Haunted Magazine Issue 40 Sneak Peek

30th November 2023. Reading Time: 4 minutes General. 581 page views. 0 comments.

A sneak peek at some of the features you can expect in the upcoming issue of Haunted Magazine #40

Haunted Magazine Issue 40 is now open Worldwide for Pre Order.  It is out in selected retailers in the UK from December 5th and also available from stockists Worldwide.  Head to bit.ly/hauntedmagazine and select your country to order from your local stockist.

If you are in Australia, order direct from me here: https://shop.llifs.com.au/magazines/69-haunted-magazine-issue-40-winter-chills.html

Here is a sneak peek of some of the amazing features

Our very own wizardess of Oz, Sarah Chumacero @SarahLLIFS tells a tale, fishy tale involving a medium, a family tragedy and Conan-Doyle [that chap gets everywhere]

@brianbaker79 asks if Artificial Intelligence & the Paranormal are soul mates or just strange supernatural bedfellows. Do they help or hinder each other? Can they work well together? He even ropes in Higgypop Paranormal and Sarah Chumacero for their opinions.

Philip Kinsella wonders if the werewolf is a creature denied of existence due to our possible inability to understand or believe that things of nightmares really can exist.

Are time slips more common than we realise? They seem to pop up in conversation a lot more. Spooky sisters Pamela & Jeanette [and their parents] have had a few time slip experiences. 

Another insightful feature from Amanda R. Woomerr @spookeats. Read about a family's secret literally locked away. It's sad; it's tragic & apparently is/was more common than we realise. 

When @SamBaltrusis faced his unholy trinity of haunted houses; the Hinsdale House, the Sallie House & the Conjuring House in a short space of time did he know what he was letting himself in for?

When EMT/first responder Ryleigh Black gets called to an abandoned hospital with a paramedic & a policeman things start to get a little bit crazy [if it wasn't already].

If you are really interested in getting a reading from a medium but unsure where to start @NickyAlan07's feature on finding the perfect one for you could be a good place to start.

Think you have a poltergeist? Check Caroline McKendrick's '14 signs of a poltergeist' [cos 13 signs is just too number-centric normal and we're far from normal].

SPOOKS GLORIOUS SPOOKS: Penny Griffiths-Morgan writes about the Welsh Workhouse, the stories, the teachers, the kids, the conditions, & a particularly interesting outcome for one individual.

It has been 50 years since the Pascagoula* abduction first came to light and @philip_mantle may have found the smoking gun relating to it.

@MorganKnudsen and the dark tourism of New York City. What lies within the buildings in the city that never sleeps?

Lorien Jones @alehousehaunts & the Tay Bridge Disaster. Every anniversary a ghost train appears & passengers' screams are heard as it plunges into the river.

GRAVE ENCOUNTERS: Burials took place according to & depending on your standing, your position, your beliefs & even what era you were born in.

NEVER MIND THE BARRACKS: Here's the @Jpe_paranormal team's Mill Street investigation.

Northern ghosthunting dandy Hubert Hobux heads down to London to see the sights & the frights of our capital city encountering pubs, spirits, poltergeists, ghosts & gravestones.

Eli Lycett @TLMythstorian heads on down to the Staffordshire Moorlands shouldering the responsibility of hunting for the headless horseman.

The music of @HannahRosePlatt has a macabre slant to it; she got acting legend @davemorrissey64 to be her very own Vincent Price & there's an animated Wendigo video coming soon.

Emma Heard picks through the Hands of Glory story, points the finger & wonders if it's just a legend handed down over the years. Can we 'candle' the truth?

Check out these worldwide wraiths wandering in a winter wonderland from grey ladies, white ladies & women who weep. They're all associated with being seen in the winter months.

In 1873 the British National Association of Spiritualists [BNAS] was formed but after infights, internal conflicts & arguments, it dissolved 10 years later. Rising from the ashes was the London Spiritualist Alliance [LSA] and after a name change here, a name change there In 1970 it became the College of @Psychic_Studies

@ashleyknibb first investigated Bradwell Abbey in 2013. Ten years later he's still investigating it and documenting it.

Dr @KateCherrell 's latest expose on fraudulent mediums takes us back to 1912 & we find ourselves in the middle of a spiritual court case.

Jane Rowley's emotional account of the last few days & hours of her little sister Suzie who wanted Jane to stay to the very end [tissues required].

FREAKY FURNITURE: When a cursed chair with the same maiden as Jo Humphrey [nee Busby] she just had to investigate.

Winter chills, haunted mills, paranormal thrills and spills? Read about @Katiewaller86's investigation at Coldharbour Mill, one of the world's oldest textile mills.

THE BEST OF FOLKLORE: Can folklore be told in such a way that it attracts & gains a new audience? Amy @g0blinegg & Chris @StoriesAlt think so.

In part 2 of @TheSpookyStuff's Gettysburg Guide, Alex Matsuo questions if it's somehow us creating the huge amount of paranormal activity there.

THE ALEXANDRA HOLZER FILES: @AlexandraHolzer asks if we fully understand the true meaning of mediumship & if we were to understand it more would it help?

Al Capone; gangster, businessman, gentle soul or evil to the core? Amelia Cotter goes on the search for locations where his ghost may haunt. Does she find him?

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