Supernatural Synchronicity

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Wondering what exactly Supernatural Synchronicity is all about? Here is all you need to know plus a tiny peak at what to expect.

In 2019, I teamed up with fellow blogger Ashley Knibb to create a little series called Supernatural Synchronicity.  We had connected a year or so prior and were waiting for the right time to do something together.  Many late night thought provoking conversations about the paranormal proved to be inspiration to what would become the Supernatural Synchronicity series.  We literally thought, why don't we just keep talking, but in a series.  In early 2019 we launched a small blog series which ran for 3 months asking important questions.

It all began with a simple question.  What is the source of psychical phenomena?  We challenged ourselves by asking just what is paranormal phenomena and where does it come from?  Why does it happen?  What are the possibilities.  It goes well beyond the simple thought of a spirit possibly being a loved one who has passed away.  What about psychical ability?  Why can some people do things and other can't?  Why do some people see things and others can't?  In order to answer these questions, we found ourselves going back to the beginning.  Way back to the age of philosophy and Descartes' theory of dualism - the mind and physical body are separate.

Our writing style is like banter.  Ashley would write a chapter, and I then I would write the next chapter in response.  It was almost like a game of poker.  I see your theory of dualism and raise you ockham's razor for example.  It was a unique project as even though there was an element of research involved, most of what was written came from within.  It was almost like the story wrote itself and went in directions we had not planned.  We had a whole structure planned and it was obvious from early on that was out the window.  It is much like investigating the paranormal.  You go into an investigation with a big plan of what you want to do.  You know what areas you want to investigate, for how long and even what methods of pieces of equipment you will use.  Usually about 10 minutes it is obvious that plan is thrown out and you are lead down a completely different path than you thought you were going to go.  When the series finished, we felt that the work was not yet done and we kept writing for what would eventually become this very book.

I really enjoyed writing this series as it challenged me to ask myself 'What is it you are really looking for?'.  In a lot of ways it made me question a lot of things I do as a paranormal researcher and even confront some of my own beliefs and thoughts.  That is the aim of this series, to challenge you the reader to think outside the box and the possibilities.  

Here is a bit of a sneak peak of the kind of content to expect:

The source of psychical phenomena:

Getting down to the soul of it:

Is it naive of us to think that paranormal phenomena could be limited to just the one explanation

Supernatural Synchronicity is available worldwide through Amazon and Book Depository.  For those in Australia, you can buy copies direct from me which I am also happy to sign.  Links can be found at my website:

We had no publisher, no PR department, just us.  We rely on word of mouth to promote our little passion project so we would love if you could help us out by leaving a rating and review on Amazon (if purchased through Amazon) or on Goodreads.



Above all else, we wanted to set an example and show the community that two people who traditionally are viewed as competitors to work together, even from other sides of the world.  We also grateful to our friend Brian J Cano for writing a lovely foreword for us.  We hope you enjoy this series us much as we enjoyed writing it.  More than anything else, we hope it opens your mind and has you asking your own questions.  You never know, one day you just might get some answers.

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