The fun and cheesy puns of the paranormal

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An article dedicated to the funny moments and cheesy lines and puns from our favourite paranormal television shows!

One thing I do enjoy about paranormal TV is the cheesy puns and cringe-worthy lines to create a spooky but dramatic atmosphere. Some shows have provided moments that made us laugh that we remember fondly (even if they were trying to be serious at the time!). So I wanted to dedicate an article to the funny side of the paranormal shows we have all watched at some point (and even enjoy as a guilty pleasure!).  Yes, they are over the top, questionable and not a proper representation of what a paranormal investigator does, but we still watch and sometimes we even enjoy them!  We don't have to be so serious all the time, fun is needed and even a laugh!  Take the programs for what they are ... entertainment!   I wanted to share a tweet from one of my friends Amy from Full Dark Paranormal on Twitter who summed it up best!

So while some people watch the Real Housewives, others like a dose of Ghost Adventures/Hunters/Nation ... you get the idea!

I've never believed in ghosts until I came face to face with one. So I set out on a quest to capture what I once saw onto video....With no big camera crews following us around, I am joined only by my fellow investigator Nick Groff and our equipment tech Aaron Goodwin. The three of us will travel to the some of most highly active paranormal locations, where we will spend an entire night, being locked down from dusk until dawn....Raw...Extreme...These are our Ghost Adventures.”

Zak Bagans - Ghost Adventures

Extra cheese!  Who hasn't recited this as a joke before?  

I wanted to start a trip down memory lane with what is an iconic moment in ghost hunting history that gave us a laugh that we will never forget!  Our favourite medium Derek Acorah who made watching Most Haunted so worthwhile seemed to 'channel;' a spirit by the name of Mary and she loves ... well see for yourself!

South Park once hilarious spoofed one of our old favourites - Ghost Hunters and had has feeling something warm running down our leg!

Troy Williams reminded me of Brian Harnois from Ghost Hunters.  He was in then he was out then back in again and was portrayed as being unreliable and lying about not showing up for meetings.  He is however most remembered for his "Dude Run" moment where he ran screaming out of Eastern State Penitentiary.  

In a lot of ways, Brian was a relatable person to have on screen because he represented most of us everyday people trying to make a go of paranormal investigating and getting into all sorts of situations along the way.  

[Directed to spirits that may be present] 

Brian Harnois : Is there anybody that would like to play with us tonight?

[Upon realizing what he had just said] 

Brian Harnois : That sounded all kinds of wrong.

Haven't we all accidentally burst out laughing when a paranormal investigator in the room innocently says "can you come and touch it?"  (And by IT we are referring to the REM Pod!)

What I enjoy the most usually happens within the intros or conclusion of the show.  The narrator often offers up a pun that questions if a location is haunted.  It does so however in a cheesy way often with a type of fun or smart sentence!  Here are some of my favourites!

Here are some gems I came across to get the ball rolling:

"This dining establishment is still soaked with the stains of its horrific past!" - Zak Bagans Ghost Adventures

"At this hotel, some guests checked in, and some never checked out" - Jack Osborne Portals To Hell

"On a scale of 1 to Scary, I'm about to sh*t my pants." - Mike Morrell, Destination Truth

I challenged readers of LLIFS to come up with their own puns and they certainly didn't disappoint!

Submit your favourite moments or puns and I will add the best ones to this article!

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