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I asked you to submit your experiences with JOTT: where an item goes mysteriously missing and comes back. Here are some MORE of those stories!

Just One Of Those Things: Otherwise known as disappearing object phenomenon.  Mary Rose Barrington classified this weird occurrence into two different categories:

Jottles:  This is the more common of the two where objects are displaced either via teleportation, poltergeist phenomena or an apport (a spirit moving an object).  
Oddjott:  Miscellaneous weird episodes that have no rational explanation 
Jottles are then further broken down into subcategories:

  • Walkabout. This is the most common jottle, where an item disappears from a known location and is found later in another and often bizarre location, without any sort of explanation as to how it got there.
  • Comeback. An item disappears from a known location and anywhere from minutes to years, reappears in this very same location. 
  • Flyaway. An item disappears from a known location and never reappears. 
  • Turnup. An item which appears in a location which it couldn’t have been in before. 
  • Windfall. An unknown item to you randomly appears.
  • Trade-in. An item that disappears and never comes back, but a similar item appears instead

You can read more about this here:

I asked for readers to submit their own stories.  Here is a small selection.  You can also read more stories submitted here:

* Names are only included where a person has submitted their name for publishing.  All other entries were submitted as anonymous but with permission to publish.

Real stories of JOTT

I lose things all the time. I will be looking for something (for example lipbalm) that I usually keep either on my bedside table or in my handbag, and i will later find it in the kitchen or on the couch. And I know I haven't put it there. Plus lots of other things that just randomly dissappear and end up in completely different places or even the same spot.
Sometimes i will be putting on my socks and one will dissappear. So i get up and search everywhere then a few seconds later it will be back to which I usually say 'that wasn't there a second ago'
I blame these little events on 'Dobby' from Harry Potter.


My mother had given me a gold bracelet when my father had passed. I always wore it. One day, I discovered it missing. I looked everywhere for it. I even had co-workers looking for it. I looked for it for several days and just decided it was gone. Many days later, my mother sent me to the guest room. This room was rarely used and it had been many months since I had been in there. I happened to glance on the dressing table and I couldn't believe what I was looking bracelet!!! We couldn't figure out how it got there. I was so happy to have it back but confused how it appeared in that room.


One story that sticks in my mind is one that my late Grandmother told myself and my brother when we were kids. Shortly after my Granddad died in 1992, my Grandmother lost her wedding ring. She had no idea how she lost it as she NEVER took it off, and she literally tore the house apart trying to find it, and was naturally absolutely devastated at losing it considering my Granddad had just passed.

She claimed that a few weeks later though she saw my granddad sitting at the end of the bed one night (she wasn't sure if it was a dream or real). She sat up and he smiled at her, before pointing towards a set of her bedroom drawers, specifically the top drawer, after which he promptly vanished, and she laid back down to sleep.

The next day when she woke up, she went straight over to the drawer my Granddad had pointed at, and there sitting on the very top of some towels, as if it had been specifically paced there, was her wedding ring.

I'm not sure if this event technically counts as JOTT, considering my Grandmother had some assistance from my Granddad in finding her ring, but I felt it'd be worth sharing, especially as the ring managed to make its way off her finger despite her never removing it.

I will note my Grandmother never talked about having any specific spiritual or religious belief, yet would often tell us stories like this as if they were just another part of her everyday life, which is always something that intrigued me. I often wonder if she was "sensitive" to other goings on, but had no idea she may have had a "gift" her entire life, if such a "gift" exists of course.


I have a pinkie ring, silver with an oval-shaped Brazilian emerald. Each night before bed, as I set my alarm, I take it off and place it on the bedside table. One morning it had vanished. I turned the flat upside down finding it, taking the opportunity to clean in places one usually tries to ignore. As part of this process (I obviously focussed the search in the bedroom) I placed the duvet out flat on the bed and ran my hands over it completely to try to feel the ring if it was somehow trapped in there. I did this at least twice, and maybe three times, and I also looked inside it in the usual fashion. I did not find the ring. Three weeks later, I changed my duvet cover - for the second time since the loss - and the ring dropped to the floor as I did so. Now, one might make the assumption that it was simply trapped in there in some fashion that hadn't been noticed. In order for that to be the case, it would have to have not only survived a complete washing cycle undetected (I always remove the covers, wash them, dry them and put them back on the same day), but simply to get in there in the first place, it would have to have left my bedside table at night, made its way down to the end of the bed where the opening is, and climbed up inside the cover sufficiently far to not only avoid not falling out during the changing process but not to fall out on any subsequent night over the next three weeks and also to evade completely my very thorough detection methods. Most mysterious, and I spent two of the three weeks when it was missing feeling very sorry indeed. I should learn to simply not look for things that are important to me. It seems they will re-appear if they want to... and not otherwise!
Paul Woods

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