It's the people that keep me going

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We all meet people along the way on our paranormal journeys. We sometimes underestimate how important they are to us.

Like a lot of people in the paranormal field, I sometimes ask myself amongst all the drama, late nights, hard work and money spent if it is all worth it. I am sure you have all at some point thought about leaving the field. I know that I could never truly leave the field because I love it so much, but it doesn't mean that I don't get frustrated. I must say that one of the biggest things that keeps me going is the people. Sometimes we underestimate just how important some of these people are to us. You may not even realize that a lot of the people that you talk to, you met somehow through the paranormal. Your closest friends are probably people you met, doing paranormal stuff. Your whole world very slowly became paranormal, and you didn't even realize. That is because you have so much more in common with these people than an interest in the paranormal. It just happens to be that is how you met.

How many people have you met at an event that you then added on Facebook and stayed in touch? What about those fellow regulars you see at the same investigations that you strike up a friendship with? Then there are the people that you meet through Facebook. You comment on the same pages and in the same groups. You start messaging one another, maybe even a phone call or Skype session follows. It soon becomes obvious this person is someone you want to keep talking to and they become a regular fixture in your life. You can't imagine what life would be like without this person, yet a few days, weeks, months or years ago, you didn't even know them. It was a chance meeting that brought you together.

Just recently through some random twist of fate, I had someone contact me through my blog who had found me on twitter. After talking it soon became obvious that we had quite a lot in common. She is in the US and I am here in Australia but we soon found ourselves talking almost every day. Talking about anything and everything and even sharing some of our deepest secrets. I am so extremely lucky to have met her and regard her as a close friend that I care for, and yet had I of not been in the paranormal and attended a certain event, the wheels would not have been set in motion for our meeting - and we haven't even officially met......YET.

I have so many stories like this I could share but we would be here all day. You know who you are and if we speak regulary you are on this list and I am so lucky to you as a friend. Honestly when my phone lights up with a message, it makes my day because I really love talking to all of my friends. It is sometimes deep and meaningful or usually in my case it is completely random but we just get each other. We have our little private jokes that others may not get or a shoulder to lean on. If I had not have joined the paranormal world, we wouldn't have these moments.

Go back and have a look through your phone and your activity over the last few days. You may not even realize that you talk to someone as much as you do. Sometimes even just the messages start adding up. This person may be more of an influence in your life that you think. When you have your doubts about the paranormal, do you confide in them? Do they help you through whatever it is that is troubling you? When moments like this happen and you think to yourself, 'is this paranormal stuff all worth it?', I want you to look at these people and the answer will come to you. The answer in short is 'Yes it is', because without the paranormal, you wouldn't have met these people. The friendships and the daily conversation is what keeps me going. I am great friends with some of you and we haven't even met. I am so thrilled when you comment or contact me and we have a chat. I don't see people as followers but as friends. I look at the next event and I think, who am I going to meet this week? I could end up with a great new friend at the end of it.

The paranormal community becomes your family and you share things with these people on the deepest level. When you are in a paranormal team, you are close to these people because you have to trust them and rely on them and they have to do the same with you. You have to remember that you are friends because you met through the paranormal, but your friendship still exists outside of it. It just happens to be something you have common and perhaps that catalyst that made you bond. You can't fake chemistry and you can't fake friendship. When you get to a certain age like myself, you are done with drama in your life and you find that you don't have a million friends like you did when you were younger. You keep the people around that you enjoy and that you like having around and quite simply the people that you want in your life. I often will say to people how happy I am to have met them and they tell me the same because in some way, we have an influence on each other. It's my friendships and daily conversation that keep me going and that is why I will always be involved in some way in the field. So sorry guys I won't be going anywhere, because I just enjoy your company too much!

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