A night of Strange Curiosity

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On Saturday 16th of December, I was lucky enough to attend a special screening of season 1 of Strange Curiosity from the Klinge Brothers, hosted by my friends at Australian Paranormal Society

After a very long year of investigating, the paranormal enthusiasts of Melbourne were given a very special treat. My good friends Bill and Mandy from Australian Paranormal Society hired out a cinema and organized a very special screening of the paranormal series 'Strange Curiosity'. This series is produced by two of my favorite celeb ghost hunters - Brad and Barry Klinge most well known from their TV show Ghost Lab which ran for 2 seasons. When I first started out investigating, I was very fortunate to meet the brothers on their tour of Australia. I attended an all day seminar and a long night time investigation with them. To say I learnt a lot from them would be an understatement. What I loved most was how down to earth they were, lots of fun and just the nicest guys. If anyone was to ask me who my favorite para celeb that I have met is, hands down I would say these guys. I don't know if it is because they were my first or just because they give good hugs (A very important pre requisite for me), but they are number 1. You can read all about the night with Klinges in 2014 in one of my very first articles: First encounter with a paranormal celebrity

Fast forward a few years (this was in 2014) and a lot has changed for me. I am not the quiet shy paranormal junkie too scared to call herself an investigator. I am out there every weekend and have even hosted an event or 2 or 50 myself with my team (who were also all there that night too!). A lot of this I credit to Brad and Barry from the different things I learnt from them from their seminar. A lot has changed for them as well. After a hiatus for a little while, fans were thrilled when news came that a new series was out called 'Strange Curiosity'. It wasn't just about ghost hunting and it wasn't your typical ghost hunting show shot in night vision. It was very real and maybe to a lot of surprise gasps, they even investigate during the day AND got evidence because you know what guys? You don't have to investigate at night. It is real investigating at it's finest. They don't use all the fancy latest gadgets, it is mainly EVP with live listening (which has encouraged me to start doing that again). They also look at different things in the paranormal, not just a typical haunted building.

It seems fans in the US agree as well. Season 1 of Strange Curiosity is streaming on Amazon with over 3.5 million streaming minutes in a span of 9 months. Pretty impressive. There were rumblings over the last 12 months or so of a Ghost Lab reboot called 'GL Revolution'. This had fans scrambling with excitement. It is still happening, just under a different name, Here is a statement released by The Klinge Brothers regarding their future:

So the stage was set for the season 1 event right here in Melbourne! I arrived at the Backlot studios in South Melbourne and I was greeted by a lot of familiar faces. Some are my paranormal family that I adore, others were regulars I see at events I have been apart of running and there were even some old faces from the early days when I started out. That is what I love about these kind of events, you never know who will be there. It was a really relaxed environment. You could grab a drink from the bar and just sit and chill while we waited for the evening to start. There was no egos flying around the room, there was no pressure to investigate, it was literally happy hour for ghost hunters!

I was on photo duty with my trusty Canon 70d and fancy new lens and happily took photos of all of the excited guests waiting to go in. Bill even made up some cute little signs saying 'I have a Strange Curiosity'. It was a nice little gimmick and it made people relax and want to have their photo taken. It was all for a bit of fun and set the tone for the night. It was a really chilled and relaxed environment. We entered the cinema and found our seats where Bill from APS gave a quick spiel on what the night would entail. We proceeded to watch the first 2 episodes of Strange Curiosity. There were lots of gasps from some interesting EVP captures as well as a bit of laughter. If you are not familiar with Brad and Barry, they like to have a laugh and aren't Mr serious all the time and boy do they like to provoke. Brad in particular does not hold back when he provokes and when he gets going, it is really entertaining. I still remember hearing his voice boom down the halls of the Geelong Gaol when I investigated with them all those years ago. It is something you don't forget! After a quick intermission, we started round 2 with another 2 episodes. We finished up with the show stealing episode about Black Eyed Children. The best was saved for last. It was interesting and it was different. Again it wasn't people running around in night vision looking for black eyed children. It was interviewing people who have claimed to of had real life encounters with these (well we don't know what they are really) and then the brothers looking at it from different angles and talking to different people in the field from religious folk who looked at the spirtual aspect through to UFOligists who perhaps feel they could be not of this world. They never sat there and claimed they knew what what it was, that was up to the viewer to decide. They simply presented us with all of the information they had come across and looked at different possibilites of what it could be. After this episode there was a lot of chatter among the crowd. I even had a couple of people approach me afterwards to have a discussion about it. Some found it fascinating, others felt they may have had a similar sort of experience and could relate. It seemed to hit that right nerve with everyone and did what a great show should do, spark a discussion.

As the night was coming to a close, it came to the part I was most looking forward to, a quick Skype Q & A with Brad and Barry. They had very kindly organized with Bill to be available at 5am their time to sit in their car and Skype with us and answer any questions that we had. During the intermission, people wrote down questions they wanted to ask. We did have a little big of a snag thanks to the stupid Skype update and they couldn't hear us, but we could hear them. I helped out and typed the questions through chat to Brad and Barry and they answered them as only they could. Lots of enthusiasm and humour for that time of the morning for them and I must say and the crowd was eating it up. 30 minutes went by so very quickly and we had to wrap it up. They couldn't hear me but I did throw in a wave on the Skype camera!

The night had come to a close. There were a lot of happy faces leaving. It was something different that we are not used to in Melbourne. It was a fun, inexpensive night (it cost the same as a village cinemas movie ticket would) and it was something different. You could just hang with your friends, have a chat and a laugh. There were no politics it was just a bunch of people with a love of the paranormal having a night out. A big thankyou to Bill and Mandy from APS for organizing this event and a big thankyou to Brad and Barry for giving us the opportunity to see the content and for getting up so early (or staying up really late) to have a chat with us. I am campaigning for you to come out and visit us again! I'll be waiting (not in some sort of creepy stalker way I promise!) In the mean time, we are anxiously awaiting season 2!

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