Tales of Black Rock House - The living quarters

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In this third instalment, we venture into the living quarters

When we start our investigations at Black Rock House, we start at the back of the stables where the living quarters is. The reason for this is we like to save the house until last. We also find one of the rooms in the living quarters is usually quite active so we also like to start the night on a high. You see we can always count on our friend ‘Annie’. Before we I introduce you to Annie, we will venture into the kitchen.

Watch your step! I can’t tell you how many times I have tripped down the step into the kitchen. I know it is there, but I am just clumsy. During the day, the light filters through the windows. At night depending, it can be pitch black and you can’t see anything in front of you. This room is where we start our investigations. We always have a bit of fun in this room, as there is a cheeky ‘spirit’ called Jim that likes to make himself known. Jim we believe worked on the grounds and was known as a prankster. Quite a lot of sensitive people and mediums who enter this room seem to immediately pick up on this energy. Is his name really Jim? Well this we will never know, but this is what he seems to answer to. Was there a Jim that worked at Black Rock House? Of course there were several Jim’s and James, so we really cannot pinpoint anyone specific. It is something we are continually trying to get to the bottom of during our sessions with Jim. People report being touched in this room, cold spots and lately we have been getting a lot of REM Pod activity which we find especially interesting because it always happens when we are leaving the room.

We like to set up lots of different devices on the table for Jim to interact with. From your simple K2 meter through to static energy rods and of course the REM Pod. We always have someone looking at the table with a portable kinect where we have mapped a figure many times that seems to be ‘dancing’ on the table. Jim never seems to light up the REM Pod when we ask him to. However when we tell him we are going into Annie’s room and start leaving, he usually then makes himself known. It is quite common for the REM Pod to go off while everyone is standing in Annie’s room. Something that is starting to happen a lot more lately. Every time I hear that REM Pod I get excited. Why? Because we can all see there is no one there and I have spent hours upon hours upon hours investigating and the REM Pods rarely go off it at all.

When you venture into Annie’s room we never know what we are going to get. I often am affected by this room. It can make me feel ill, give me a headache and I have had a couple of things happen to me personally in this room. This room we believe is resided by a spirit called Annie. We believe she was a servant at Black Rock House. From our long and extensive sessions with her, she didn’t know she had passed on which is something we investigators come across from time to time. She was quite frustrated that people would be coming through on a regular basis but were not acknowledging her. Now whenever someone enters the room (even the volunteers) we always say ‘Hi Annie’. This revelation came at a bit of a cost. I was the one to tell Annie that she had passed on and we had a bit of a beef for a long time. Once she learnt to use the equipment she would often make herself known but then stay silent. When asked if she wanted to me to leave it was always a yes and once I left she would start talking. Other times I seemed to be affected with nausea, headaches, fogginess and it seemed to be her way to get me out.

Annie’s Room

We had the privilege of doing some interviews with Mystical Guides Haunting Australia Odyssey and the team from Australian Paranormal Society were on hand during the day. I was giving one of the hosts a tour of Annie’s room and running through the different things we have had happen in that room. As soon as we walked in the energy was very thick and heavy. I could not think straight and my vision went blurry. I was trying to talk and nothing was coming out. The guys could sense something was going on but I couldn’t quite spit the words out. I left the room so of course the guys were straight in there with the equipment. This was at 2pm in the afternoon so it proves the point that activity can occur at any time of the day. The equipment was going ballistic and it seemed Annie was a bit upset with everything going on and didn’t know why all these people were there bothering her.

As lovely as Annie is, I will tell you about the time I was attacked in her room. We had just finished up on our first investigation tour. The president of Black Rock House had brought along her daughter in law Shirley who is also a medium. She was a lovely lady and we hit it off immediately. You know when you just connect to a person’s energy? That is what happened. She wanted to go back in and talk to Annie. Most people do. She is a bit of a favourite on our investigations. Being a medium we were more than happy to see what she could get. We also took the GD box in so that those of us who are not mediums might be able to hear what was going on. It can be difficult talking to Annie sometimes because there is someone there that doesn’t want her to talk. His name is Thomas. He was a groundskeeper/care taker and he believes he runs the place. Jim who I referred to earlier is like his little minion and keeps an eye on things for him. Shirley was trying to communicate with Annie and she picked up Thomas standing in the doorway. It is worth noting we had not made any mention of Thomas during the evening. We knew he was there but when we first started running the tours we would not acknowledge his presence but everyone always used to pick up on him. It got to the point where every tour someone would pick up on him so we had to say OK Thomas is here. At one point during her session, Shirley was feeling pain in her stomach and asked me stand next to her and surround her with purple light. I was rubbing her back and doing that. At this moment my name started coming through on the GD Box. It was saying Sarah …. Your Fault. At that moment I felt intense stomach pain and I was hunched over. I then stepped backwards and felt this force push me to the ground. It was like someone was standing over me but no one was there. The guys picked me up off the floor and took me outside. I was so embarrassed and concerned that this had all happened in front of the President of Black Rock House. I thought she is going to can the whole deal. Luckily for us she has a very open mind and loved the whole experience and still talks about that night. Her only problem was that she was going home alone and would have to sleep with the dog! As soon as I went outside there was no pain and I felt great. Apparently laughing came through the GD Box. The guys had a bit of a go at Thomas and he backed off and didn’t surface again for several months. He is a bit of a bully and usually when you confront him he goes away for a while. In further sessions I have asked if it was Annie and from what we could get it wasn’t her. It was Thomas. I was getting to the bottom of some information he didn’t want to be known. It is not the last run in I have had with Thomas but this is my story for Annie’s room. It may sound completely crazy but that is my story. This was the story I told on camera for Mystical Guides Haunting Australia Odyssey. I don’t know if it is ever something that will be aired anywhere but it was a great experience. I managed to tell my story in 1 take too!!!

Doing an interview with Mystical Guides Haunting Australia Odyssey about my experience in Annie’s Room

Annie is our favourite resident of Black Rock House. A lot of people seem to connect with her energy and her story. In terms of the history books, we again can’t trace back exactly to when Annie was there. Unfortunately the history of Black Rock House is under some sort of cloud in that not a lot of information is available beyond the original owner Charles Ebden. It is a work in progress so we try to go in there and have a chat with her whenever we can to get whatever information we can and see if we can somehow find something to validate it. My favourite part of being able to do these investigations at Black Rock House is telling the stories of people like Annie. Every day people. Not the millionaires who built these properties or are famous one way or another, but the every day people who went un-noticed. I love finding out and telling their stories and allowing them to have a voice. Annie is probably my most favourite ‘Tale of Black Rock House’.

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