Is there a connection between different kinds of paranormal phenomena?

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We know that the paranormal field covers more than just 'ghosts'. From cryptozoology through to ufology, there is a vast unknown world out there. While usually, a person tends to focus on one kind of phenomenon, it is important that people from all areas of the fieldwork together as it can help us gain new perspectives. What if there is a connection between them all that we are missing? From the superspectrum through to frequency and even anomalistic psychology, let's look at some different connections between all the fields.

We know that the paranormal field covers more than just 'ghosts'. From cryptozoology through to ufology, there is a vast unknown world out there. While usually, a person tends to focus on one kind of phenomenon, it is important that people from all areas of the fieldwork together. What if there is a connection between them all that we are missing?


Journalist John Keel is most famous for his research and his book ‘The Mothman Prophecies'. Around the same time he released this book, he also released a book titled ‘The Eighth Tower : On Ultraterrestrials and the Superspectrum’. It is also something he covers in his book ‘The Cosmic Question’. He talks about paranormal phenomena tying together as sort of a unified theory. Whether it is something like Mothman, inter-dimensional beings or even a spirit, he believes that they are able to navigate up and down the electromagnetic spectrum and can appear or disappear at their own will. This is what he has dubbed as ‘The Superspectrum’. The beings that are able to navigate this spectrum he has called ‘ultraterrestrials’.

This superspectrum is the source of all paranormal manifestations from extrasensory perception (ESP) to flying saucers, little green men and tall, hairy monsters. It is hard to pin down scientifically because it is extradimensional, meaning that it exists outside our own space-time continuum yet influences every thing within our reality.

John Keel

The Eighth Tower


If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

Nikola Tesla

Frequency is a term that often comes up during different discussions through different areas of paranormal research. When people experience UFO phenomena, they often hear or record high pitched frequency noises that seem to be coming from the sky. People who search for cryptids often report hearing high pitched screeching noises that they can't identify as a known species of animal. When communicating with spirits, people report experiencing a frequency change that makes their ears ring or pop. In a lot of cases, people are able to seemingly intercept transmissions from either the other side, up above or somewhere else unknown by simply recording audio or using modified radios.

We know that different frequencies have an actual effect on the human body which can cause a person to feel that they are experiencing something paranormal. If we look beyond that for a moment, perhaps there is something more to frequency. Research has indicated that the human body vibrates at a frequency between 5 - 10hz. The lower the frequency your body vibrates at is said to indicate that your energy is dense and heavier. A person is normally in a more negative mindset. The higher the frequency your body vibrates at,  the lighter and happier you feel. People believe that this also translates to the paranormal in that more negative entities will be in these lower frequencies, whereas the more positive and enlightening beings will be vibrating at a higher frequency. The Earth itself vibrates at a certain frequency. Other planets would also vibrate at their own frequency. I have heard from some people that have said that even if we were to travel to Mars for example, if the beings there vibrated at certain frequencies vastly different to ours, we may not even see them. Is this how we all seem to co-exist? Perhaps we are co-existing with a range of beings but we are only seeing those that are within our own vibrations. Is this why we have ghost voices or noises from the sky? Is this why we feel a presence around us yet see nothing? Maybe they are right in front of us, but just vibrating at a different frequency.

Is frequency one of the links between all different kind of paranormal phenomena? I believe that personally, it is.

Anomalistic psychology

Anomalistic psychology is the study of human behaviour and a person's experience which is interpreted by the individual as being paranormal when in fact no paranormal event has occurred. In 1813, Dr John Ferriar published 'An Essay Towards a Theory of Apparitions' which detailed his thoughts that people experienced what they thought to be ghosts which were actually optical illusions. Further to this, other psychologists have come up with various explanations for paranormal phenomena stemming from the power of suggestion through to medical conditions, optical illusions and just how our brain interprets information - many of which I have explored through this blog.

Are we simply misinterpreting events we don't understand to be paranormal in nature? While it is an idea that many people will instantly reject based on personal experience, it is something that has to at least be acknowledged. Perhaps it is something that should at least be entertained as not every experience we have is paranormal. Any investigator should be looking for a rational explanation first in any case. It is those experiences that we genuinely can't explain that push our research further. I don't think that it is all 'in our heads' so to speak, but I do think that genuine paranormal events are actually a lot rarer than people believe. Even myself, I think that the events I have experienced that I walk away with and question if they are paranormal, perhaps only a small fraction of those potentially are.

Psychic Projection

Perhaps another way that it is 'in a person's head' is the fact that it is activity that we are creating ourselves. I have spoken extensively through the blog about psychic projection and the studies that indicate that a person or group of people all focusing on a person for example could be unknowingly making it manifest. During a paranormal tour, it seems that there is a lot of activity - more than what there should be. Putting aside interpretation and power of suggestion etc, let's look at a common scenario. You are out looking for a UFO, on a Yowie hunt or a ghost hunt looking for activity. You have a group of people all focused on witnessing or experiencing the same paranormal event. Suddenly everyone in the group sees, feels or experiences the same thing. Is it that they have found what they are looking for or perhaps have they unknowingly made it all happen?

There is not one single answer that fits every instance of paranormal phenomena. You may be looking for one thing and experiencing another. How do we know when we are 'ghost hunting' for example that we aren't in fact communicating with some kind of alien being. How do we know if we are the ones that are making a bigfoot appear - just by focusing on its image and willing it to appear? The truth of the matter is that we can theorise and speculate, but we don't know what it is out there we are communicating with or dealing with. Some people may feel they have a better idea than others based on their own personal experience, however, it is important that others' thoughts and experiences are still acknowledged. This is why if someone works in a different area of the paranormal or perhaps even does something differently, it is important that they are heard as well. They may have a clue to a missing piece of the puzzle. By approaching the same situation with a different approach, you are likely to yield different results. This is what paranormal research is about. Trying different things, thinking outside of the box and most importantly being open-minded. We ask those around us to be open-minded about our beliefs and experiences to the paranormal. We also need to be open-minded ourselves that we could in fact be wrong. I know if I look at where I am at now compared to 5 years, my interpretation of paranormal phenomena was completely different and I would have raised my eyebrows at the areas I look at now. There were a lot of areas and ideas within the paranormal that I would not even entertain as I thought that they were too out there. While some ideas are out there and challenged everything I thought to be true, I did find some merit in some of what was being said which helped me to expand my research. I didn't take on absolutely everything I had researched, just what was relevant to me and my research and it led me to some truly fascinating areas and allowed me to even theorise about things myself. My friend and fellow blogger Ashley Knibb recently asked people if they considered themselves to be paratheorists. I didn't classify myself as one, but he made me see that just by questioning things in a different way, I was already well on my way. It is about growth, it is about change and it is about accepting that our beliefs will be challenged. It is how we respond to this that will determine how we move forward.

I believe a positive way forward is to work together. Work with people from different areas of the paranormal. Listen to their experiences and their theories. Try different approaches and methods. What do you have to lose if it doesn't work? At least you are trying to get answers. We don't even know if we will ever get the answers, so why not take a step to try something different? Remember, paranormal is more than just ghosts and while no one expects anyone to have a solid knowledge of every single thing that falls under the paranormal category, the other areas should at least be acknowledged and explored. It could change your perspective completely!

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  • Anthony K 5 years ago

    A very interesting and valid article. I've had a lifelong interest in the paranormal and many of the topics it encapsulates. That said, I would've classed myself as interested and open minded, without definitive views or opinions. I've recently read a few of John Keels books and feel that he was on to something with his theory of inter-dimensional beings. I feel this would account for much of what we consider paranormal. I find the research and investigations behind his books, thought proking.