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I wanted to highlight some 'paranormal positivity' I have seen within the Australian paranormal community over this past week.

Over the last week, I was lucky enough to attend some paranormal events hosted by Australian Paranormal Society who took on the mammoth task of bringing over the Klinge Brothers from Texas.  I will be recapping the tour in another post so stay tuned for that one!  What I wanted to talk about today is a whole bunch of positivity that came about as a result of this tour.

Let's be honest, the paranormal field is full of drama.  I tend to very much keep to myself for this very reason.  I don't venture out too much and I keep my wall up.  Coming out for these events was huge for me in terms of stepping out of my comfort zone.  I am actually quite a shy person and I am not the type to just go up to someone and introduce myself.  I am often awkward and uncomfortable in social situations and my resting bitch face can often deem me unapproachable (so I am told anyway).  Something does seem to happen though when I am in an environment with like-minded people.  I feel confident, I feel seen and I feel like I am with my people and a lot of that fades away.  It is kind of hard to describe.  In a way I guess I become Sarah LLIFS.

This week was not without its drama and it is not something I will go into as I never air paranormal drama.  I don't think it deserves any attention.  What does deserve attention is all the amazing and positive things that I saw and experienced this week which reignited a bit of a spark for me which was very much needed.  I had sort of been done with the paranormal field for quite some time.  I love my research, I love writing and I love Black Rock House.  I was never going anywhere, but there was a reason that you don't really see me out and about beyond that.  This week showed me not to let a few bad experiences dictate my future.

People travelled from all over Australia to attend these events.  There were smiles, there was laughter and there was a lot of mingling.  I saw so many posts of people within the paranormal field meeting each other for the first time and comparing experiences.  They took photos together and no doubt are staying in touch.  It reminded me of when I went to one of my first paranormal events which ironically also involved the Klinge Brothers 10 years ago.  I was one of those people smiling and laughing and talking and meeting people.  It was at that very event that I met Bill and Amanda from Australian Paranormal Society for the first time who have become some of my closest friends and confidants in the paranormal realm.  Here we were 10 years later and I was watching people making those same connections with the same excitement and passion I had all those years ago.  It was really nice to see.

What absolutely floored me was the people who came up to me, introduced themselves and told me how much they enjoyed my blog.  "Who me?" This was my inner dialogue ...  "Why would you want to take a photo with me?"  It was a humbling moment to be on the other side of what I used to do.  It used to be me going up to people asking for the photos and introducing myself.  I got to meet people I have been speaking to on social media for years.  I got to meet people who are regularly engaging with the blog and put a face to the name.  These are my friends.  Seeing these people in person was really amazing and it lit a bit of a fire inside of me and reminded me why I am still here doing what I do.  

It can be easy to focus on the drama but I think we need to especially highlight all the good things.  This was certainly one of them.  This was the first event in a really long time I saw people come together like this.  So I want to say to everyone who attended these events over the last few days .... Thankyou.  This has been amazing for the paranormal community and I know it has sparked some passion in many.  To be involved in that in any kind of way is just truly wonderful and a huge congratulations to Bill and Amanda for everything they did.  Again I will be covering this all separately in a future post.

My challenge to you is to highlight some paranormal positivity and post it below!  

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