Water and the Paranormal

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Do you believe that water acts as a conduit for paranormal phenomena? Water has connections with the paranormal in many ways. Let's look at some of the theories and ways in which water is associated with the paranormal and mythology.

There is a lot of natural phenomena which people believe may act as some kind of catalyst for paranormal activity. We question things like, does a full moon increase paranormal activity? Does a thunderstorm fuel energy in a location? Another theory investigators often talk about is the notion that perhaps water acts as some kind of conduit for paranormal activity. If a location is close to the ocean or if there is a spring running underneath, it is thought these are potential reasons for increased activity. So let's look into this theory as well as different ways people actually use water when it comes to the paranormal.

Where did this connection with water come from?

Like a lot of 'theories' within the paranormal field, a lot of the time, we don't actually know where they came from. From a lot of the research I have done, it leads back to similar leads I found when looking at the Stone Tape Theory. It was though that particular theory (though officially named stone tape because of a movie), are through to have come from the initial publishings of Thomas Charles Leithbridge. He was an archeologist who became a self-proclaimed parapsychologist and in 1961 he released a book 'Ghost and Ghoul'. His theory was that ghosts themselves are not supernatural phenomena. His theory was that traumatic events such as a murder or suicide could be absorbed by its surroundings most specifically a kind of moist rock or stone. After having an experience where he saw an apparition near a stream of water, he also believed that the water, forests, earth, and mountains could record imprints as they were charged by the ions in the air which allowed them to record these memories. It is certainly possible that some of the ideas of water having an effect on paranormal phenomena could have come from these musings.

Another connection could possibly be the fact that water itself is said to be a good insulator of electricity. We know that a lot of people associate different forms of electricity and electromagnetic fields with paranormal phenomena. It means thinking in this same light that it would not be too far of a stretch to assume that a large flowing stream of water next to a location could potentially be 'fuelling' this phenomenon in the same way an electrical source does. An insulator itself doesn't conduct an electrical current. Pure water that has salts etc does not act as a conductor. Distilled water, tap or boiled water does. One would assume that all streams, lakes, oceans, etc next to locations would contain pure water. What you have though is essentially something that could possibly set the 'right conditions' to fuel paranormal phenomena. The thing is, theories such as the Stone Tape Theory and Moon Cycles, etc, there is actually no hard evidence to support these claims. It is a widely supported theory within the field and I have probably even said this myself in the past, but I don't have any data to back it up. It seems to be something that we just accept to be true because everyone in the field says it. This is where we really do have to start looking further into these claims. In the same way, I encourage it with lunar cycles and thunderstorms, etc, lets actually see if there is really anything to this theory. Is a location more likely to experience paranormal activity the closer it is to a water source? This would mean tracking things likes KMs in distance and using data loggers to measure the surroundings. It would be quite interesting to think a little outside the box here and try something a little different. For example, investigators use things like EM Pumps to see if they can 'attract' paranormal phenomena, so what if you set up something like a water fountain or something with running water during an investigation with the same theory in mind? Could this act as a source? Maybe even a running tap could have some effect? Given the above theory, maybe it could work in the same way? It is worth at least trying and it may help us decipher if there really is any merit to this claim.

Once we start seeing an actual pattern or we actually have the data to back up these claims, they start to have a lot more weight behind them. Remember don't just believe a theory as fact because you have heard it from fellow investigators. Ask questions, ask their experiences and ask to see their findings. Create your own data and play a part in getting these answers. It may make you look at things in a way you didn't expect at all!

While we mostly look at water as some kind of conduit for paranormal phenomena, there are other ways that water is also associated with the paranormal.

Water and mythology

Many cultures refer to some kind of mythological water spirit.

Celtic folklore refers to water spirit called 'each-uisge', a dangerous water horse.

In German mythology, there are shapeshifting water spirits referred to as 'Nix/Nixe/Nyx', meaning The Neck.

Greek mythology talks about the popular nymphs and sea sirens.

The Romans talk about 'Camenae' who were the goddesses of springs and fountains and also other forms of a nymph.

In Asian cultures, evil spirits are thought to lurk in waters. People are encouraged not to swim or walk by water at night as these evil spirits could pull them into the water. Something they are particularly afraid of during the Hungry Ghost Festival.

Water for spiritual rituals and protections

Water is often used in ceremonies and rituals among different spiritual and religious groups. In many cultures, water is thought to be the very essence of life. We as humans ourselves are made up of mostly water. Around 70 percent of the world is covered in water. People use it for a range of spiritual and religious purposes. Water is used for baptisms as water is the Christian sign of divine life. Water that has been blessed by a priest is considered to be the best spiritual protection against demonic forces. Moon water is also used by other spiritual people as a form of protection against spirits. By charging the water from the powerful beams from the moon, it is thought to be one of the ultimate sources of magic. It is also used for healing fertility, beauty, and emotional abundance.

Water itself plays such an integral part of our daily life that it is little wonder that people have connected it to the paranormal. Quite simply, if we as living beings do not get water in some way shape, or form, we will die. It really is the essence of life, so does that mean it has a connection to death? I would love to hear your thoughts. Do you believe that water aids paranormal phenomena? Tell me your experiences below.

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  • Betty shelton 5 years ago

    I was camping in black mnt in asheville nc once..i went to the creek to wash up and when i looked at my reflection in the water suddenly another face appeared of a BEAUTIFU woman who liked alot like me only alittle older..i always wondered if it was my mom whom i never met..has hunted me every since that day wondering who it really was

  • Camille MCNEIL 5 years ago

    Love your content

  • Joseph Kapusta 5 years ago

    If the hypothesis concerning electromagnetic field creation by spirits is considered it applies that some connection is possible since there are known electromagnetic effects on water however the density of water for transmission of sound waves can differ by over 60 dB, the advantage being in the air. Concerning certain Cryptid folklore such as vampires for example, water is used to prevent regeneration & provide isolation/imprisonment of them. Water is a curious ingredient in so much of mythology, the paranormal & cryptozoology.