Milanos Tavern started out as the Royal Terminus Hotel built in the 1840’s. It had a total of 5 sitting rooms and 7 bedrooms. For 30 shillings a week you could stay at the hotel. In 1990 it was sold and renamed Milanos Tavern where it sits today as a dining bistro and function centre. A known suicide took place in one of the bedrooms when this was a hotel. Mr Charles Edward Broome was a stock broker was found dead in his bed with an empty bottle of prussio acid next to him. On the dressing table was a note address to the local police Sergeant. He admitted he took his life of his own free well. He asked to be put on a yacht and released at sea. If this was not possible he asked his body to be wrapped in jute cloth and put in a cheap coffin with holes drilled in it. He then asked to be put in the ocean – the holes were so the coffin would sink. Then there is the story of Tilly. The staff at Milanos tell us that a young staff member was raped in the 1920’s by the landlord. She was dragged through the underground tunnel which sits underneath the kitchen where she was left for dead. It was quite common for a lot of hotels to have a tunnel leading to sea so that alcohol could be transported by pirates. Staff reported that on the third floor Tilly makes herself known and was quite aggressive to males often pushing them or growling at them. A lot of staff were too afraid to go upstairs on their own. During my own investigation at Milanos tavern, I had one of the most profound experiences I have ever had and probably will ever have. I was on the third floor doing an EVP session in a staircase leading to the attic. I had one investigator standing behind me filming. The other 3 investigators were over the other side of the building. As I was doing an EVP session, I asked Tilly if she was upset that I had brought 3 men along with me. It was then I felt a cold breath on my right ear. I felt my ear vibrate you know that feeling when someone whispers into your ear? They aggressively whispered ‘get ouuuut’. It was a male voice. It honestly freaked me out because I knew it wasn’t the girl behind me and there was no one else around. The sound was later found to be caught on a recorder and a video camera. For me, that was the moment that answered all of my questions. Was it Tilly? Or perhaps it was Charles Edward Broome. Follow up investigations at this location unfortunately did not reveal any further information. Here is a link to the video if you would like to see it: