Don't knock it till you try it!

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Do you quite often form an opinion about equipment or technique without actually trying it? Yep me too ... guilty as charged. Here is why though, we shouldn't knock it until we actually try it!

As a human race, we are fairly judgemental people. Whether we will admit it or not, we all do it. While some people are very vocal with their opinions (particularly online in social media), others quietly judge. We judge people's life choices, parenting techniques, differences of opinion, circle of friends and all the way down to what they are wearing. It is what we as human's do. It is no surprise then that the paranormal field is quite judgemental. We may not say it out loud, but we may not like the way a group approaches things or may be a little judgemental on their investigating techniques if they are different to our own. Equipment is also a pretty controversial topic. These are all very valid feelings BUT, we shouldn't be so judgemental or quick to form an opinion until we have actually tried it ourselves.

Being a person that runs public paranormal investigations, we have pretty much almost every piece of equipment in our arsenal. Everything that people hear about or see on TV, we have it. Does this mean that we think it is the bees knees? Not at all. There are some pieces of equipment we have that I hate and I won't even use. How did I form my opinion? I tested it. I tested it out in the field on actual paranormal investigations. I will explain to someone how it works and why I don't trust it. At the end of the day, it is up to them to form their own opinion. Do I judge them if they love it? Well maybe a little bit but I know they would think the same about me with the way I do things. I have to remember there is not just one way to do things. While the way I do things works for me, it may not work for you.

If you have an opinion on a piece of equipment for example, that is great but make sure it is an informed one. Have you tested it? Have you tested it out on the field - not just in your lounge room? Do you understand properly how it works? I will be the first to admit here that in the past I have used a piece of equipment not fully understanding or knowing what it should be doing. I walk away thinking it is rubbish. When someone actually showed me how to use it properly and explained how it worked, my opinion changed. It is funny how in a field where we encourage people to be open minded that we can sometimes be so closed minded about certain things. All I am saying is hey don't knock it till you try it! You never know!

Wouldn't it be boring if we all thought exactly the same and used the same equipment and investigated in exactly the same way? Us doing things differently and challenging each other is what makes us great investigators. The next time you see someone doing something in a certain way or using a piece of equipment you are not fond of, ask them about it. Ask them for their reasons and findings. Why do they like using it. Instead of being quick to tell them why they shouldn't be using it, listen to what they have to say. I always say we don't have to agree on things, but a mutual respect that we are all looking for the same thing and acknowledging that we can do things differently and get along. You may not agree with their technique, but you might understand why they are doing it and then the respect comes in.

I feel like investigators tend to have a reputation for bitchiness and drama. Don't get me wrong, I have encountered my fair share of drama and bitchiness. I have also found quite a lot of supportive people who love the paranormal as much as I do and just want to go out there and do things. We do things differently and sometimes they use equipment or a technique that I don't believe in or agree with but it doesn't change my opinion of them. We are all different and this is what makes our field awesome.

So the next time we secretly judge someone, this is something to take into account ....

Sorry I couldn't resist ... I love a good meme!!

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