Looks like the Earth is round after all

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One would think a car orbiting in space with a mannequin dressed as an astronaut called 'Starman' as a tribute to David Bowie is the stuff a great science fiction parody movie was made of. As ridiculous as it sounds, it actually happened, all the while proving that the Earth is in fact round!

A lot of us in the paranormal field have an affection for Science. Even those who don't like or believe in the paranormal have a love for science. It doesn't matter what language you speak, the math is the same in any country. Social media is a wonderful platform for us to discuss our thoughts and theories. It causes people to think and challenge their beliefs. There are however some 'theories' that are flat out insanity and cause some really frustrating yet entertaining arguments. One of those controversial topics is the flat earth theory.

What is the flat earth theory?

We call people who believe the Earth is flat - flat earthers. Very original. Basically, they believe that the Earth is not round, it is flat. When you walk around on the planet's surface it feels and looks like it is flat. When you look far out into the horizon, it is a straight line and not rounded. This is some of the many arguments. The believe the Earth is not round but a flat disc. The Arctic circle sits in the middle of course and Antarctica forms a 150 meter rim around the outside to stop people from walking and falling off the edge of the Earth. You kind of get the idea.

It was back in the Ancient Greek times, it is believed to be around 500BC that we discovered that the Earth was round. Pythagoras observed that the moon was round, than the Earth must be as well. He determined this by observing the line which is between the part of the moon that is light and dark (called the terminator) as it moved through it cycle and it appeared it was round. Not to mention when we fast forward to the many years of space exploration with pictures that we have - although flat earthers believe this to be part of a conspiracy theory.

Space X Rocket Launches

Fast forward to today, and space exploration although it is argued is becoming commercialized, is making headlines again and actually getting people interested. It wasn't too long ago in December 2017 that a Space X rocket launch caused people in LA to believe we were under attack from aliens, not realizing it was actually a rocket launching into space. In their defense, it is not something we see much of so one could be easily confused as to what was happening.

Falcon Heavy Launch

In February 2018, Space X launched what is considered to be one of the most powerful spacecrafts constructed and compared to rockets of the Apollo era. The end goal is eventually to reach Mars where Elon Musk founder of SpaceX plans to start a colony. Baby steps. What was even more compelling about this rocket is that not only is it powerful, but the rockets are reusable. There was however a bit of a gimmick. Musk's own cherry coloured Tesla Roadster was launched into orbit and supposed to reach the edge of Mars. (It has now been reported that it has overshot it's orbit and will end up as space debris and incinerated by the sun.) Inside was a mannequin dressed as an astronaut. He was called Starman and if you don't get this reference you must be living under a rock. It is of course a nod to David Bowie. Then of course the 'Don't Panic' sign on the dashboard aka Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy. Beautiful, stunning and almost unreal looking photos were transmitted back to Earth showing the absolute beauty of our planet, from the dashboard of the car. It is within these images, that the flat earth theory was once again shut down.

Of course a flat earth believer will easily argue that these photos are not real. I can't say I blame them. The whole thing sounds a bit ridiculous and the photos themselves are just so out there of course you could argue they are photoshopped. Except they weren't. They are real and in all their glory show us that the Earth is round.

There is a lot of arguments I have been reading about how this is commercializing space travel and could be bad for the environment etc. The one thing however to take away from this (besides the Earth being round) is that it got us all not only talking but excited about space exploration and it's possibilities.

Ground control to Major Tom, commencing countdown engines on.

Photos courtesy of SpaceX

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