Haunted Magazine Issue 38 Sneak Peek

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A sneak peek at some of the features in the upcoming issue of Haunted Magazine out June 6th!

Haunted Magazine Issue 38 is now open Worldwide for Pre Order.  It is out in selected retailers in the UK from June 6th and also available from stockists Worldwide.  Head to bit.ly/hauntedmagazine and select your country to order from your local stockist.

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Here is a sneak peek of some of the amazing features

Our very own wizardess of Oz, Sarah Chumacero @SarahLLIFS, writes about the mysteries of the Bass Strait Triangle. Is there something going on, or is it just one of those tings [yes, I said tings]

Timeslips, slips in time, glitches in the matrix, call them what you will, but we love hearing about them, and when it's a personal experience from one of our writers, Eli @TLMythstorian, it's even better.

Can paranormal popularity be a blessing or a curse? Ashley Knibb [@ashleyknibb] wonders if there is a price to pay for being popular & if fame can lead to blame, and if might lead to a massive momentum shift in the way we view paranormal entertainment shows. 

Borley Rectory, those two words should be familiar to most who have an interest in the paranormal, but why are we so obsessed with it? Why do we still talk about it? It divided opinion then, and it continues to do so despite the fact there's nothing left of it now. Richard Sugg @DrSugg tries to understand why and make some sense of it all in a brilliant article. 

Sound the trumpets. Here's another fascinating Dr Kate Cherrell [@KateCherrell] article on a spiritualist medium who interacted with the spirit of Julius Caesar, Dr Crippen & King Henry VIII, amongst others [or did he?].  

The paranormal can throw up many versions and many connotations of what actually happened, but do facts sometimes get in the way of a good story? Amanda @SpookEats takes on the amazing story of Bathsheba and conjures up and ponders if history and Hollywood are sometimes at loggerheads with each other.

Ghosts, Cryptids, UFOs and Aliens!! It's all going down in Arizona's Tonto National Forest, says Molly Briggs. Read all about it in 

The coaching inn provided a welcome break for weary travellers in between their long journeys back in the day, but was something more sinister afoot, and have some of these travellers of the past not yet checked out? Lorien @alehousehaunts understands and delivers the history of the coaching inn [some of which are still in use today]. 

Stacey Ryall takes a look into the ghosts of the Holy Cross Convent in Victoria, Australia, now a popular art gallery. Stacey paints a picture of a popular location with a dark, eerie and spooky past.

Are apparitions ghosts, or are they something else? The debate starts here [if it hasn't started already] in the next issue of Haunted Magazine. This is an interesting insight from retired clinical psychologist Dr Peter McCue.

A fantastic feast of a feature from @g0blinegg in the next issue of Haunted Magazine. 

Sam Baltrusis [@SamBaltrusis] and the hauntings of @HellhouseLLC. What happens when the haunted attraction attracts the haunted?

In an exclusive interview, Kate Ray @kateHareGirlray chats to Lionel Fanthorpe about his long and varied career in the supernatural, the paranormal, the ethereal, the meaning of life and much more besides.

DETECTING THE PARANORMAL: Are paranormal investigators more like paranormal detectives? How important is it to record & document each & every paranormal investigation you undertake? 

The Phantom Detectives @PDLLC2020 sent us their case notes from an investigation which made us wonder, and whilst we know there's no paranormal rulebook or standard template document to fill in,  is it important to log dates, times, attendees, gadgets used, incidents and anything untoward that happened [no matter how small or insignificant it might be]?

Experiencing dream-like visions? Feel like you are hallucinating? Seeing odd things? Seeing fantastic things? Experiencing showmanship and science, horror and mysticism? Don't worry; you've probably just time slipped & ended up in one of Robertson's Phantasmagoria shows. Jessica Cale [@DrtySexyHistory] tells you all you need to know about it. 

When Ryleigh Black got invited to a ghost hunt at Slater/Wilkinson Mills in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, it promised to be a fun & interesting evening, but it didn't turn out that way, and things got nasty, really nasty. 

A penny for your thoughts when the mystery of the paranormal and the history of a location collide, but not in the way that it was expected to do so. Penny Griffiths-Morgan @PGMorg writes about the time she went on a ghost hunt at Colchester Castle, and it all went a bit weirder than normal.

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