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I couldn't think of a better person to start off the second season of this series. This week I talk to Kerry Greenaway who is the co-owner and a presenter for Parasearch Radio as well as working intuitively with tarot cards and crystals through her own business based in the UK.

I first 'met' Kerry around 2 years ago now when she contacted me to appear as a guest on her radio station - Parasearch radio. It was in fact the first time I had ever done an interview and I honestly thought she must be crazy to have someone like me on her show. At the time, the blog had been running for around 2 years and was only just starting to find it's feet and I myself too was finding the confidence to discuss paranormal topics and theories at a deeper level. Kerry played a major part in putting me and work out there particularly to followers in the UK and I have enjoyed a wonderful relationship with her and the guys at Parasearch radio ever since. In fact it was Kerry that led to me meeting Ashley Knibb who I now collaborate with on Supernatural Synchronicity and hopefully more projects too. What I love about Kerry is that she is such a fun and down to earth person that has a real interest in many aspects of the paranormal field. I am in awe at the range of topics she is able to research and discuss on her programs and the level of detail that she presents on a topic. She not only cares about what she does, but has a genuine interest. She is quite humble and very much about promoting and highlighting the work of others, to the point that she doesn't really get the credit she deserves for the work that she does. I think it is time that she did which is why I wanted her to be the first person to headline the Conversations series for season 2.

Please provide a short bio of who you are and what you do in the paranormal field:

I am the owner of Spirit & Soul Island Crystals which specializes in selling Crystal and Mineral specimens as well as making spiritual energy tools. I have been involved in energy and spiritual work for the past 20yrs starting off by reading Tarot Cards which then evolved into working intuitively with Crystals. I started working within the paranormal field 5 years ago and use crystals in many ways on investigations. I have a unique take on all things spiritual, drawing on my wealth of knowledge which covers many subjects. I am also co-owner and Presenter on Parasearch Radio exploring many topics on the supernatural and paranormal. This has led me to interviewing leading figures in the paranormal field as well as the spiritual bringing a wide range of experiences and knowledge to the stations listeners.

How did you get started in the paranormal field?

I've always had an interest in the unexplained and esoteric so when the paranormal tv explosion happened around 10yrs ago I was an avid watcher. So much so that when I hit 40 my friends bought me a ticket to a public event. I loved it and when the opportunity came up to cross my spiritual work with a team investigation I jumped at the chance. It was a random post on the socials from a local team looking for members and the rest they say is history.

What is it that draws you to the paranormal?

Its always the 'why' for me. I'm always looking for an explanation in any of the work I do and trying to explain whats occurring. I'm not skeptical however I would say I am logical and have a strong sense of common sense. Working the cross over between the spiritual and logical is challenging but that is what is pushing me forward. If we can prove links between the two fields then maybe just maybe it will help to bring the field together.

Do any members of your family research/investigate the paranormal as well? (Does it run in the family?)

Goodness me no – not in the slightest lol although they are very supportive in the work I do.

What is your area of expertise in the paranormal?

Now this a difficult one for me as I have good understanding of many areas that come under the term 'Paranormal. It would probably be easier to answer what I don't have an 'expertise' in. This is mainly down to having to do research for the radio shows which has led me down many deep dark rabbit holes. When I research a topic I always dig deeper than I probably need to so the answer to this one is probably 'jack of all trades master of none' lol. If I had to pin it down then its probably the spiritual as this is where I began.

What do you believe a ‘ghost’ is? Do you believe in ghosts/spirits?

Yes I do believe in ghosts and spirits but I also believe its more complicated than life after life. Personally I have too much verification for something to not exist after our physical body ceases to be, but and this is a big but, I also see that the human mind is an amazing tool which we don't understand the half of and that needs to be taken into account. Not only that but our environment needs to be considered as well. So like I say its complicated. Belief system is also a huge part of the question 'do you believe' – yes I do but that in itself could be enough to manifest phenomena. You only have to look in the medical field and also in the way manifestation techniques work to see the effect this can have. So 'what do I believe a ghost is' would depend on the circumstances of the phenomena and the mechanics at play. Hope that makes sense.

What approach do you take in researching/investigating the paranormal? Spiritual, technical, theoretical etc

Its worth noting at this point that I rarely investigate in the field so in regards to researching its usually a topic for a show that leads the way. The inspiration comes in many forms, something I've watched, read, who I've spoken to, whats trending etc etc and then that starts the ball rolling. It always starts with a basic internet search and that then helps to formulate ideas, I will then tend to go off in tangents and dig deeper into areas of that particular topic rather than just accept the first thing that comes up. On the rare occasion that I do go out into the field then I allow my own spiritual side take the lead as this is how I work in the field. I won't research the location but do remote view to get the vibration of the place so when I do go then I am taking the right tools with me.

When did you realise you had a special gift?

Ha 'special gift' no its not special, everybody has a unique set of skills that they can choose to use if they want to. I choose to embrace the spiritual way thats all but everybody chooses the way they utilise their own 'gifts' and that can manifest it itself in so many ways. It's everybodies role in life to help embrace their own skills as well as empowering others to embrace their own.

You are a fantastic reader of tarot. How did you learn this craft?

Firstly thank you, I'm mainly self taught. I always wanted a deck and a friend bought me a set for a birthday (theres a theme here lol) and I literally just did a reading right there with no real knowledge of spreads or meanings, something just clicked. It was after this that I did more research and worked for a time with a Tarot master but ultimately what I've learned is from just working with the cards.

When you read tarot, do you rely more on the meaning of the cards or your intuition?

Its definitely a combination of both sides but for me intuition all the way. If a card isnt making sense then you revert back to basic meanings and symbology within the cards and this in itself leads back to intuition. I will also get mental imagery coming in at the same time so that becomes relevant too. When I read I always have to disclaimer – this will go hard and fast so pay attention lol

What advice do you have for someone wanting to read tarot?

Learn the basics and then throw away the book and don't over think it. Its not supposed to make sense to you just the person you're reading for. Try different spreads and find what works for you and don't be afraid of trying something new.

How did parasearch radio start?

That started with Paul Rook and Richard Clements. I first met Paul on another paranormal station but that had been shut down and for a while I moved into music radio – something I was NOT good at at all. When Paul approached me and asked me to join Parasearch I jumped at the chance. Richard decided he wanted to take a step back from running the station so I then stepped into co-ownership with Paul.

When putting together your radio programs, how do you decide who to interview?

For me its always someone who interests me, who's made me think differently that I can explore in more depth on a show.

What makes your radio show different to a lot of the other paranormal podcasts out there?

The station as a whole explores all sides to the paranormal and we like to explore different concepts and theories in greater depth, and this is something I encourage all the presenters to do. Every show on Parasearch has the freedom to push the comfort zones and bring a depth of knowledge to the fore along with a hell of a lot of fun. All of the presenters bring their own unique skills to the station and we all help each other to bring the best out in each other and this I feel is the strength of the station.

You talk about so many different areas when it comes to the paranormal, do you have a favourite area or topic you like to study?

For me the esoteric is my favourite side of things but I don't get time to study this in as much depth as I would like at times. I get sidetracked a lot and this is usually down to the diversity of topics i'm researching for the shows.

If you retired from the field tomorrow, what legacy would you want to be remembered for? (Achievement, Tours, theory, experiments, attitude etc)

I would like to be remembered for putting forward good knowledgeable content, I would like to help bring the field together from the academics, scientists, theorists and ghost hunters and in some small way help to push the field forward. Most of all I would like people to think that I conducted myself with integrity and credibility.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to start out in the paranormal field?

Explore every avenue, keep openminded. listen to shows, read the blogs and books, talk to people and always always keep learning. Never allow an area such as philosophy, quantum physics, maths which all play into this field to stop you, there will always be someone to help you and explain things if you reach out.

If you could educate your peers or pass on knowledge, what would it be?

Never dismiss another persons theory or perspective they are all relevant, don't get bogged down into one point of view. Upon discussion you'll find there are more correlations than you intially thought sometimes its a just a terminology thing.

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