gland is the way we are able to psychically project, why are we doing it - especially if we are not aware?  In 1972, the Philip Experiment was conducted where a group of parapsychologists met on a weekly basis for over a year with the thought that just by focusing on pictures and a story about a made-up 'ghost', that you could manifest this ghost just with a group of people focusing on this information.  While they felt it was a success, a key point here is that they were knowingly and willing to try to do it.  In many psychic projection theories, the people are said to be doing it unknowingly.  Well, this is what I thought anyway until I decided to approach it from a different angle.

What if we actually need the spirit which many believe is a soul or consciousness of a person who was once living to implant the idea or answer?  Maybe when these things happen it is a combination of spiritual influence and psychic projection.  A lot of people believe that when you think of a loved one that you are thinking about them for a reason.  It is because they are with you.  What if their influence over you is the first part and you are the second piece of the puzzle.  It may not be as simple as them being able to just leave their voice on tape or make a device light up.  Maybe they are giving you the information and it is you that is somehow making the words appear on tape or the device light up.  Sometimes people hear things differently.  While we attribute this to pareidolia, what if we were meant to hear it that way?  What if the way we hear it is part of the influence of the spirit?

If I go back to my little Annie story, we are in her room and we start asking questions like ‘Annie did you bake some bread today?’ Most people are probably thinking 'yes’ in their head because they want to get the answer to be it in EVP or on a piece of equipment.  If the word ‘yes’ does come through on whatever method you are using to communicate, is it Annie responding or it is our collective thought?  Many mediums often will answer the questions we ask during tours as they are receiving the answers in their head.  By them receiving the answer in their head, given they already have a form of psychical ability, are they then able to project that thought onto tape or make a device respond?  Many people say that we are all capable of psychical ability, some are just more tuned into it than others.  When we have these thoughts or answers in our heads, I know I often think it is just my brain anticipating or wanting an answer.  Maybe it isn't.  Maybe it is some sort of spiritual influence?  Is Annie the one who is indeed answering and we are hearing her in our mind, but it is us that is projecting the response onto equipment?  

We say that spirits need to use our energy to be able to communicate, what if they need our mind?  I have always said that I don't think there is one set explanation for all paranormal phenomena.  I think that would be naive.  I do think it is a combination of things but when I thought that way, I didn't necessarily think of it as working together in the way I mentioned above.  Maybe there is something to it, or maybe I have just been stuck at home too long but I think it is a concept I know I will be exploring more.  What do you think?  Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!

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