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What is an EM Pump and why do investigators use them during a paranormal investigation? What effect does it have on the human body and do people use them to deceive others? Here is all about EM pumps and some 'hacks' for the keen paranormal investigator.

Somewhere along the way, paranormal investigators theorised that EMF played an important part in paranormal research. It is believed in some form that a spirit or ghost can manipulate the electromagnetic field.  How they do this or if they even can do this, we don't quite know.  Do they draw energy from it?  Do they use it by changing it? It is why investigators will use devices such as a KII meter or Mel Meter.  It allows them to measure their surroundings for anomalies, often to try and determine the source.  It also means that people try to introduce this into the atmosphere believing it could work as a conduit for spirit communication.  To do this, they use a form of EM pump.

What is an EM Pump?

An EM pump quite simply is a little box that pumps out a low-level magnetic field . Some pump out a static pulse while others vary in pulses and frequencies. These versions usually start off quite low around .2Hz and then increase up to 256Hz. They consist of a magnet that is propelled by a motor at different speeds that create a magnetic field. While they may operate differently in how much output they give, their purpose is the same.  Paranormal investigators will use EM pumps with the theory that a spirit needs energy to communicate with us.  For example people feel a spirit will drain a battery or absorb the energy of its surroundings to be able to communicate.  By having an EM Pump putting that out into the atmosphere, the theory is you are making it easier for the spirit to communicate by giving it energy.

The Tesla Coil

The inspiration behind using EM Pumps stems ways back to the late 19th century when Nikola Tesla patented a device called ‘The Tesla Coil’. It basically laid the foundations for wireless technologies and is a concept that is still used in radio technology to this day. The Tesla coil is an inductor that is used in many early radio transmission antennas. It works with a capacitor to resonate current and voltage from a power source across the circuit. In fact, he used this coil to study x rays, radio, wireless power, and electromagnetism. The aim of the Tesla Coil was to provide power to the world without having to have cords everywhere. A wireless future. While this is something we take for granted today, in the 19th century, this was ground-breaking futuristic kind of stuff.

In the paranormal field, a lot of investigators use Tesla coils to charge the environment. While the Tesla Coil was not invented for this purpose as such, one of the cool things that the tesla coils do is essentially shoot out lightning bolts of electricity into the atmosphere. It could power a fluorescent light bulb across the room without any wire (which is its purpose), but also according to some, possibly attract a spirit. Some investigators use Tesla coils to charge the environment in the hopes that it may attract paranormal activity. Much in the same way as an EM Pump works. By pumping this high voltage electricity into the air, does it increase the chances of spirit communication?

The Tesla Coil in today’s modern world doesn’t have much of a purpose anymore, but it did however revolutionize the way that electricity was used.  It also somewhat inspired people to become more creative and instead of dragging big tesla coils into a location (which has been done), they can now bring in a small box (albeit with a smaller output).

The human effects of using an EM Pump

A lot of paranormal investigators like to use EM pumps during an investigation. Often, however, it makes people feel ill. If you have been anywhere near an EM pump for a prolonged period of time, you likely walked away with at the very least a headache. For myself, they make me feel anxious, sick and give me a pounding headache. So much so that I know what my body's reaction to EMF feels like. I can often tell you when there is high EMF in a corner of a room or I know when someone has a pump in their pocket. Why? Because my body reacts to it. In a lot of ways, we talk about how our bodies can be one of the important tools we use in an investigation, and this is no exception. It can guide us to potential areas of EMF that we would not normally consider. It is important when we are experiencing symptoms that some may feel are paranormal, that we explore the possibility that it could be EMF making us feel that way.

Unfortunately, there are also deceptive people out there. Sometimes they will use a pump during things like ghost tours etc to make the group of people feel like something paranormal is happening. If you feel there may be a pump operating, speak up and ask! They may not even be intentionally trying to deceive you, but by asking the question you are putting them on the spot. They may not realize their pump is making the group feel that way as in a lot of cases, a ghost tour guide for example is not always really a paranormal investigator - they are often paid actors and don't know a whole lot about that side of things. In some cases though, maybe that is exactly what they want to happen. These things do happen and sadly not everyone is as honest as we would like to believe. It is not exclusive to ghost tours, any claim of paranormal phenomena can be faked. When any sort of paranormal claim is investigated, a person needs to back up their claim. If it is a false claim, an EM pump is a sneaky way to try and do that as it will 'make' the investigators feel these symptoms. It is a common trick used for 'haunted objects'. When you are in the presence of the object you feel ill and because of the stories surrounding the object, you attribute it to the item.  But what if they have an EM pump running to make you think that? In the same way, a person may use photoshop or a ghost app for a photo, it is in the same category of purposely using an EMF to make a person 'feel' like something paranormal is happening.

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Cheap EM Pump Hacks

Em Pumps are as popular as ever on the paranormal marketplace with many people making their own motorised version, because it is easy to do.  It does however come with a high price tag depending on the unit.  There are much cheaper ways to recreate the same effect so you don't necessarily have to run out and buy the latest most expensive model.  In fact, there are items out such as handheld fans and even other small electrical devices that will push out more power than that of an expensive EM Pump.

Plasma Balls

Plasma balls will actually push out a lot more than some custom built EM Pumps.  The best part is you can get them relatively cheap from places like kmart.  

Fidget Spinners

One our the LLIFS readers Amanda recently contacted me after reading my article Paranormal Investigating On a Budget to suggest that a fidget spinner with magnets works just as good as an EM Pump, for a fraction of the price.  She also said from her test it seems to have less effect on a physical level to the people using it (no headaches etc).  Here is a video she made testing out her models which she made for $3!

Head here to watch the video:https://youtube.com/shorts/6XfrjEUDk3M?feature=share

From handheld fans to wireless chargers and even running water, there are many ways in which a person can create a small energy pocket.  In fact, a person could argue that we don't really need an EM Pump at all, we can simply just turn the lights on.  Hold your KII meter or Mel Meter up to the lights and see how much energy they pump out.  If we are working on the theory that the spirits need that energy to communicate with us, then why are we turning a large source of energy off?  We don't have to investigate in the dark.  Sure it is spooky and people will argue it allows them to focus in on their senses, but if you want to give a spirit energy, then in theory the lights should be able to do this too!  

I suppose it also leaves me with a lot of questions, which I have always had with the EMF theory.  It if works so easily, then wouldn't the amount of power we run in our house every day mean that we are attracting spirits?  Sure there are a lot of hauntings reported in houses but I suppose it is something that doesn't quite add up for me. 

Is the intent or wanting to communicate a key here?  Whenever we talk about the most useful piece of equipment it is really us.  Not in the sense that we can feel or experience things, it is us that I believe is the real conduit here.  Maybe that is why we react the way we do around EMF?  Like a battery that works with positive and negative, the same comparison could be made between us and the spirit world.  When it is all plugged in correctly, then it works?

I would love to hear from you.  What do you think about spirits needing energy to communicate?  What are your theories?  Do you have any make shift devices you have used as an EM Pump?

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