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When a new year is upon us, many start to think about the new year ahead. People look towards manifesting what they want through belief and the laws of attraction to get what they want. If the power of our mind has the ability to attract positive things in our life, what else is it possible of manifesting on a paranormal level?  

When a new year upon us, many start to think about the new year ahead.  New Year's resolutions are often about a person finally wanting to take the leap and do something they want to do.  It could mean a brand new path or journey, one they are hesitant to go on.  Maybe they just have a dream or a hope for what the year could bring.  One of the biggest trends at the moment particularly around this time of year is that of manifestation.  Apparently, it is even all over Tik Tok (I have to take the word of a newspaper article I read as I don't have Tik Tok.).  I have made several connections with manifesting and affirmations with the concept of psychic projection, because in a way that is kind of what it is.  Manifesting is bringing things you want into your life by thinking positively about what you want and believing it will happen and that you are deserving.

This is not a guide on how to manifest.  It is looking a the concepts within the process of manifesting and making connections to us and the paranormal.  Manifesting is a lot about changing your mindset in a way that you are consciously in control of your thoughts in order to make positive changes in your life. While the figures vary depending on the research, it is said that we have up to 60,000 thoughts in one day. Around 80% of these thoughts are supposedly negative. They are at a subconscious level. Affirmations are positive things that you consciously tell yourself. Things like "I am successful, I deserve happiness, I am strong and confident, etc". When you affirm these things to yourself you are becoming more conscious of your thoughts and you start to believe the things you are telling yourself. Just by changing your thought process, you are making things happen by the unconscious decisions you make.  So what could this mean on a paranormal level?  If we can change our outcomes, can we manifest our own paranormal activity?

Laws of Attraction

The laws of attraction are quite simple.  It is a principle-based on you attract what you give out.  You give our positive vibes and energy, that is what you attract.  If you are negative and throw out negative energy, then that too is what you will attract. 

Like attracts like

While this is a concept that often makes up the foundation of manifesting things for yourself, think about it from a paranormal perspective.  I have often heard particularly from people who are psychic mediums that vibrations play a part in the experiences you will have.  They believe that if you are vibrating at a lower level which means you are giving off negative energy, then that is what you will attract.  If you are vibrating at a higher level which is a more loving and positive space, again that is what you will attract.  When you look at people that work with private cases, a lot of the time the people calling out for help are not in a very good place.  There is often depression, trauma, abuse, and psychological issues which are major contributing factors.  I do wonder in these kinds of circumstances when you are in such a negative headspace, are you unknowingly manifesting your own negative paranormal activity? 


One of the things that I have read about the manifestation process, is that your emotions are just as important as your wishes or thoughts.  Being true to yourself it seems plays a major part here.  Apparently, if you are manifesting something that you don't really believe in, then you are manifesting your belief that it won't work.  

Our belief systems alter our manifestation process. If you want to manifest $10,000 in one week, but your underlying beliefs are largely identified with a state of lack, you will only manifest more lack.

You can fool another person with your words, but you can't fool your heart and your own head.  No one knows you better than you, so you would know when you don't really believe something.  Our emotions make up a part of who we are as people, and how we react to situations and interact with one another. Typically we know that people who are empaths claim they can physically feel the emotions of other people. When you think about it, we as humans all have empathy on a certain level. When our friend cries, we often cry with them. If our children are hurting, we feel every tear regardless of if we believe we are an empath or not. We all have some element of empathy programmed into us. It seems it is just more sensitive or dialed up in some than others. It is with this in mind that it would make sense that people can feel the emotions of a spirit. Emotion is converted to energy.  How many times have you been on an investigation and someone will suddenly become very emotional or upset? You ask them "what is wrong?" They can't explain it. They feel sadness grief and may even shed physical tears. All they can tell you is that it is not their grief. It is like they are picking it up from someone else. The same thing happens when someone suddenly feels intense anger. I have had many people who have had to remove themselves from investigations as they feel they are overcome with anger and feel aggressive. They may have unnatural feelings towards a person in the group where they feel like they want to physically harm them. In these situations, these people feel that someone is being affected by spirit. They are either picking up on the energy or emotion of a spirit or it is being projected onto them for a reason.  A lot of people believe that a spirit can make you feel emotions. What I think is important to understand though is that it pretty much stops right there. While you may feel this emotion, we don't know if a spirit is really just another person in the room unknowingly projecting their emotions onto you.  We don't even know with absolute certainty what a spirit is.  While the general thought amongst investigators is that a spirit can make you feel emotion, emotional transference is not a form of possession. The person being affected or feeling these emotions is very much in control of themselves, their thoughts, and most importantly their actions. I feel that sometimes we need to take responsibility for our actions and not blame a lot of things on a paranormal. It is the same way that behavourial management works. We all experience emotions. It is our we express those emotions that are actually a personal choice. It may not feel like a choice, but it is you that is in charge or how you express yourself, no matter how angry or sad you are. 

It is also worth looking at your surroundings and how people themselves are reacting and behaving.  One person can change the whole tone of a room.  If someone is scared, they project their fear. It isn't long before others start feeling the same and the energy of the room changes. Suddenly everyone is on edge. It is also in these instances that the smallest creak in a floorboard can set the whole group off. 

Your unconscious mind will influence what you really manifest

When you are in the process of manifesting something, you end up manifesting what you value to be more important which is something that happens on an unconscious level.  For example, if you want to lose weight and plan to go to the gym a certain amount of times a week, if you value spending time with your family over losing weight, you may automatically choose to skip the gym to spend more time with the kids because you value that more.  While it is something that with a change in perception you can tackle, the initial decision-making process is something that happens on an unconscious level.  All of our decision-making happens on an unconscious level.  Bias is a tendency to lean in a certain direction.  You are either for or against it.  If you're biased toward something, then you think positive thoughts about it.  If you are biased against something, it will invoke negative thoughts and feelings.  

When someone is being biased about something, they are making some sort of judgment or assessment of a situation or person, place, etc. Then there is what is referred to as an unconscious bias. This is something you don’t have control over. Your brain is making these judgments and assessments unbeknownst to you. In this case, you have no influence in the matter. You see what your brain wants you to see.  

There are different ways in which we can be biased. We know about unconscious bias which I explained above, but then there is also confirmation bias which is something a lot of paranormal investigators are already aware of. It is where we have a tendency to look for or interpret a situation based on what we believe or what we are looking for. When we look at confirmation bias from a paranormal perspective, if someone is looking specifically for a ghost believing they exist, if they see something out of the ordinary, they are likely to interpret this as a ghost. Confirmation bias also means you will essentially ignore information that doesn’t line up with your beliefs. It isn’t something you are doing on purpose, it is just how we are built. This is because a lot of what we do is on an unconscious level.

It seems on some levels, certain people are more sensitive to the paranormal or are perhaps mediums, etc seem to have more personal experiences than other people. Does our subconscious play a role in this as well? If on a subconscious level we are closed-minded due to our bias, does that mean that we won’t have a paranormal experience when compared to someone who is more open-minded? It is a difficult subject to work with because, in a lot of ways, a leopard doesn’t change its spots, so you can’t just change someone’s beliefs or opinions with a click of a finger. When it comes to the paranormal, it usually comes down to something personal. Some kind of personal experience that has them question everything. Sometimes that is what it takes for them to become more open-minded. It can work in reverse as well. Maybe someone does believe in spirits, but the more they investigate, they find nothing is happening and they may start becoming more and more close-minded as they aren’t experiencing anything. 

Self-fulfilling prophecy

In simple terms, a self-fulfilling prophecy is a prediction or an expectation that comes true simply because of our belief in it.  A great example is if you are due to go out and meet some friends for a drink.  You don't really feel like it and you tell yourself you are going to have a bad time.  When you get there, you focus on all the things you dislike about being out and unconsciously ignore all of the good things that are happening.  You have your mindset that you are going to have a bad time so you end up having a bad time.  Raise your hand if this has happened to you!  (I can think of so many examples because when I get in my head I don't want to do something or go somewhere, my mind is made up).

You could apply the logic of self-fulfilling prophecy in a few ways when it comes to the paranormal.  The first would be that obviously by going into an investigation thinking you are going to get evidence of something paranormal.  When you are reviewing your audio, for example, you are unknowingly looking for reasons to fulfill your prophecy.  You are in some way 'manifesting your intention'.  You may be unknowingly misinterpreting sounds that you think are great EVPS.  You may be unknowingly missing natural explanations because you are so focused on finding something paranormal.  Maybe you are not really trying to debunk or explain things because you found what you were looking for.  This is where our unconscious bias comes in.  The good news is being aware and applying critical thinking can make a massive difference here.  I know myself and I will be the first to admit it, I get really caught up in the moment if something is happening on an investigation. I get excited and I tend to go with the flow and see where it takes me.  It usually isn't until afterward I take a breath and then really think about what has happened and then go through the steps I go through to potentially explain or recreate something.  I used to get really embarrassed about getting so excited about something only to realize a few minutes later it was nothing to get excited about.  I guess in a lot of ways it shows my passion and love for the paranormal.  Maybe it also shows my belief in the paranormal and how easy it would be for that to lead me.  At that moment, I am well on my way to fulfilling my prophecy.  We all have different beliefs and different ways that we investigate the paranormal.  By at least taking that step to stop and think about things is the first step to not prematurely fulfilling that prophecy.  On the other hand, sometimes we go into an investigation and think we are going to come out empty-handed.  I know I have done this too on many occasions.  Afterward, I will be chatting to someone else that attended and I will say 'nothing happened'.  They will then usually give me a whole list of things that are potentially interesting.  I however had it set in my mind we weren't going to find anything that unconsciously I was ignoring what was going on around me.  My prophecy of nothing happening came true because I wasn't looking for it.  Sometimes we go in wearing blinders and we are not fully looking at things properly or objectively whether we believe or not, it is important to look at all angles and be open to different possibilities - even those we may not believe in.

So even though we may want to manifest things in a certain way, things don't always turn out the way we plan.  Our belief system, our emotions, and our state of mind are the major factors here.  Many people swear by the process of manifestation and that it works for them.  Look at the success of concepts like 'The Secret'.  So if the power of our mind has the ability to attract positive things in our life, what else is it possible of manifesting?  

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