Haunted Magazine Issue 37

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Haunted Magazine Issue 37 is now available for Pre Order Worldwide

Pre Orders are now open for Issue 37 of Haunted Magazine.  Stock is due to arrive in Australia around Early - Mid March.

LLIFS is the Australian stockist meaning you can get your order at the same time as the rest of the World.  In fact, in the last issue, Australian customers received their pre-orders BEFORE people in the US and even some in the UK!  It also means you don't have to pay large amounts in shipping costs.  Enjoy this award-winning indie UK-published magazine with writers from all over the World, including LLIFS!

To order Issue 37 in Australia, complete your order via the Stripe or Paypal buttons below.   Pay with Stripe offers fast checkout options and is compatible with phones with apple pay.

All issues are $19.99 and this INCLUDES the cost of postage.  (It costs $5.50 to post each issue via Australia Post).

Want to check out faster?  Pay directly with STRIPE checkout


You can also pay via Paypal!  Send payment of $19.99 to the below Paypal link and don't forget to put the Issue number and your address so I know where to send it!

** Please make sure when using Paypal to include the Issue number and your address in the comments to avoid delays.  

If you are in another country, head to bit.ly/hauntedmagazine and select your country

If you are interested in advertising in Haunted Magazine or becoming a stockist, please contact me as we really want to grow the readership of Haunted Magazine here in Australia. 

Thankyou for your support and stay spooky!

Sarah Chumacero

LLIFS - Paranormal Blog (Haunted Magazine Stockist)

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