Tales of Black Rock House - The Death Room

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Quite often when roaming around Black Rock House, people seem to be drawn to one particular room. In fact if we say to people have a walk around and see where you end up, you can bet they will end up in the main bedroom, a room affectionately known by the volunteers of Black Rock House as 'The Death Room'

Why would such a beautifully decorated room be associated with such a dark name? When I took my first tour of Black Rock House, the volunteers were the ones who actually brought this to my attention. For some reason, people seemed to have a reaction to this room. This was well before we started doing investigations here. The people having these experiences were people doing a normal historical walk through. Some could not enter the room at all. To some there was some sort of invisible wall blocking them or they did not like the feeling of the room and would stand in the hall. Others would walk in and start feel sea sick and swaying like they were rocking on a boat and some said that the room just smelt like death. This was such a regular occurrence that the nickname 'The Death Room' was coined.

Investigating this room is equally as interesting. People experience all of the above and more. I often ask for a volunteer to lie on the bed. Sensitive people always seem to get a pain in the side of their head and quite a few have asked if someone has died in the bed. To this I do not know the answer as the bed is not original to the house. It was purchased from a dealer and carries it own story. Perhaps someone did die in the bed. What is also strange is that one of the bed posts of this 4 poster bed emits EMF. Not all the time and it is only one particular post. Maybe there is some sort of metal or something in that one specific post or could it be a sign that something has attached itself to the bed? Maybe the bed is carrying the energy of a traumatic death and this is what people are picking up on when the enter the room?

On one occasion, I myself have smelt this horrible smell associated with the room and I was with a couple of other people who did as well. It was to the point that we searched every corner of the room to see if there was some sort of dead animal like a mouse of possum hiding somewhere. The smell itself seemed to move around the room and completely disappeared and in the 2 years I have been there, I have never smelt it again. On another occasion, a group of us were standing in the room about to do a spirit box session. I remember I was sitting on the bed. We heard the door latch and the gentleman standing nearest to the door stood to the side as if to let whoever it was come in. Another investigator was out in the hallway at the other end of house so we assumed it was him coming in. When no one walked in I got up to look outside. There was no one at the door and he was at the other end of the house. We reviewed video footage and we were able to confirm that the people nearest to the door were not touching it and definitely did not turn the knob to open the door. The door itself is not hard to open so of course it is possible that it opened on it's own by some sort of natural cause, but it is something that had never happened before and has not happened again. Was someone trying to come inside?

It is one of the more active rooms at Black Rock House, but we can't seem to pinpoint a certain person or event. I have done countless EVP sessions and never received a voice. We have done a lot of Spirit Box work and get the word Hello here and there but that is it. Lots of different words come up on the Ovilus but I am skeptical of this device and nothing comes up that seems to be of significance. The EMF coming off the bed post is strange and we have been unable to properly debunk it. There also seems to be EMF activity in one corner of the room, but only when someone lies on the bed, and usually this person needs to be a female. REM Pod activity seems to indicate that something or someone perhaps hides under the bed. Whatever is there and trying to communicate with us, I do not feel is nasty or evil. The energy is different to other areas and can make people feel ill, but I don't think it is evil and definitely not 'demonic' which a couple of people have asked. Whatever or whoever it is, still remains one of those mysteries that I intend to solve!

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