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Walking barefoot gives us a natural connection to the Earth's energy with health and spiritual benefits. Here is all you need to know about Earthing

One of my favourite things to do is to walk barefoot on the beach. I feel the grains of the sands between my toes. I feel the water wash over my feet. It is refreshing, it is revitalizing and I feel fantastic after. It comes as no surprise to me that there is really something to walking barefoot. It is called ‘Earthing’

What is Earthing?

The Earth itself gives off its own natural energy. By walking barefoot just like our ancestors did in ancient times, we are connecting with the Earth’s natural energy. When your skin comes in contact with the Earth itself such as by walking barefoot on grass, sand, dirt, or rock, free electrons from the Earth are transferred into your body. The way in which this works is that the Earth can be viewed as a conductor. Our bodies are made up of mostly water and minerals. This makes our bodies great conductors of the electrons that the Earth gives off naturally, we just need a way to channel this energy. The best way to do this is exposed skin touching the Earth's surface - aka barefoot.

What are the physical benefits of Earthing?

The human heart, brain, and nervous system are all mini electrical systems within our body. The Earth’s surface produces a negative charge and so when we connect with it, the electrons that we channel through our body restore our electrical stability and help our bodies to self regulate and heal. Studies have shown it can reduce inflammation, chronic pain, help with stress and anxiety, improve energy levels, and aiding recovery and healing.

Why is Earthing important?

Firstly, it gets us outside. Vitamin D is a natural supplement provided to us from the sun. Most of us are vitamin D deficient because we are spending too much time inside. We are in a modern society where we are very technologically switched on. We are surrounded by electrical devices, wifi, microwave frequencies, and mobile phone signals. This can all have an effect on us physically. We are not sure to the extent but there is no denying that it all can’t be great for our bodies. By getting outside, switching off, mentally you will benefit straight away. You are also getting out in the sun with some much-needed vitamin D shining down on you. By added Earthing and going barefoot, you are connecting with the earth. All of these electronic devices that we surround ourselves with give a constant positive charge. By going barefoot and connecting with the earth, we are channeling the Earth’s natural electrons which emit a negative charge which will restore the balance in our bodies.

How is Earthing related to the Paranormal?

You will hear the term ‘Grounding’ a lot when working in the paranormal field. A lot of people that work in the paranormal field use grounding to help them spiritually. By not only connecting with the Earth physically, people also use visualization techniques to help them spiritually connect to the Earth. Everyone has different ways in which they visualize and connect. In doing this they feel that it helps with any negative energies that they may have come in contact with during a paranormal investigation or when working with spirit. A lot of people feel it can help them shake off a bad experience, preventing spiritual attachment and stopping a spirit following them home amongst other things.

Regardless of if you use Earthing for personal everyday reasons through to paranormal investigating, a connection to the Earth is one of the most natural and best things we can do for our bodies. So next time you are outside, take off your shoes, enjoy the sunshine, switch off your phone and reconnect with the Earth. I am sure you have a lot to catch up on.

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