Phone calls from the other side - submit your experience

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Have you received a phone call from the other side? If Yes, please help with my research and complete this short survey. Some entries will be selected to be published in the future

Many people claim to have received phantom phone calls from people who are no longer with us. While sometimes it happens in a dream, in quite a lot of accounts, the people were very much awake. Examples are missed calls from numbers that once belonged to a loved one that has been disconnected, messages left on answering machines to phone calls with a weird static on the other end or hearing the voice of a loved one who has passed on the other end. It is a phenomenon reported all over the world.

Some entries will be selected to be published in future articles and possibly a book. All entries will remain anonymous unless you wish for your name to be published. If you wish to include your name to be included for publishing, please do so at the end when recounting your experience.

(If you don't want to complete the survey and just wish to submit your story for possible publishing, you can send an email to

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