Day investigation of Point Nepean Quarantine station ... the struggle was real

6th January 2016. Reading Time: 5 minutes General, Paranormal Locations, Paranormal Investigation. 2620 page views. 4 comments.

The Quarantine station at Point Nepean is a popular location for enthusiasts in south east Melbourne. The only problem is, you can only access it during the day. So that is what we did!

My brother and I have been keen machines and very eager to get in and do a daytime investigation of the buildings in the Quarantine Station at Point Nepean. Mainly because these buildings are not accessible at night time, so the only way you can investigate them is to suck it up and do it during the day. We had our whole day mapped out – we would catch a bus up to the forts, I could complete my photography assignment, catch the bus back and do an investigation at the hospital at the last part of the day just before it closes so that there is less of a chance of people hanging around. As always, it did not goto plan.

To start of the day, on my way to pick up my brother, I was in a little bit of a car bingle that was completely my fault and I was really upset. No one was hurt and it was something very very small which is great but lets face it, it still sucks and I was going to have to work out where to pull out $625 for my insurance excess straight after Christmas and also pay school fees and uniform for my son starting school in a few weeks. I was stressed and upset and we basically cancelled the whole day. I sorted out my insurance stuff and my dad urged me to still go. Why waste the whole day moping? He was totally right! So off we went.

We changed the plans up a bit and decided not to go up to the forts and just concentrate on the quarantine station area and maybe a stroll up to cemetery. I would also be able to take some photos while we were there and finish my photography assignment.

The first building we tackled was the old armoury. This was a cute little building and it was perfect for a

Glenn Paranormal Investigator in the armoury at Point Nepean Quarantine Station

Glenn Paranormal Investigator in the armoury at Point Nepean Quarantine Station

spooky shoot. Nothing paranormal was really going on here but it was run down and perfect for some photos.

After I got that out of the way, we headed into the hospital. It was a beautiful warm day of around 27 degrees. Clear skies, on the school holidays at a park which is waterfront. You do the math ….. it was freaking packed! We did a quick walk around of the hospital area. There were people coming in an out and sound was travelling all over the place. You can hear people upstairs, downstairs, outside and well anywhere and everywhere basically. It meant EVPs were pretty

Quarantine Station luggage transport

Quarantine Station luggage transport

much out because there was too much contamination. We had an ovilus device with us and made extra special care when looking at responses noting that there would be a lot of interference from everyone’s devices so any response we got would have to be a pretty convincing direct response. Even then I probably would have questioned it. Besides this we could only use ourselves (and of course my camera).


Luggage display at Quarantine Station

I took a few shots and nothing out of the ordinary to report. I also had to be careful because people were popping up all over the place so if someone walked into my shot, I deleted the photo so that there was no confusion later on when I was going through the photos. The energy in the hospital was very heavy and tight. It was confined to one particular area of the upstairs area. We both felt heavy and both experiences tightness in the chest. Of course however it was a musty old building that smelt and never has windows open or aired out so we attributed a lot of our physical symptoms to this. We asked some questions and walked around, but it was getting too busy.

We took a break and went for a walk around the quarantine station itself and soaked up in the history all of these buildings had to offer. We also worked out a bit of a plan for when we come back again at night. Although we can’t investigate inside the buildings, we can still walk the grounds as they are open to the public 24/7 and we can still try to investigate outside the buildings! You gotta work with what you can in this game!


Gorgeous tree lined path from quarantine station. This can be very creepy at night!

We then walked up the cemetery whilst being attacked but lots of bugs and almost being bowled over by countless people on bikes. We noticed they are currently renovating the cemetery and adding more headstones. As they are finding out more information about the people who have been been buried, more and more headstones are being erected. There are over 200 bodies buried there who died from illness at the quarantine station and up until recently, they only had 6 graves and one family plot. Very sad but it was nice to see that these people will finally be recognised.

By this stage, I was hot and frustrated so we decided to make one more last ditched effort to do the hospital again. It was busier than before! We didn’t last long. We did a couple of walk throughs and attempted to ask some questions but there were kids running around

Bathroom in Quarantine Station hospital. This smelt really really bad!

Bathroom in Quarantine Station hospital. This smelt really really bad!

everywhere. We called it a day and went to leave. Of course with me when it rains it pours and on the way out I noticed I didn’t have the lens cap to my camera (my brand new camera I got for Christmas). Again I was really upset and frustrated with myself until my brother pointed out I probably left it on the floor in the armoury. I love my brother …. only sometimes but this was one of those times because he was right!

Summing up, day investigations are absolutely possible ….. just not on a hot sunny day near a beach on the school holidays. You need to pick and choose your time and place and most of all you need patience. The P word is something I am working on. On the plus side I finished my assignment and we have a good plan in place to investigate again. Now I just have to get up to the forts again!!!!!!! If only you didn’t have to walk so far

We filmed our time at the point nepean quarantine station and a vlog of the day will be coming at you really soon!

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  • Mike 5 years ago

    As soon as I hit the top of the stairs inside the hospital building.. also 3 year old granddaughter started singing ring a ring o Rosie’s as we were leaving

    • Mel Wallis 5 years ago

      Myself , partner , mother in law and 3 year old and 7 year old went into the hospital today , the three year old looks up at us upstairs in the hospital and says there’s a ghost in the broken room ... remembering a room with a hole in the room , I said to the 3 year old there’s no ghosts , don’t worry , and she’s like yes , yes there is , we were the only ppl in that building and as she said what she said , there was knocking and it was coming from the room with the hole in the wall , we all left feeling very freaked out. I also felt extreme heaviness and almost a suffocating feeling in the disinfecting room.

  • Mike 5 years ago

    As soon as I hit the top of the stairs inside the hospital building.. also 3 year old granddaughter started singing ring a ring o Rosie’s as we were leaving

  • Jaime reading 5 years ago

    I've visited the quarantine station twice with my family in the past few years. On both visits my teenaged daughter and I both felt extremely nauseous in the disinfecting building. We felt uneasy when wandering through the hospital too. But the disinfecting building was far more intense for the both of us.
    After our second excursion to the station, my daughter and I have decided not to return again.