Could binaural beats help us unlock our consciousness?

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Binaural beats potentially help a person to induce a meditative state. While used as therapy for a form of soundwave healing, could binaural beats help a person to potentially unlock their consciousness? What if we incorporated binaural beats into our Ganzfeld experiments? Could it help us unlock potential psi abilities?

If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

Nikola Tesla

We know that frequency plays some sort of part in the paranormal. EVP relies on certain frequencies. Infrasound which is low-level frequency noise can not only make us feel like we are experiencing something paranormal, some believe it can help unlock some sort of residual energy. Energy and frequency are all around us. Consciousness is defined as being aware. There is a long debate over what happens to us when we die. While our physical body dies, many believe that our consciousness lives on. When we are communicated with what we believe to be spirits, it is possible we are communicating with some kind of consciousness. What if the person was actually still alive? Mysticism teaches that this is possible. Astral travel suggests that is possible. Is our consciousness limited to our physical body? Then of course there are the abilities that many suggest we all have within us. Potentially we could all be capable of having some sort of psychical ability, we just need to learn how to tap into it. For many people, they use meditation to help unlock certain areas of capabilities within our consciousness. What impact does frequency have in this process? Could binaural beats be of use?

What are binaural beats?

You may have heard of soundwave therapy. Binaural beats are a form of soundwave therapy. The right and left ears listen to two slightly different frequency tones, however, they perceive the tone to be the same. The frequency needs to be lower than 1000kz for the brain to be able to detect it. As an example, the left ear may register a tone of 200hz, while the right ear has a tone of 210hz. It supposedly produces an effect similar to meditation. Studies show that when hooked up to an EEG that records a person's brain activity show that there is an effect on a person's body. This effect varied depending on the frequency pattern used. Researchers have categorized this into 4 areas:

  • Delta patterns: Binaural beats in the delta pattern are set at a frequency of between 0.1 and 4 Hz, which is associated with dreamless sleep.
  • Theta patterns: Binaural beats in the theta pattern are set at a frequency of between 4 and 8 Hz, which is associated with sleep in the rapid eye movement or REM phase, meditation, and creativity.
  • Alpha pattern: Binaural beats in the alpha pattern are set at a frequency of between 8 and 13 Hz, which may encourage relaxation.
  • Beta pattern: Binaural beats in the beta pattern are set at a frequency of between 14 Hz and 100 Hz, which may help promote concentration and alertness. However, this frequency can also increase anxiety at the higher end of the frequency range.

This is considered to be a great tool for healing and for those who have trouble focusing when trying to meditate.

Image Source: Healthline

How could we use binaural beats for our research?

People often talk about entering a meditative state to connect with their third eye or even to connect with spirits or some sort of other consciousness. Not everyone is able to achieve a meditative state. Perhaps this could in fact help a person enter this state. I know for example that I cannot meditate because my brain cannot relax or focus long enough to do so. I also had another thought.

A common experiment that many investigators use in the paranormal field is the ganzfeld experiment. Ganzfeld is coined from the term ‘total field or whole field’. Ganzfeld is German for ‘complete field’. In the mid-1970s, parapsychologists began designing mental telepathy experiments as they thought it would scientifically prove the existence of telepathy and clairvoyance. It was in particular focused on the assumption that a person could mentally transmit an image to another person. It was based on the studies of German psychologist Wolfgang Metzger who in the 1920s and 1930s found through his experiments that when subjects focused on a particular field of vision that was plain with no features, that they would start to hallucinate and see images that were not there and their brain activity also changed during this time. It works on the assumption that psi abilities are perhaps blocked by an outside influence, in this case, our surroundings are both sound and visual. Was it just the brain hallucinating or was it allowing the psi abilities to present themselves in the form of visions?

What if we were to incorporate binaural beats into this experiment? Could it enhance our chances of unlocking our abilities? What about any sort of activity where we use white noise. People use white noise against their recordings to help their EVP sessions. What if binaural beats were incorporated into this noise? Would this have any effect?

I of course don't know the answer to any of these questions. I am simply asking a question and I am going to look into this further. I might find something or it could all be a waste of time but it is worth trying! So I want to hear from you! Have you used binaural beats? Do they help you enter a meditative state? Does it help you tap into your abilities? Do you think there is something to it or is it all nonsense?

It is important to understand that binaural beats can have an effect on the human body and are not recommended to people that have neurological or cardiac issues. A risk of using binaural beats is that if you are epileptic or prone to seizure, using binaural beats is discouraged.

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