Reach for the stars!

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There is something about this field that allows us to fulfil something within us. Whether it is a podcast, blog or YouTube channel, this field allows us to express ourselves creatively and achieve great things. Don't wait for opportunity to knock, go out and do the things you want to do! When you love something so much, anything is possible. REACH FOR THE STARS!!

People have a certain perception of the paranormal field. This we know and it is something that we probably can't change. We ourselves know that it is so much more than wearing matching t shirts and running around in the dark on the weekends. There is a lot that goes into investigating and even a lot that goes into just being a participant in the paranormal field. In some ways, it allows us to express ourselves creatively in a way that perhaps other fields don't. There are new podcasts popping up every day. New blogs, Facebook pages, books and YouTube channels. Many of these are focused on different areas of the paranormal field. While we may tune in or read something that takes a few minutes, what goes unrecognised is the amount of work that has gone into presenting this information. Podcasts for example take hours of research, fine tuning equipment and preparation. Then there is the editing afterwards. Youtube channels mean hours upon hours or editing, voice overs and rendering. Blogging means hours of research and writing. With all of this, you almost need a marketing degree to be able to promote yourself in a way to get a following so that someone will actually watch or read something that you have taken hours to prepare. After all the hours of preparation, sometimes you are lucky to have 5 people listen, read or watch your work.

Running events isn't easy either. Even just your small ghost tour or paranormal investigation takes work and preparation. A lot more goes into it than just popping some batteries into equipment. There is planning, research and preparation. Look at large scale events with speakers and exhibitions. These are tasks that take some serious event planning and management. Most of the time these are running at a loss or breaking even. They aren't making thousands of dollars off this event.

So with little reward, why on earth would someone goto all that effort? Love ... Passion ... Fulfillment

There is something about this field that allows us to fulfill something within us. Whether it is a creative talent we didn't know we had or an opportunity to try something completely different, I have seen people achieve amazing things they never would have even thought about. I myself never thought 6 years ago when I joined the paranormal field that I would be running a blog and about to release my first book. I loved what I did so much that I wanted to find a way to channel this love and passion. This is how the blog was born. In the early days, I was getting 3 -4 website visits a day, and most of those were bots. No one was really reading what I was writing. I had to put in the hard yards to promote it and just keep going. It could have been very easy to turn around and throw it all in. If no one was reading, why should I keep writing? The thing is, I wasn't doing it for them. I was doing it for me. I kept going and eventually people started reading and people started following. In the 4 years the blog has been running, it has only been the last 18 months that it has taken off. Even then I am still relatively small but so humbled that people read my work. Writing a book had always been a dream, but I kept putting it off. I thought I wasn't worthy or it would be too hard to do. I didn't have a publisher to do my book. I didn't have the money to pay an editor to help me. If I wanted to write and publish a book, there was only one way it was going to get done. I had to put in the work and do it all myself. So I got over that initial hurdle in my mind and I did it. It is scary, exciting and unknown, but I did it. If I didn't take the step myself, it may never have happened for me.

Don't sit around waiting for opportunity to knock at your door, because it may never knock. A lot of the time, you won't get anywhere by sitting silently and waiting your turn. If you want to do something in the paranormal field or anything in life really, what is stopping you? If you want to record a kickass podcast, do it! If you want to write a blog or a book, do it! Do it for the love of being able to do something. You will make mistakes. Not everything will work, and sometimes you may even fail. But you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going. The only person stopping you from doing great things is you.

Surround yourself with supportive people. Learn from others and be willing to admit if you get something wrong. While in some ways you need to keep your cards close to chest, don't be afraid to ask for help. You can't do absolutely everything by yourself and you will need other people in some way to make your dreams a reality. While I always say I am an independent researcher and this blog is all me, while that is true I get help. My husband does a lot of the coding for the website, because I can't do it myself. I work with other people to collaborate on projects and by promoting them, they will promote me. You have to give back what you receive. You can't expect everyone to support and promote you if you won't do the same for thing. It works both ways. Most of all, do it because you love it, not because you want to make money or get a lot of likes. If that comes it is nice, but it isn't why you are doing it. Do it because you love it! When you love something so much, anything is possible. REACH FOR THE STARS!!

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