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Piezoelectricity is an electronic charge that happens when certain solid materials are put under stress. It is why crystals are used in many electronic devices. Is there any sort of link to piezoelectricity, our bodies and the paranormal? Let's explore some of the possibilities.

Nikola Tesla famously said:

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

Nikola Tesla

This is a quote many within the spiritual and paranormal communities use often. We talk about frequency when are dealing with things like ultrasound and infra sound. We talk about vibrations in terms of the Earth and even the human body. Is understanding all of these things the key to understanding paranormal phenomena? It could very well play a part. An area that is not explored as commonly as frequency or vibration yet plays an integral part is piezoelectricity. So let's explore this area and possible connections it can have to paranormal research.

What is piezoelectricity?

In 1880, the piezoelectric effect was discovered by two French physicists who also happened to be brothers - Pierre and Paul-Jacques Curie. They discovered that by applying pressure or stress to certain solid materials such as quartz crystals, certain ceramic materials, bone, DNA and organ matter. The word piezoelectricity comes from the Greek word piezein, which means squeeze or press and electron, which means “amber” and is an ancient source of electric charge. This is the reason why crystals are so often used to power so many devices.

Image Source: onscale.com

While we concentrate our attention on how piezoelectricity affects solid items, what about its connections with the human body?

The pineal gland

If you have read my work before, you will know that I take a particular interest or curiosity when it comes to the pineal gland. while physically it is a little gland that produces melatonin which helps regulate our sleep cycle. Spiritually, a lot of people refer to the pineal gland as a 'third eye'. Philosopher Descartes believed it was the principal seat of our soul and the place that our thoughts are formed.

The small gland which is the principal seat of the soul is suspended within the cavities containing these spirits, so that it can be moved by them in as many different ways as there are perceptible differences in the objects. But it can also be moved in various different ways by the soul, whose nature is such that it receives as many different impressions—that is, it has as many different perceptions as there occur different movements in this gland. And conversely, the mechanism of our body is so constructed that simply by this gland’s being moved in any way by the soul or by any other cause, it drives the surrounding spirits towards the pores of the brain, which direct them through the nerves to the muscles; and in this way the gland makes the spirits move the limbs” (AT XI:354, CSM I:341)


Passions of the soul 1649

Now this isn't article is not going to deconstruct Descartes views or the opposer views. It is simple fact that there are a lot of people out there in the world that believe the pineal gland has a spiritual connection. Whether or not it really does is yet to be proven (like so many things relating to the paranormal). Being that we are all born with a pineal glands lends into the theory that we are all capable of possessing psychical ability. People within spiritual communities believe that as we get older, our pineal gland calcifies which limits our ability to tap into the pineal gland and its full capabilities and potential. If you want to read more about this area, you can refer to an article I wrote earlier: The pineal gland and psychical abilities

My research in this area is ongoing and something I am always trying to understand more. What I have recently found interesting is that the pineal gland is filled with calcite crystals which react to surrounding electromagnetic fields as a result of piezoelectricity. There have actually been scientific studies to research these claims. Crystals themselves are thought to be excellent receivers - think of crystal radios. So does the fact that we have little calcite crystals that indeed react with EMF mean that the pineal gland could in some ways act as some sort of receiver? Could piezoelectricity be a key component in this interaction?

Image Source: healingenergytools.com

Does the human body produce piezoelectricity?

Compression of our bones can cause piezoelectricity to occur. This is why on stressed parts of a bone, you will see calcium deposits. The piezoelectric effect causes our bone density to increase. For this reason, some experiment with external electrical stimulation to help heal bone.

Could piezoelectricity attract 'spirits'?

Paranormal investigators often use items such as EM Pumps and Telsa coils to 'fuel' the atmosphere as they believe it often acts like 'food for the spirits' to feed off and get the energy they need to manifest. What about piezoelectricity? Is the human body nearby all a spirit would need? Equally so, what if creating an electrical charge by applying pressure to certain objects had the same effect as an EM Pump? It then makes me wonder about objects which people believe are 'haunted'. Much like the stonetape theory, could applying pressure to an object that has this 'retained energy' cause a piezoelectric charge that somehow releases this energy? Is that all that is needed to get a 'residual playback' of a past event that was previously retained in an object?

Could piezoelectricity cause false positives on paranormal equipment?

Knowing that we ourselves are capable or producing piezoelectricity, we must also acknowledge that we produce static electricity as well. Our body and even our organs all vibrate at different frequencies. What is to say that our bodies are not setting off equipment we are using during paranormal investigations? Just by sitting down for example, you are applying pressure to certain areas of your body. Is this act enough to produce a piezoelectric charge? Depending on its strength, could it in fact set off devices which pick up on EMF such as K2 meters, mel meters, REM Pods and even ovilus devices? Given that it is a a short charge, is this why it would only appear as a small spike and then disappear? While there would effectively be no way to actually know if this is happening or not, it is something that we should at least consider. As always, I like to look at things in context. A single flash of light on a piece of equipment is not necessarily an indication that something paranormal is happening. It means something in your environment is happening. Is this the only thing happening at the time? If yes, I would suggest it is something natural. If you have a series of events leading up to and even after the light flashing, it would be something to take more notice of.

This is honestly a topic I feel that I am just scratching the surface of, as it has quite a lot of potential. While we look closely at areas like infra sound, I feel like piezoelectricity is an area either people don't really know about or aren't researching. I feel this very much has a place in our paranormal research, so lets start looking at it more closely. Is there a connection? We won't know until we look into it further!

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