When your partner doesn't quite get the whole paranormal investigating thing ....

2nd December 2015. Reading Time: 4 minutes General. 989 page views. 0 comments.

I often see many couples investigating together which is lovely ... But what if your partner just isn't into it?

Sitting on my couch while husband is indulging in a breaking bad binge on Netflix (I assure you there is no Netflix and chill happening here) and eating a drumstick which of course is choc mint because there is really no other flavour worth my time, I have realised something. I have sunken into what we call ‘reality’. Perfectly comfortable sitting at home with my family not having any paranormal thoughts or urges to crack open google for some research. I am in a ‘non paranormal state of mind’. It happens from time to time and I have blogged about it before because for most of us, this is what we call our ‘love jobs’. We have all have lives, families and jobs that sometimes need to take priority. Especially at this time of year with just a handful of days to go before Christmas. Family should and will always come first. For me I have been working through fulfilling my two son’s ever changing Christmas present list, cleaning oh so much cleaning and indulging in one too many wines, chocolate pudding and roast lunches (and it isn’t even Christmas yet!). Not really much time for anything paranormal right?

It got me thinking about other times during the year where in a love job career of paranormal you can lose your motivation. Maybe you are tired from work, sick, going through some personal issues or just have a big case of the cbf’s. Sometimes you need to take a step back and say ‘OK what is it that drives me. What is it I want to achieve out of what I am doing?’ Why I am putting all this time and effort into this? If your answer is I want to be a television paranormal star or some sort of paranormal celebrity please back away. For me? I do this because I want answers. Yes I know there is something after we die. Exactly what it is we will probably never truely know. So I like to immerse myself into the individual cases and locations. I thrive on research. I want to piece stories together. I want to get names, year of death, cause of death, career, why they are at this particular place and what does it tie in with. Can I link this back with historical information? That is my main focus when I investigate. Then come a lot of other questions …. Why is the particular spirit I communicated at this place still here? Do they have a message? Why have they not moved on? Are they earthbound or just visiting? What does all that even mean? Is it spirits we are dealing with or alternate realities or time lapses? I probably will never know the true answer to these questions but what I do know is what I think and what I believe. One of the things I love most is discussing all these points with my fellow investigators. I can sit for hours and I do quite regularly with my team which ultimately leads to ‘Can we come up with some sort of answer to these questions that we can put the test? Can we prove what we think we know?’ I feel the motivation coming back just writing about it!

Whenever I am feeling lost or I don’t have an investigation booked in to tie me over, it is these theories etc that I focus on. I research. I talk to different people online in groups and read all sorts of articles which are usually just different opinions but they are out there. I seek out fellow investigators at events and share stories and theories (which is quite honestly one of my favourite things to do.) Some of the best most engaging conversations you can have is on these kind of things with a fellow investigator. Maybe you have a common ground or maybe you have completely different views. It doesn’t matter. Start the dialogue and don’t be afraid to express your opinion. In this field there is no right or wrong answer because we all believe different things and ultimately I guess we are all doing our own thing to try to prove what we believe to be true. If this is not enough motivation for you, I don’t know what is!

On a special side note I would like to thank you all for your support since the launch of this blog. I honestly didn’t expect anyone ‘besides maybe my mum’ to read my blog and even care about what I had to say. I am certainly no paranormal expert and in comparison to a lot of people in this field, I am very new. I am open to learn and I am simply just sharing my views and experiences as a bit of a creative outlet because I just love paranormal to bits. It has saved me from normality because who wants to be normal anyways? xxxxx

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