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If you are heading out for an investigation this weekend, instead of standing around with a recorder waiting for someone to ask a question, try this easy method!

Circle work is something that from a spiritual point of view benefits communication with spirit and with oneself. When you look at things like the human pendulum and seances, it involves people sitting or standing in a circle holding hands. So why does it involve a circle and why are we holding hands? How can this benefit our EVP work?

What is the idea of a circle?

A circle is considered to be one of the oldest forms of socialization. Civilizations would gather at the end of the day in a circle and talk about their hunting and gathering achievements. Information was shared and received. Not just anyone could enter the circle, you had to be invited. It was considered to be a sacred thing because being in a circle, everyone is considered equal. People conduct meditation circles, healing circles, energy circles all using this basic principle allowing them to do spiritual work.

Why hold hands?

It is thought that a person emits energy through one's hands through what is called a hand chakra. When creating a circle and holding hands, you are essentially creating what is called an energy circle. Transferring energy from one person to the next. It goes around and and around. This is said to build the energy that a spirit can perhaps draw from to communicate. Almost like a human EM pump.

EVP Bursts

I quite often hold EVP burst sessions during my investigations. I usually have everyone stand in a circle (not holding hands) and I ask each person to ask a question wait 10 seconds and move on. Once we have gone around the circle, we play back the recording to see if we have heard any voices that were not us. On the spot review. While in theory it sounds easy, it isn't always. Sometimes people don't wait long enough, sometimes people end up asking more than one question or they end up talking over one another. It is not as controlled as perhaps it could be and it means that the quality the recording is not the best because this confusion comes through as whispers and noises of uncertainty. With this in mind, I recently came across an idea of how you can incorporate the basics of a circle when holding an EVP session.

How to run an EVP Circle during a burst

Have your group stand or sit in a circle and hold hands. This is not only to build energy. It is to help us communicate with one another without speaking.

Turn on your recorder and place in the middle of the circle

Pick the person who will start. They are to ask their question and leave 10 seconds afterwards. If they wish they can continue to ask questions until they are finished.

Once they are finished, they squeeze the hand of the person on their left. This is their cue. It means it is now their turn. It also means that there is no confusion over whose turn it is. I am often trying to prompt someone that it is their turn without whispering or making noise so not to compromise the EVP. This is a silent way to achieve the same.

If someone can't think of a question, they can simply squeeze the hand of the next person and it moves along.

Play back your recording using a speaker to see if you captured anything.

It is something that may take a couple of times just to get used to it but I find it to be a benefit for 2 reasons.

1. You are taking away a lot of elements that can interfere with your EVP such as prompting someone to ask a question or people talking over one another.

2. By being in a circle and holding hands, you could potentially be creating energy within the group.

Will this enhance your chances of getting an EVP? That I cannot answer, but it is a new way and a bit more of a controlled way to do an EVP burst session within in a group. It means you are eliminating a lot of the confusing whispers happening when someone can't think of a question or doesn't know it is their turn so what you are left with should be a nice clear recording to anaylise. Why not give it a try? Have you tried this or a similar method? Did it work or do you have another suggestion? Tell me about it all in the comments below.

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  • Nadine 5 years ago

    Very interesting read. I like it for a couple reasons. First, you are preparing the people to ask questions. People can be shy and feel their question is silly. We tell them that no question is silly and "if you are thinking of a pink flamingo go ahead and ask a question about it". You just don't know what you will get an answer to. Second, the hand squeeze is a perfect tool to move around the circle without extra sounds. I am enjoying reading your articles. Keep them coming.