Originally called Laverton homestead, Altona Homestead was built in the mid 1840’s by Alfred and Sarah Langhorne. They were the first settlers in Altona. Alfred obtained a pastoral lease of 248 acres from the NSW Government. Soon after settling, they leased large areas of land. By 1849 he held 12,488 acres. Over the years, the Homestead was extended and at the turn of the century (1900), it was it’s current size (however outbuildings have been demolished.). After Alfred died in 1874, his property went to J J Phelps and the land was sub divided to make up the suburb now known as Altona. The property is rumoured to be haunted by the ghost of Edward John Goodson who has been nicknamed the ‘Cat Man’. In 1909, people found Goodson who was homeless at the time at the front of the property. He had been murdered. His nickname of the Cat Man came from his hobby of fishing. He would keep all of the fish who were often dead. The smell of the fish attracted cats. Some people have said when you sit down on the toilet outside the homestead, people feel like a cat is stroking their feet. Sarah Langhorne is also said to haunt the homestead. She died in 1871. She gave birth in the homestead, but sadly her child Henry died at the age of seven months old. She also lost her teenage daughter. She is said to stand at the lounge room window looking out.

These photos were taken a few years ago when I went on a paranormal investigation of the homestead on an iphone6 so they are not to my usual standard.