Her Majesty's Theatre in Ballarat first opened it's doors in 1875 and is considered to be one of Australia's best preserved theatres. It was first known as the Academy of Music and was built by the wealthy Clarke family who felt that Ballarat should have a grand type theatre to represent it's status of the premier city of the Victorian Goldfields. After changing hands a few times, in 1987, the theatre was acquired by the City of Ballarat who still owns and runs the theatre today. It is not without it's ghosts. The theatre is rumoured to be haunted by 3 ghosts, one being the spirit of a 16 year old entertainer Caroline Eliza Lewis. Oddly, the skeleton of a cat is said to be buried at the theatre to protect the theatre and it's patrons and has been there for over 100 years. Have you had any spooky encounters at the theatre?

Her Majesty's Theatre Ballarat