The sad origin story behind the Mel Meter 8704

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The Mel Meter 8704 is one of the most used pieces of equipment out in the field. There is actually a really sad but touching story as to how the Mel Meter came to be.

A lot of EMF detectors used in the field were not created for ‘ghost hunting’. They were usually created to find wiring or to measure the magnetic field to see if they were at risk of exposure or find wires in the walls. While nowadays new pieces of equipment are created specifically for the paranormal field, one of the most popular or well-known is the Mel Meter. What a lot of people don’t know, is the sad story behind the creation of this device.

Gary Galka who is the inventor of the Mel Meter is an electrical engineer who owns a company (DAS) that mainly develops test instruments that measure data (One of those being the K-11 device). One fateful night September 24th 2004, Gary’s beloved daughter Melissa, was involved in a car accident where she sustained life-threatening injuries. On September 28th, her family had to make the heart-wrenching decision to take her off life support. She was only 17 years old.

Almost immediately, the family claims that Melissa affectionately known as Mel was trying to make her presence known in what they called ADC – after-death communications. The TV would turn on by itself, lights would turn on and off and she would interfere with different electrical items within the house. They could smell her perfume and eventually, they believed they could feel her hugging and kissing them.

After 6 months passed, Gary began researching the paranormal. He read books and watched television shows and tried his own EVP sessions. Melissa would talk through the recorder and they would compare the voice to her message bank on her phone which they kept open so they could hear her voice. It was around this time that Gary realised that at this time, there was no equipment that was specifically made for contacting spirits.

The Mel Meter 8704 was born. The Word Mel comes from Melissa his daughter who was born in ‘87’ and passed in ‘04’. It reads temperature and EMF with some versions also having a REM POD. Other equipment was eventually made and DAS is now one of the leading suppliers of paranormal equipment. Regardless of whether the Mel Meter is picking up ‘ghosts’ or electricity, you cannot argue that it is one of the most popular pieces of equipment in the field today. It is actually also one of my personal favourites. For me, it is showing me the data of what is happening in the room. Again, regardless of it temperature fluctuations and EMF spikes are paranormal or not, it is giving me the information in real time for me to interpret. 

One of the best things I like about this story is not just the tribute to his daughter, but the fact that Gary and his wife started helping with grief counselling for families who lost loved ones and he actually donates a portion of his profits to these organisations. He is giving back to the community in honour of his daughter. So, the next time you pick up your trusty Mel Meter 8704, take a minute to appreciate the love between Father and Daughter. There is actually an episode of Ghost Adventures back in the earlier days dedicated to Gary where they visit his home to hear this story and I have to say it is probably one of my favourite episodes. All he wants is to talk to his daughter and he is trying to help the paranormal field along the way.

Gary has gone on to develop other devices specifically for paranormal research and often talks about the visits he receives from his daughter.


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  • Jimmy Morris 5 years ago

    I am very sorry for all of you who have suffered losses and wish to communicate with their loved ones. I wanted to clarify that in the paranormal field the Mel Meter is just one of many tools we use to try and communicate with the deceased. The Mel Meter is primarily used to detect changes in the EMF or temperature around the device. For those of you wishing to verbally communicate you need to look into an analog or digital recorder to try your own EVP session or invest in a ghost box or RTSC device like the PSB7 or an older shack hack box for direct verbal communication. Even the voice recorder on your cell phone or an audio recording app could get you EVP results without expending any money. Hope this was helpful.

  • Leslie L Jones 5 years ago

    Made a mistake lost him in 2004 not 1904

  • Leslie L Jones 5 years ago

    This really broke my heart ???? it brought back a lot of memories for me. In 1985 I gave birth to my little girl Crystal. At 2 months old she be came very SICK, on the way to the hospital she stopped breathing. But she came back to us. I thought miracles do happen. But she was not doing good. She was flown to a hospital in Dothan Alabama. They wouldn't let me go with her. So me and her Dad had to drive which was over an hour away. God was with us because we made it to the hospital before the medivac did. She was given test and test. She needed a blood transfusion. She got better. So we finally got to bring her home. Months and months of Dr appointments. She just kept getting sick. We packed whatever we could and drove from FL. to NY wishing they could help her. At that time she needed blood transfusion and platelets. From there we brought her to NJ. We finally got the results. She had a very rare bone marrow disorder. They didn't have the knowledge of this disorder so they said the best hospital is in Philadelphia. She is 1year old at this time. So we found a place to live. We took her to Philadelphia to see a specialist. We never got the chance to go home. We made our home at the Children's hospital. Her health was up and down. In July of 1987 we lost her. Minutes before she went home to be a special angle a tear came down her little face which I caught . All we had left was a lock of her hair. They did find a match for bone marrow transplant,. But it was to late. We went home but it was never the same without her. We did have a son Shaun. Our night mare began again he also had the same disorder. We were told he would not live past 18. Crystal was watching over him. He is 32yr old. My husband Patrick was never the same. I went and took a nap,. Shaun came in and asked me where was Dad? I jumped out of bed I knew something was wrong. I took maybe 15 steps and I saw a letter on the table. "I have to be with Crystal. Do not look in the shed!). He took his own Life in 1904. A week before Shaun's 18th birthday. They both come to play tricks on us. Crystal always wants to play. I will be doing something and I hear her say peek a boo. They are still with me and Shaun. And always will.

  • Alice Butts 5 years ago

    Always amazed me,I am truly interested,

  • Alice Butts 5 years ago

    Always amazed me,I am truly interested,

  • Julie Swearingen 5 years ago

    Your article on the origin of the Mel Meter is so well written and really touched me! I first heard about the Mel Meter when I saw the episode of Ghost Adventures that you spoke about. Being the mother of 2 amazing children, my heart aches so much for the Galka family. I commend Gary for all of the devotion that he has poured into the “dawn” of the paranormal.... I can certainly understand why he is doing it all! I am also so touched by all that he and his wife are doing to help other grieving families as I have very close friends who have tragically lost children and I know how much what they are doing means to these families!

    I had what I believe were paranormal experiences as a child and I truly think that there is so much more to life after death than we previously knew about. Thanks to Gary Galka and all of the brave, tireless paranormal investigators out there, contact with those who are no longer with us will become an everyday normal occurrence. So.....a huge thank you to Gary, for continuing to invent the equipment to make this happen! I wish I could express my grief to him and his family and that I hope he can think that maybe his Sweet Melissa did not die in vain. Every time I watch a paranormal show and the Mel Meter is mentioned, I always think of Gary, Melissa and the family!!

  • David Wenger 5 years ago

    I actually have the first Mel Meter sent to Europe. We tested it and absolutely love it. The Mel meter has come along way from the first design.

  • Deborah swartz 5 years ago

    Yes was messaging to see how these work my husband shot his self and my sister died from tumor know have the same tumor .I'm carrying this weight on my shoulder of I should of been there more .or I should of been there before my husband shot his self .I have been followed by something .every night something sits only bed if I'm not awake it will shake my bed .I've seen my dead husband so gas my daughter .i am so depressed i no i need one to ease my mind .but at this moment I can't afford one .

    • Rick Kirkby 5 years ago

      This works, by reading the Electromagnetic Fields, and it also logs the temperature.

      It's believed, that Spirit can manipulate, the EMF (or are read as such energy) Thus you, get a reading.. Also, there could be a temperature drop, or increase in the area.

      This device, won't capture any voices, but it might be possible, to have minimal interaction, on a yes/no question and answer front.

      I hope, that you are getting help and support, for your depression...
      Please seek help, if not..

      Kind regards..

      Rick a paranormal investigator, in the UK

    • Living Life In Full spectrum 5 years ago

      Hi Deborah I’m so sorry to hear about your grief. This device will not allow you to talk to your husband, it is a tool investigators use to detect changes within the atmosphere. It gives readings such as temperature and EMF. It is not a tool of communication. All the best to you and I’m very sorry for your loss

  • Rose budd???????? 5 years ago

    Hello Paranormal Ppl Yes it would be a Great Up date to see if they could do a show with Gary Galka & Melissa Galka update ????????????

    • Rick Kirkby 5 years ago

      He's on, a new show with the new, Star Trek Actor, whom plays Spock.

      He demonstrates, this and other devices, aswel as talking about, how he communicates with his Daughter via EVP etc...

  • Gloria 6 years ago

    I love my husband of brain cancer on 11/12/2018. We we together for over 27 years. I wish I could afford one of these meters. I Know he's still here with me. I really would like to know what he needs to tell me.

    • Rick Kirkby 5 years ago

      This device, only measures the EMF (Electromagnetic Field) and the temperature..

      At best, you could use it for yes, no type of questions.

      This doesn't record, EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)

      You would need, other kit for this...

      But I caution you, before doing so! Sometimes, you may record voices, that say some nasty things/ frightening things!!

      I've been a paranormal researcher/ investigator for over 20 years!..

      I often, have people contact me, due to them getting scared... very scared by, using such devices in there homes!..

      This is not really, something you should do! It can be, psychologically damaging!! We just don't know, what will come through! If you aren't prepared, and if a certain constitution!

      That's my, honest opinion from, my years of experience.

  • Dorie Barron 6 years ago

    Thank you, thank you, thank you...for taking the paranormal seriously!!!

  • roberto 6 years ago

    i have seen this episode on tv (i follow all series from Zak Bagan) it is good feeling when you can have still contact with a person from your family after he or she died, after this episode i decided that i want to help other people also to have contact with there beloved ones who are in an other world and soon i want to buy some equiptment, r.i.p Melissa god is with you
    greetings from roberto from netherlands

  • Ashley Blocher 6 years ago

    I just watched this episode and it is by far my favorite. I wish they would do an update

    • living life in full spectrum 6 years ago

      I agree it is one of my favourites! Actually most people you talk to will agree. I think we can all relate and connect to the story. Gary is still in business and actually about to release a new version of the Mel Meter with new functions, so I am watching keenly.