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Could a tuning fork potentially help with EVP research?

Over the years, I have been researching and doing a lot of work with EVP.  Many will agree that there is so much more to the concept of EVP than just hitting record and asking a few questions.  There is a lot of other work you can do within this.  In the past, I have shared different experiments I have come across or used when it comes to EVP, and I wanted to share with you the work I have been doing on and off.  In the last 12 months or so, I have used singing bowls at the beginning of EVP sessions or just at the general beginning of an investigation to raise the vibration in the room to see if it helps.

Singing bowls

Nikola Tesla is famous for saying:

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration

Singing bowls are traditionally known as Tibetan singing bowls.  They were said to be used by Buddhist monks for meditation and healing.  People often use singing bowls for meditation and it can help promote relaxation and reduce stress.  Banging the mallet on the outside of the bowl creates a loud bell-like sound.  After creating this sound, press the mallet firming while making a circular motion around the outside of the bowl.  This creates a humming or ringing like sound that can get louder the faster they make the circling motions.  It is something that you need to practice as often it can be difficult to get the ringing noise.  I know it is something I am really good at doing alone at home, but when I am in front of a group of people, the pressure is too much and I can't seem to do it.  Luckily there is usually someone there that can without fumbling.

Image Source Kimberley Coole / Getty Images

So why would you want to make this kind of noise during an investigation?  Many people believe that spirits and vibrations are connected.  We use things like infrasound or different sound experiments to try and get a spirit to respond.  What I personally like about using this kind of tool, in theory, is that when we look at the entire Universe, every single thing is vibrating at a certain frequency.  There is always debate about what exactly a spirit is.  While a lot of people believe that it is the soul or energy of someone who has passed away, what if there is something else out there we are communicating with but cannot see?  What if like Nikola Tesla said the secrets lie with vibration?  This act of creating vibration and a specific noise could in theory resonate with something on the same vibration.  I know from personal experience that when using this method at the beginning of a session, we have gotten what seems to be results.  On other occasions, we have gotten nothing.  While we won't know if we would have received the same results with or without the bowl is one of those things but it is certainly worth trying.  

If I were to take it a step further, people use singing bowls to meditate.  Some people believe that in a meditative state, they are able to make contact with something.  If a person were to use a bowl during an investigation, could this help to 'open a person up' so to speak?  Again it is something worth trying.

So following on from using a singing bowl, what if we replaced a singing bowl with a tuning fork?  What if using a tuning fork could help us with EVPs?

Tuning fork therapy

Image Source: The Wellness Universe

Tuning forks are already widely used by the spiritual community.  By using metal tuning forks that have been pre-calibrated to a certain frequency, by banging the fork on a surface or hitting it with a rod, it will make a sound and begin to vibrate.  The fork is then held to different areas of the body while it is vibrating for its healing properties.  This is said to help release tension and some research has suggested that it can work in a similar way to acupuncture.  Doctors also use tuning forks, but not for healing.  Often a tuning fork is used for hearing tests or it can even help a DR to determine if a bone is broken before using an X-ray device.

What if we used a tuning fork with our EVP's?

Typically, people in the past have used white noise as a way to enhance or work with their EVP sessions.  White noise is that annoying, static, fuzzy sound that you hear when your radio or TV has no signal. The one that when too loud makes you cover your ears as it is almost unbearable. It is defined as a combination of all the different frequencies that a human ear can hear. We know that the human ear can hear between 20 and 20000HZ. This means that you are hearing approximately 20000 tones of sound at the same time. The easiest way to understand it is to think of a quiet little cafĂ©. You go to have a coffee and while you are sitting and enjoying your coffee, you can hear all the different conversations. You can differentiate the different voices. Now imagine you are in a busy shopping centre in the food court at lunchtime on the school holidays. Everyone is talking at the same time and you cannot hear the individual voices. It is just a mess of loud chatter. White noise works in the same way. You are hearing so many different tones at the same time that it all just blends into the fuzzy static sound that you recognize as white noise.  Many believe that the white noise or more specifically the frequency within it allows spirits to 'talk' to us through EVP.  Often investigators will use a white noise generator which provides this static background noise for their EVP sessions.

White Noise Generator 

Keeping in mind the idea of frequency, what if we were to replace a white noise generator with a tuning fork?  A tuning fork depending on its size is tuned in to a certain frequency.  By making a tuning fork vibrate before or even during an EVP session means it is generating noise and vibration at a particular frequency.  Could this help us enhance our EVP sessions?

This is a tuning fork I have been using which is tuned at 144hz.  The reason I have specifically chosen this tuning fork was because of the frequency it is tuned at.  Many people who analyze their EVPs seem to catch them between the range of 100-300 Hz.  By using a device that vibrates at a frequency in the middle of this range, could this help our EVP sessions?

This is a work in progress for me at the moment, however, I thought I would share as I know many other people use this method as well and claim to have great results.  I can't tell you either way at this point if it has been beneficial, but there is a purpose to the plan and I am going to keep at it, if not just to try and understand the World of sound and EVP a little better.  I would love to hear your thoughts and even ideas on how you can incorporate this into your paranormal research.

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