The Butterfly Effect and Parallel Universes

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What is the Butterfly Effect/Chaos Theory and where did it come from? Does it have a connection with parallel universe? Does paranormal activity have a connection with parallel universes? Just some musings of my own.

Otherwise known as the chaos theory, the butterfly theory is a thought provoking and for some people a life changing concept. It is the thought that something as small as a butterfly flapping it’s wings in New Mexico, could inevitably cause a hurricane in China. If the butterfly had not flapped it’s wings in that exact spot in that point of time, the hurricane would not have occurred. Essentially it is a very small event having a big impact. The best example is to look at the movie ‘Sliding Doors’. In the movie it shows the two very different paths the lead character’s life goes through. In one scenario, she catches a train. In the second scenario, she misses her train. This small event of her missing the train had a large impact on the outcome of her life. It makes us wonder, would our lives be the same if we did certain things differently?

How was The Butterfly Effect discovered?

In 1961 meteorologist Edward Lorenz was entering data into a computer model to perform weather predictions. Instead of entering the fill precision of 0.506127 he simply entered 0.506. The result of this was a completely different weather scenario highlighting the smallest variant can make a completely different outcome. The phrase was coined over 10 years later as Lorenz would publish papers and do presentations to his peers about the concept, not having a name for his talk one of his colleagues used the butterfly analogy to come up with the name for his talk. This sort of theory of course was discussed long before this, but Lorenz is credited with coining the phrase. While the concept refers more to atmospheric and weather conditions, over the years, people have taken this theory to mean a lot more.

How has the theory evolved?

Of course, when you think of The Butterfly Effect you can’t help but think of the popular movie. In the movie, the main character finds a way to travel back in time to points in his childhood. By doing a small thing differently, the outcome of his future and those around him dramatically change. This again is not a new concept. Look at the classic movie ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. It deals with the same theme – how would life be different without this person. It is for reasons like this that the theory has connections with time travel. This however is obviously purely fictional. It is easy to speculate as well that this theory can interconnect with that of a parallel universe. Every universe is slightly different based on the different decisions that a person has made. This again is also explored in many movies. It is one that brings me to the next question…

Is paranormal activity a result of a parallel universe?

We as investigators or course do not know what a spirit is. While a popular theory is that a spirit is someone who has passed on, another is that in fact it is evidence of a parallel universe. When we are conducting a paranormal investigation, are we unknowingly making contact with an investigator in a parallel universe. Are we making contact with ourselves? Is there somehow some sort of break in the wall so to speak that allows us to access this universe? Is this what is responsible for deja vu? That feeling where we feel like we have been somewhere before or had a conversation but we really haven’t. Maybe it happened in another universe? You can sit here all day and ask what if and a lot of days I do. Physics says that it is possible but it is not proven. There are a lot of factors to consider as well. Think of the sheer number of universes that would have to exist based on the decisions of each individual person. It adds some extra weight to the phrase 'the world revolves around you'.

The overall concept is definitely one that can blow your mind. It puts a lot of pressure on our decisions. It can be hard enough sometimes to decide what to wear. What if what we choose to wear has some sort of big effect on the outcome of our day? It also delves into what a person believes. Do you believe in fate or do you believe fate is what you make it? Are certain people destined to meet? In every universe, we may have the same people in our lives. They may play different roles in each universe but they are there because they are meant to be in our lives in some sort of capacity. This I actually believe. I believe that certain people are in our lives for certain reasons. Whether it be for a good time or a long time, there are people that you are just destined to meet. Regardless of what decision you make on that day, you will ultimately have them in your life. A result of fate I guess. While I do believe your future is what you make it, some things are just meant to be.

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