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We talk about communicating in languages specific to a time or place to increase our chances of communication. What about using the universal language .... Math. Could this work in spirit communication?

I have previously talked about communicating on paranormal investigations using languages other than English. If a spirit is in fact the soul of a person who once lived, does it mean that if they only spoke Spanish in life that Spanish is the only language they understand in death? We ask them how they see us and the answer is usually light or energy. Does that mean that it doesn’t matter what language we speak that they will understand it? If you want to read on further check out: Should we be trying to communicate in languages other than English

While to me it makes a lot of sense to try and communicate in different languages, it is maybe narrow-minded. It is working only on the presumption that a spirit was once a living person. We quite honestly don’t know what a spirit is. There are theories from them being a manifestation of the mind, beings from another dimension, it could be us from a parallel universe or it could be our imagination and so much more. It is something we just don’t know. With this in mind, maybe we need to try new things. Maybe we should be trying to communicate in what is considered the ‘universal language’. Maybe we should be trying to communicate using math.

Quite often, people with an interest in ET’s (aliens for a better word) turn to math for communication. It is universal in not only every country but also every planet. While I don’t necessarily think spirits are beings from another dimension or planet, some people do. I do believe there is life out there, I mean given the size of the galaxy it is pretty naïve of us to think that we are potentially the only life form, but I don’t necessarily think that is what I am dealing with in a haunting. The concept though of using math makes sense and is worth looking at. Straight away you are breaking away any sort of language barrier. While yes it makes sense to try and communicate in different languages, it can be hard to establish which language to use. Language has evolved over the centuries and so has the dialect. Even the way people spoke in the 1800s differs quite a lot from today. I don’t think words like ‘savage’, ‘lit’ and ‘legit’ were part of everyday language. You might as well be speaking Spanish because they are not going to know what you are talking about. While the words we use and the way we talk have changed significantly over time, numbers haven’t.  

Some people have mentioned to me before when I have spoken of this that children or people who were illiterate wouldn't understand math so it wouldn't work.  This again though is working on that presumption that what you are communicating with was once a living person that has the same knowledge and traits they had when they were still alive.  If we do somehow live on, many believe that you gain knowledge of the universe or the cosmos.  You are essentially shedding your physically incapabilities and maybe you shed your mental ones as well?  What if though this is not what you are communicating with?  We have to entertain that spirits are not what we think they are.  From forms of psychic projection to ETs or even types of higher beings or us from the future, it could be a multitude of things.  The one thing that stays the same across the board however, is math. 

The challenge of course lies in how exactly you would communicate in this mathematical language. Do you write it on a piece of paper or do you call out numbers or equations remembering however that numbers are pronounced differently in each language (kind of defeating the purpose).  I think of the movie close encounters of the third kind where they use light sequences.  Then you have the movie Contact where a message was transmitted through a type of morse code.  I am not going to give everything away it is up to you to work out but I do have a few ideas on how this could work. Some of it you may actually already do on investigations. Think of when we knock 3 times and we expect to receive 3 knocks in response. This is a very simple start and something that could be expanded on.

Tell me some of your ideas on how this could work. Maybe you don't think it could work. Tell me why you don't think it could. Put that paranormal thinking cap on.

It doesn’t matter where in the world or galaxy you are, or even what year it is. The simple fact is 2+2 will always equal 4.

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