Why is the paranormal referred to as pseudoscience

6th November 2017. Reading Time: 2 minutes General. 1687 page views. 0 comments.

As investigators we often go around saying, "we take a scientific approach to investigating". Apparently we shouldn't be using this term because the paranormal is actually a pseudoscience. Here is why. Does it really matter? Depends on you and who you are trying to convince.

One of the first things you ask an investigator or paranormal group is ‘What is your approach to investigating?”. There are usually two answers. You are either spiritual or scientific. There is a bit of a problem with using the term scientific. I use it all the time to be honest, but apparently we shouldn’t. Why? Because paranormal research is considered to be a pseudoscience.

The definition of pseudoscience is a practise or belief mistakenly regarded as being based on scientific method. Anything that strays away from mainstream science is considered to be a pseudoscience. Anything from astrology, parapsychology and even alternative medicine are considered to be pseudoscience. Paranormal research or investigating, whatever you want to call it, also falls into this category. Look at the word paranormal. Normal is considered to be scientific explanation of what is considered to be normal. Anything beyond or opposite to this is para hence the term paranormal.

Anyone can be a paranormal researcher or investigator. You don’t need a degree in science. There is no qualification even to be a paranormal investigator. Anyone can pick up a K2 and call themselves a paranormal investigator. The methods and equipment we use out in the field are unproven. Our results are inconclusive. An investigation is sometimes only visiting a location once where as in real science, hundreds sometimes thousands of samples are taken to validate. Finally, after all of these years, nothing has been proven.

Does it really matter? To me no it doesn’t. I am not out there trying to prove myself to anyone. I am not presenting my results to try and prove anything. I am not trying to convince you that there is an afterlife. If I come across a sceptic and they tell me it is a pseudoscience and there is no real science behind it, I don’t really care. I am searching for my own answers. If you are out there trying to be taken seriously in the scientific world, then be aware it is considered a pseudoscience. A sceptic or scientist may rip you apart if you refer to your work as scientific because technically it isn’t. It is just a word really. You are honestly never going to convince a scientist or sceptic just as they are never going to convince you if you believe. Pick your battles. Science or pseudoscience? It doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t change what you are doing or how you are doing it. It might just change how you talk about it.

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